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April 19, 2016 6:24 am

Despite Paper’s Claim, Jews Certainly Can Be Antisemitic

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Gilad Atzmon. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Gilad Atzmon. Photo: Wiki Commons.

An article in the Times of London on April 2, titled “Labour welcomes back blogger who compares Israelis to Nazis,” included the following about the “socialist, anti-Zionist, anti-racist” blogger in question, Tony Greenstein:

An activist who has referred to his critics as “Zionist scum” and claimed that the state of Israel has informally forbidden mixed-race couples has been re-admitted to the Labour Party.

Tony Greenstein, a campaigner from Brighton, was allowed back after Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in September despite having been barred during an attempt to join the party in the summer.

On his blog, Mr Greenstein refers to himself as a “socialist, anti-Zionist, anti-racist” and accuses the state of Israel of “wanton murder of Palestinian civilians”. He also compares Israelis to Nazis, saying of a proposed military award for an Israeli soldier: “It is the honour that used to attach to the SS.”

In a post in November entitled “When Nuremberg Came to Israel”, Mr Greenstein wrote: “Israel is a Jewish racial state and miscegenation, the mixing of the races, is strictly forbidden in Israel. Not legally of course, because Israel has to formally adhere to western values, but in the accepted and unwritten Zionist consensus.”

Evidence about him compiled last year by Labour’s compliance unit and seen by The Daily Telegraph, included claims that Margaret Thatcher was “obviously legitimate” as a target for the IRA, and that “Zionists collaborated with the Nazis”.

While most wouldn’t dare defend such extremist rhetoric about Israel, evidently Mr. Greenstein protested to the paper’s editors about the article’s implicit suggestion that he’s antisemitic, as this Times of London correction on April 14th (which appeared in both the print and online editions) indicated:

We had no intention to accuse Tony Greenstein of being antisemitic. As Mr. Greenstein has told us, he is Jewish and is anti-Zionist. We are happy to put this on record.

Greenstein crowed about the Times of London clarification on his personal blog, here.

However, the suggestion by Mr. Greenstein that his being Jewish should inoculate him from charges of antisemitism — which evidently seemed plausible to Times of London editors — is, of course, absurd.

Indeed, as Professor Edward Alexander explained in an introductory op-ed about his new book (Jews Against Themselves), throughout history there have always been Jews who have “defamed, abandoned, and harmed their own people.” (The title of Alexander’s book, however, is somewhat misleading, as such Jews typically don’t hate themselves at all. It’s mostly “other Jews” that they despise.)

Examples of Jews who either advance explicitly antisemitic tropes, or for whom the Jewish State’s “very existence is…a cancer that must be extirpated from the face of the earth” — i.e., their hatred for Israel is so intense that it crosses the line into antisemitism — include: Gilad AtzmonNoam ChomskyNorman FinkelsteinPhilip WeissMax BlumenthalGlenn GreenwaldMira Bar-HillelMarc EllisRichard FalkRonnie KasrilsJacqueline RoseGerald KaufmanRichard Silverstein and Gideon Levy.

Perhaps most prominent on the list of Jewish antisemites is an Israeli Jew named Gilad Atzmon.

As we’ve noted repeatedly, Atzmon engages in explicit antisemitism, which is indistinguishable from what’s found on the white supremacist right. He refers to Judaism as a “supremacist” faith, has questioned whether the Holocaust occurred while simultaneously arguing that if Hitler’s genocide did occur, it can partly be explained by Jews’ villainous behavior.  On this latter note, he claimed that Hitler’s views about Jews may one day be proven right. Atzmon also explicitly charges that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world, and has endorsed The Protocols of the Elders of Zionarguing about the document that “it is impossible to ignore its prophetic qualities and its capacity to describe” later Jewish behavior.

While Greenstein’s comments don’t rise to Atzmon’s level, and we of course don’t know what’s inside his heart, his odious moral comparison between Israeli Jews and Nazis is certainly antisemitic according to the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism — and merely the fact that he considers himself Jewish shouldn’t be a factor in this determination.

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  • Selma Prager

    Charles Saltzman- You are so right about Sanders. He has the worst anti Israel/ anti Jewish record of anyone during his long years in Congress.

  • jazzy hunt

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  • Those who wish to evaluate the extent to which Adam Levick’s observations on any subject are well-informed should take note of the fact that he continuously refers to The Times as “The Times of London”, putting that title into italics.

    There is no such paper as “The Times of London”. If Levick wishes to distinguish The Times from, say, the New York Times, then on the first occasion he refers to The Times in any article he might simply say: “….The Times (London) …”) putting only the words The Times into italics. This would save Alegmeiner readers from fruitless Google searches for a paper that does not exist.

    As to Tony Greenstein’s and Gilad Atzmon’s comments, is Levick saying that it is untrue that Israel’s “Law of the Return” and other subsequent amendments to that legislation does not determine the vexed question of ‘Who is a Jew?’ by reference to ancestry (i.e. the maternal blood line) and not to professed belief in Judaism?

    An atheist Jew can claim Israeli citizenship under the Law of the Return just so long as he or she can prove to the satisfaction of the Israeli chief rabbinate that they were born of a Jewish mother.

    It is because of this that the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu explained last year that Israel was unable to take in a single one of the refugees from Syria because “Israel does not have the demographic depth” to do so.

    Stripped of its glibness, what his phrase meant was that Israel is a Jewish state which only admits Jewish immigrants and which does not wish to go down the multi-racial path.

    As to Zionist liaisons with Nazi Germany, there is plenty of evidence concerning liaisons between “Revisionist” Zionists and the Hitler regime. And has nobody ever told Levick about:

    *The Hungarian Jew Israel Kastner and his “lorries for Jews” deal with the Nazis, in which young and fit Jews were saved to help create Israel, but elderly Jews were left beind?


    * The reaction of Rabbi Prince, Germany’s Chief Rabbi in the 1930’s, to the publication of the Nuremberg Race Law of 1936? That law was based on the concept: “Only Members of the Race may be Citizens of the State”. Rabbi Prince welcomed that concept saying the law not only defined who is a German but helped to define who is a Jew.

    Yours sincerely,

    Martin Webster.

  • Yaakov

    People who do not consider Judaism to be a way of life for themselves should not be called Jews.

  • Joshua Laskin

    Gilad Atzman’s positions have, I believe, been misrepresented here. He hasn’t “questioned whether the Holocaust occurred”, but rather, finds it significant that the Holocaust isn’t allowed to be freely discussed. This directing of political power toward controlling critical speech, he finds to be the essence of a pernicious and antidemocratic exercise of Jewish political power. And it’s this tendency to want to control public discourse, which he considers responsible for antisemitism, as a reaction. He doesn’t hold that antisemitism is ‘right’ (vs. wrong), but rather that it’s a natural response to Jewish antiGoyism. I don’t believe he’s ever accused Jews of “trying to take over the world”, but rather, that they pursue the interests of their racially-understood ‘tribe’, at everyone else’s expense. Attributing to him, ideas which he hasn’t expressed, only bolsters his position, that Jews want to control the discourse because they’re afraid of the truth.

    • Zucker

      You’r comments are anti-semitic. And by the way the Holocaust does not lend itself to “critical speech”
      It stands in silence. Where no words can be uttered.
      The members of this “tribe” that you accuse of looking after their interests only counts the most Nobel prizes,
      doctors,scientists, intellectuals.
      I highly recommend that you find a good
      practitioner of the theories of one of the most distinguished member of this tribe to look deep in your own subconscious.


    • Zucker

      By the way Joshua, Pessah commomerates the end of slavery.
      You could free yourself from your anger.
      Take a breath of fresh air, bro.
      Hag Sameach.


    • Brian Goldfarb

      Oh dear, someone has never visited the Wiener Library (in London) or its equivalent in his home country (if not the UK). That same someone has also clearly never read any books both questioning whether the Holocaust actually happened, let alone the academic studies examining this very phenomena.

      More basically, why is it so acceptable to criticise the very right of Israel to exist, to accuse it, its politicians and all its (Jewish) citizens (and by implication its Muslim, Christian, etc for merely remaining in the country) of being the worse breachers of human rights in the world, without ever extending their otherwise laudable defence of human rights to other offenders? Such as Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Iraq, etc…

      Further, Joshua Laskin has equally clearly never read Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who?”, let alone considered his open support for the unlovely, so-called comedian, Dieudionne.

      Before defending self-proclaimed antisemites like these, Joshua Laskin should acquaint himself with detailed knowledge of their work.

      • Tony Oliver

        Brian, young Joshua is ignorant of all things Jewish. Please have a look at the exchange I had with him on the Catholic World Report website, February 2016, in the comments section to the article “Who Are The Real Anti-Semites”, where he attempts to whitewash Hamas. If he is a Jew, then he is the most uneducated of Jews.

    • Noneof Yourbusiness

      Joshua, your history of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel posts precedes you. Just saying… “Joshua Laskin
      February 29, 2016 at 6:49 pm
      Very interesting. The situation sounded strange, when I heard about it in the media. I figured there must be a more complicated story behind it, and wondered if anyone would go public with an alternative perspective. Thanks for stepping up! ”

    • Kaytee

      Gilad has expressed that Jewish MKs are like Nazis and should be behind bars. Being in the limelight, he is not infuencing for peace. Most Jews greatly desire peace already. It is Jew haters he is influencing to justify their hate.

    • Tony Oliver

      Joshua,you never answered the question I asked you on the Catholic World Report, so I’ll ask you again, is Joshua Laskin an assumed name? You displayed a remarkable degree of ignorance about Judaism on that site, in addition to asking “Is it conceivable that Jews have a degree … of anti-social history towards Gentiles…?” and yet you claim to be Jewish.

  • Monty, Pam, Gabi, Pnina,Jo, Edna, Shani, Avi, Har-El, Boaz, Tzvika, Shalev, Avigaail,, Be’eri, Nir, Doron, Netta Pogoda/ Tzeissler

    Greenspan, like every other self hating Jew should be sent to Siberia in the middle winter in his [their] birthday suits.

  • Mark Nyer

    Here in the US we have entire organizations made up mostly of Jews that are blatantly anti-Semitic.
    Jewish Voice for Peace (a great oxymoron)

    There are others, but these have a special place in hell waiting for them!

  • A perfect example of a Jewish Anti-Semite is Bernie Sanders!

  • Peter

    What is the line between legitamate criticism of Israel or Zionism and anti semitism? Stereotyping is wrong irrespective of the victim or perpetrator, be they Jew, Muslim, Chinese, American, African, black, white, German etc.

    I support Israels right to exist, right to defend itself and prosper. I also support the right of Palestine to exist, defend itself and prosper. The occupation and its resultant oppression is Israels worst enemy. The borders of both are known.

    • Yale


      You have some serious research to do.

      The “best of times” for Palestinian Arabs was when there actually was an occupation. You can check it out for yourself, but childhood mortality went way down, life-expectancy shot up, the economy blossomed, and literacy expanded. It was precisely because Arafat was concerned that this might lead “his” people to make peace with the Jews that he set off the first intifadeh. Once the violence got underway, Arafat, and his henchmen, like Mahmud Abbas, realized they had a mechanism to prevent peace from ever being established: simply ramp up the violence. Israel will respond, and the Arabs will see themselves being “repressed”. Not to mention that since the PA has been ruling the Palestinians, the gains made under the occupation have mainly been lost.

      A serious person would recognize that the ones responsible for what has happened are first Arafat and his kleptomaniac cronies, and secondly the Arabs themselves. Getting the world to blame Israel for the mess is just the cherry on top.

  • Dan Burland

    Jewish anti Semites do far more damage than non Jewish anti Semites because they are used by the non Jews to support their racism – “even Jews despise Jews” is the cry as the finger is pointed at the Chomskys and Falks.

  • Two of the most infamous antisemitic Jews in history are Gertrude Stein and Bernie Sanders. Remember Sanders is a card carrying member of a Stalinist kibbutz whose members devoutly believed in the destruction of Israel.

  • enufizenuf

    Jews need to free themselves of their enemies, whether from inside or outside the fold. Tolerating them will wind up in another genocide.

  • Eve

    Just to set the record straight: Jew hater Max Blumenthal is not Jewish. Also, it would be worthwhile to add Judith Butler, BDS advoacate, to this list.