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April 17, 2016 9:59 am

Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Withdraw From Golan Heights

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Golan Heights will forever remain Israel's. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Golan Heights will forever remain Israel’s. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday his country will never withdraw from the Golan Heights and the strategic plateau bordering Syria will forever stay in Israeli hands.

In a ceremonial Cabinet meeting in the Golan marking the one-year anniversary of his current government’s formation, Netanyahu said he doubts Syria will ever return to what it was before the devastating civil war that has gripped it for more than five years. He said he would not oppose diplomatic efforts to stabilize Syria so long as they didn’t come at the expense of Israel’s security. Netanyahu added that, regardless, the border would not change and it was time for the world to finally recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan.

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  • dante

    one wonders exactly what prompted the announcement. there might be a good reason for the disclosure but it’s often the case – and, some Israeli political and military leaders miss this – that the less said, the better.

  • Jonah

    That’s exactly why the U.S. Is sending heavy weapons to the Syrian Rebels. In the event Iran cannot muster the military capsity to take you down militarily or with a nuke …..the Syrian Rebels will assist with American armament. The game is the total annihilation of Israel…with this administration and they are feverously attempting to Complete that task before Obsma is out of office. The nuclear option in the event all his plans in place do not work will be to trigger a war with Russia….elections will be cancelled and he can take out Israel himself with collateral missles fired while attempting to fight Russia. This man will not stop its either you or him…no middle ground. Israel must go, Israel must be eraced from the annuals of history, all the Jews must be killed…the Christens shortly thereafter, and then the beheading of all the infidels…gays lesbians…anyone who does not pass the sharia sniff test. Hollywood should know this is called Armeggedon all that religious popycock they do not believe.