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April 20, 2016 6:51 am

‘Intersectionality’: BDS Professor Links Campus Rape to Israel

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Simona Sharoni. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Simona Sharoni. Photo: via Elder of Ziyon.

Simona Sharoni is a professor, Israel-hater, BDS-er, and one of those who gave Rachel Corrie college credit to go to Israel with the ISM.

Her niche in the loony Left world is to say that (because of “intersectionality”) there is a link between Israel’s existence and rape on college campuses.

While the idea of intersectionality had some merit when it was first defined, nowadays it is a catch-all buzzword to claim that the Jewish state is the very definition of evil.

From the far-Left Alternet site:

 Why Feminists Should Care About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dr. Simona Sharoni is a feminist scholar, researcher, and activist who has focused her career on the gendered nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Currently a Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Plattsburgh, Dr. Sharoni champions the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement…

In her recent academic work, Dr. Sharoni has been exploring the relevancy of the BDS campaign to a praxis of transnational feminist solidarity.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Sharoni spoke at an event at Columbia University, co-hosted by both Palestine student activist groups and No Red Tape, the anti-sexual assault group launched in January 2014.

Dr. Sharoni asks questions like, “What do Israeli Apartheid and the campus sexual assault crisis have in common? How can a feminist intersectional analysis help us understand violence at the heart of both cases? How can we use this comparative analysis to advocate for survivors of violence and to demand accountability for perpetrators?”

Aviva Stahl: Let’s start at the beginning. Why is BDS or what’s happening with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a feminist issue?

Dr. Simona Sharoni: Firstly, there is the fact that there is a direct connection between the violence of the occupation and sexual and gender based violence against Palestinian and Israeli Jewish women. The highly militarized conflict has gender dimensions.

For example, during my military service, we started raising the issue of the connection between the violence of the occupation and violence against women, because in Israel, men who serve, even after their mandatory military service, have their weapons in their home until they’re 55. There were many murders of women—intimate partner violence, which they used to call in Israel crimes of passion—that were actually done with weapons provided by the state.

By this logic, cookbook publishers are linked to women who stab their husbands with kitchen knives.

 …BDS is a movement that emerged in response to a call for solidarity. Palestinian women’s groups were part of that broad civil society group that called for solidarity.

So feminists should be Zionist because of women-run Zionist organizations that have been around for more than a hundred years.

Aviva: Can you talk a little bit about some of the parallels between Israeli Apartheid and the campus sexual assault crisis?

Dr. Sharoni: Power is made invisible in the narration of both the Palestinian-Israel conflict and campus sexual assault. Focus is placed on the relationship, not on the system.

In other words, it’s not a conflict between two parties on an equal playing field, even when it’s a healthy relationship. For example when we talk about what’s happening on college campuses—sexism and rape culture, interfere with [that possibility for equality.]

As for Israelis and Palestinians—the discourse is that there’s a “cycle of violence.” And of course it’s not a cycle of violence. There’s a history of colonization, and a settler-colonial movement—that sowed the seeds for this conflict. So the violence stems from that, it doesn’t stem from, “this side did this to the other side.”

We have to highlight these structural power inequalities and the way that violence is embedded in them.

I guess police, corporate executives, government officials and teachers are inherently prone to violence because they do not have an equal relationship with the people that they have power over.

Intellectual-sounding arguments fall apart very easily when the same arguments cannot work in other contexts. What is the common denominator? The fact that a lot of people hate Israel, and need to justify their hate ex-post facto!

 It’s a feminist idea, based on intersectional feminist analysis that views gender oppression as systemic and intertwined with other forms of systemic oppression. Postcolonial feminism addresses specifically feminist critiques of settler colonialism. The problem is that for many liberal Jewish feminists, the idea of treating Zionism as a settler colonial project is new and challenges how they were brought up to view Israel.

If we re-conceptualize the injustice of Palestine, and reframe it by taking an intersectional look at multiple oppressions and multiple struggles, then it makes sense. If you build a movement that moves away from narrow identity politics to coalition politics, you’re going to have people who are not comfortable, because they still have this single issue, one-identity understanding of the struggle.

But Jews who are the victims of antisemitic violence — like Monday’s bus bombing — cannot claim to be intersectionalized with feminism, even though there are plenty of women victims.

Why not? Because, (handwaving, yadda-yadda), Israel!

Here Sharoni almost admits that the real reason to link the issues is a strategy to delegitimize Israel, not because there is any merit in her laughable arguments.

 Aviva: What is the importance of broad-based solidarity movements?

Dr. Sharoni: I think strategically, making the connection between the two struggles [Israeli Apartheid and campus sexual assault] makes sense. We do need to move from this narrowly defined strategies of identity politics—the idea that the group that is most hurt, and most targeted, has the burden of organizing…

The problem with how “intersectionality” is used nowadays is that it can be used as a bludgeon against anything. It is a fraudulent idea because the same logic can be used to come to opposite conclusions — in fact, opposite conclusions that make far more sense. So for example, the widespread and well-known cases of sexual abuse against female anti-Israel activists by Palestinians would indicate a far more direct relationship between Palestinians and rape.

An anti-Zionist professor at UCLA is accused of sexual assault — yet using the “logic” of people like Sharoni, this should indicate a much stronger link between anti-Zionism and rape than she claims Israel has.

Here’s one more “intersectional” relationship that is stronger than any of the absurd theories that Sharoni espouses:

She is one of the mentors who awarded Rachel Corrie college credit to go to “Palestine” to protest Israel. If it wasn’t for her, Corrie would be alive today. She is linked to Rachel Corrie’s death!


See how easy it is to come up with linkages when you don’t have to worry about things like logic, causality, or consistency?

This all shows that the anti-Israel academic crowd is made up of frauds.

It is no surprise that Sharoni is one of the frauds who signed a letter to McGraw Hill asking it to reinstate the Map that Lies in a textbook that had no reason to refer to it to begin with.

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  • Fraide

    What area of expertise did this idiot get her Ph.D.? I strongly believe it was basket weaving. Secondly, what “school” gave her that “Ph.D.? She rambles on and on with the most idiotic “examples” of garbage. She makes no sense at all.

  • Sue Deutsch

    I suspect from her name, that this woman is Jewish. Another self-hating Jew! As for her connection of Israel to rape! I was very active in the feminist movement in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I also worked professionally for over 30 years for organizations that worked to prevent various types of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. It is an insult to both feminism and to survivors of assault and abuse to make this kind of ridiculous connection. Apparently this so-called Professor is unaware that in many countries in the world(including many in the Muslim world)–victims of rape are condemned, and even imprisoned or murdered. Yes, I said the victims, not the perpetrators. But the “Professor” obviously doesn’t really care about rape survivors. She is only interested in creating lies about Israel and increasing anti-Semitism!

  • Lucifer69

    SIMONA MI Dimona, go back to Bucarest.

  • art frank

    Why does the media give lunatics like sharoni this kind of publicity.? The world is filled with Jew haters. Do we really need to hear their ravings. This bitch is saying the same old screeds mouthed by her anti-Semetic contemporaries. They should be ignored.

  • Harvey

    The only intersectionality is that between the fascist BDS and primary antisemitism .

  • Monty Pogoda

    With the kind of questions she poses, it is obvious that “the sign of the fool is every where seen”. She is a goodly part of “every where”.

  • John

    >>Dr. Sharoni asks questions like, “What do Israeli Apartheid and the campus sexual assault crisis have in common?

    Answer: Their existence is a figment of the delusional minds of people like Dr. Sharoni

    >>How can a feminist intersectional analysis help us understand violence at the heart of both cases?

    Answer: About as well as “intersectionality” can explain anything. Like many Leftist code words, it means whatever the speaker wishes, almost as if the speaker is in Wonderland. Understood properly, “intersectionality” is the belief that groups whose ideas are demonstrably wrong and whose behavior has been dysfunctional can reverse these realities by linking together.

    >>How can we use this comparative analysis to advocate for survivors of violence and to demand accountability for perpetrators?”

    Answer: You can’t because the concept is empirically false. The way to advocate for “survivors of violence” — and yes, there are such — is to look to the actual causes of the real violence: Islamic hostility toward non-Muslims in the case of Israel and the Jews and the notion of sex as entertainment in the case of rape. But neither of these realities serves the purposes of people like Sharoni, or perhaps she is simply unaware of the realities, so she spews about intersectionality.

  • Dani

    An upside down world. There very many university graduates with no job as faculty members and students have to tolerate that?

  • Aron Safran


    This “professor” stated: “because in Israel, men who serve, even after their mandatory military service, have their weapons in their home until they’re 55.”

    That is false on a couple of levels:

    1) Both men and women serve in the IDF and carry weapons if and as needed, with many women serving in front-line combat units (look up the “Karkal” unit) as front-line soldiers, same as their male counterparts.

    2) While soldiers may (and usually do) take their weapons home with them while still in active service, both male and female discharged soldiers do NOT retain their weapons. If these discharged soldiers are slated to go on active reserve duty (“milluim”), they are issued a weapon when called up and return it when they are released.

    This of course undermines her ridiculous argument about domestic violence “…actually done with weapons provided by the state.”, as though weapons are otherwise unattainable.

    The woman is grasping at straws throughout the rest of her feeble attempt to create a linkage where none exists, and not very well either.

    • Aron Safran

      The last sentence in the second to last paragraph (” as though weapons are otherwise unattainable.”) should be …”are NOT otherwise attainable.”

  • Anita Kelman

    No wonder so many students graduate from college with worthless degrees and end up being a barista at Starbucks. This loony-tune is a “professor” of “Gender Studies”. At a State University that the taxpayers of New York pay for, teaching this insane nonsense to hundreds of students a year.

    Why on earth was college credit to be awarded to Rachel Corrie to go protest in “Palestine”? SUNY allows such nonsense to be worthy of credits?

    I’d say that a call to take a closer look at this profs teaching, incitement and poor judgement is in order.

  • Judith Levine

    Sharoni just loves stringing lots of words-especially long words- together. If they made sense, it would be a beautiful use of the English language as in Shakespeare or Tolkien. But she just seems to like the sound of her own voice. Her arguments completely lack coherency and her attempts to see the unrelated topics in an intersectional relationship fails miserably. (And I wish she would leave feminism out of the equation as she seems to lack a genuine understanding of what the word means.)

  • A. Tor-Paz

    Cannot believe that all what she expresses has any meaning, she is what???? she next will say that the Earth is flat….as Israel to be blamed, she cannot be serious to teach anything serious.

  • Robert Davis

    Of course everything the leftwing does or say is to delegitimize Israel starting with THE BIG LIE of the “occupation”. Western Palestine is NOT occupied by jews but bY ARAB IMPERIALISTS. Second there is no Israel/”palestinian” conflict but Israel/arabo-leftwing conflict.”Palestinians” are mese PUPPETS and instruments into the hands of the arabs and the leftwing and this loony female is one more proof of it when fools use just anything to blame Israel for. Naturally the Israeli “leaders” are the first responsible of anti zinism and antisemitism for not expelling those arab jordanians and end the conflict.

  • A Simple Jew

    Gender Studies is a joke of a major, and this woman is a joke of a professor.

  • Jonas

    Insane, so with this kind of logic we can connect the catholic pedophilia with the crimes of Mohamed.
    But Jew-haters they are, once a Jew-hater always a Jew-hater

  • nat cheiman

    Professor? My backside. Bad behaviour shows lack of intellect

  • stevenl

    Looks to me that her brain has been raped of any logic.

  • Jeff Zucker

    I think that I am fairly intelligent being a college graduate; however, the circular logic of these profs leaves me in a hole. Worse is that the end points of their crooked lines don’t match to form a perfect circle. People who spend their time producing such drivel should have their tenure removed. Students deserve better.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    She is an Israeli born in Romania who emigrated the US the question is why Israel UK n USA produce the most non Moslem Israel bashing anti-Semites. South Florida synagogues are dying as the Jewish population is rising. It is time these facts are seriously examined.

  • Lia

    This poor prof. is still caught in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ … then again, perhaps she couldn’t pass English II and III and so studies ‘intersectionality’?

  • Hillel

    Must be really hard to get a doctorate these days. talk about standards dropping. She is another Jew who thinks if she sucks up to the rest of the haters they won’t gas her. She has a surprise coming.

  • David A. Goldstein, Ph.D.

    What is clear is that Dr Sharoni suffers from a mental illness. Often what occurs with individuals suffering with her illness, they are unable to tolerate the aspect of their mind that is filled with self hated and therefore project it out onto a topic or into an individual or group. Dr Sharoni is unable to live with her state of mind and makes connections that are not real, but because she does believe the projection to be true, making bizarre connections seems reasonable to her. In short, this is a delusion. The difficulty with someone like her is that she gets others who are also filled with hate to follow her distortions. This is known as group psychosis. It is also dangerous. It is what Yasser Arafat suffered from and he developed an entire following.

  • enufizenuf

    The body needs to rid itself of infection and puss to remain healthy.

    • Jon Slosser

      So, how do we neutralize what Simona Sharoni speaks and writes?
      How do we take her on?
      I am sending this reply because I strongly believe that she has a mental problem –
      probably linked to her service years in the IDF.
      I believe something happened to her while she served.

  • When you fail at science, math, statistics, experimental method, and even history, this is what you have left. I remember during the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin incident, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien said, “We have to recontextualize the shooting,” because in its natural context, Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense. But when the face value explanation doesn’t support your perennial victim class narrative, then you have to keep recontextualizing and recontextualizing until you have distorted the actual events to theoretical dimensions, factoring in events and abstractions with no causal or correlative bases. In the end, you get the connection that feeds your narrative, but you had to suspend disbelief to get there.

    • Ron

      Gee, I wish I’d said this.

    • Robert Davis

      moslems, christians, boudhists and others do not need such brain racking. THEY EXPEL THE ENEMY and end the conflicts.On top of that they are respected where jews are despised for not being able to end a conflict in a glorious way. Blabber is not glorious and does not end a conflict. Only jews can manage such a terrible and stupid issue!!!

  • Some of these folks spew a lot of words with the main goal of generating a salary for themselves. Whatever they say does not need to have any basis in fact. These “experts” may have some mental conditions, economic needs, and/or some other motives to say what they say.

  • Y”L


  • Nancy Klein

    Gender Studies at SUNY Plattsburgh? No one can take this professor of bs at a third rate school seriously.

    • michael Garfinkel

      This kind of execrable nonsense is boilerplate at so- called first rate universities as well – if not more so.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    This is what a quarter million dollars in school loans buys you now.