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May 2, 2016 3:48 pm

Trump: A Lot of My Jewish Friends Say, ‘You Will Never Be Able to Make Deal’ Between Israel, Palestinians

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Donald Trump addressing the AIPAC policy conference in March. Photo: Twitter.

Donald Trump addressing the AIPAC policy conference in March. Photo: Twitter.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump told a rally in Indiana on Sunday that “a lot of [his] Jewish friends” tell him he “will never be able” to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the Jewish Insider reported.

During a speech to more than 2,000 supporters at the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute ahead of Tuesday’s primary race, Trump first attacked the United Nations for not “going in and making [such] a deal,” which he called “probably the all-time hard deal to make,” and then criticized the Palestinians:

You know, they grow up as young children hating, hating, hating Israel. I think the deal can be made. But we got to be smart and we got to use our best people; gotta use me, but we got to use our best people. And I know the best people. Now, with that being said, some of the smartest people I know from Israel say ‘We’d love to make the deal.’ — you know, I’ve never met a person from Israel that didn’t want to make the deal. But it is just a very hard deal to make because it’s years of — of whatever. But I’d love to be able to make that deal.

These remarks came in the wake of Trump’s first major foreign policy speech, which he delivered on Wednesday in Washington, DC. During that address, which – as when he spoke at the AIPAC policy conference in March – he read from a script on a teleprompter, the real estate mogul and reality TV star did not talk about Israel.

He did, however, discuss the threat of radical Islam. Containing its spread, he said, “must be a major foreign policy goal of the United States and indeed the world.”

According to a report in the UK’s Independent on Sunday, Jewish and Israeli attitudes towards Trump are mixed, with concern on both sides of the political divide.

Israeli left-wing academic and among the founders of the Peace Now movement, Galia Golan, was quoted in the piece as saying, “I would expect [Trump] to be very anti-Arab, not because he’s trying to please the Jewish lobby, but rather because he’s bigoted. He will probably look on Arabs as inferior. I suspect he would be a strong supporter of Israel out of disdain for Arabs as a people. Israel could expect the continuation of all the military aid it gets and support at the UN.”

Also quoted was Middle East expert Prof. Shmuel Sandler, whose conservative views, too, are at odds with Trump — for example, where his pronouncements of “America First” and attacks on consecutive US governments for their involvement in foreign affairs are concerned.

“[He] is an unknown,” Sandler told the Independent. “I think he himself doesn’t know what he would do, but the worrying thing is that he is speaking the language of isolationism. The US has been disengaging in the region under [President Barack] Obama and we want this to stop. Israel greatly needs the US in the region. Isolationism would leave the door open for Iran and Russia.”

Then there is Dr. Walid Phares.

Phares, who has served as a Middle East and terrorism expert on Fox News for the past nine years, was recently named as a Trump foreign policy adviser. According to the Independent, Phares tried to allay both concerns in an interview with the London-based Arabic-language daily al-Hayat.

“There is no evidence [of his being a racist]… indeed, the opposite is the case. His companies have a large number of employees of various ethnicities and Muslims, and women have a central role in his companies. An important share of his investors are from the Arab and Muslim worlds and he has Arab and Muslim partners,” Phares said.

In addition, Phares said, Trump will “be a fair mediator. He has good relations with the Jewish community and credit with the Israelis; he’s the only one capable of making a balanced peace that achieves the interests of both sides. He knows solving the Palestinian issue is a guarantee for achieving stability in the region.”

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  • What arrogant Trump does not understand is it’s not about smarts or smart deals it’s all about G-ds covenant with Abraham,Issac and Jacob , So no deal here just an perpetual covenant that no man no matter who can change or break. So if Trump thinks he can stand up against G-d and change the Torah he is in for a great fall.

    • William C. McKee

      This “Eternal Covenant” that God made with Abraham, how many of you have actually read it? Trump’s wisdom, that many if not all of you lack is that when you “sign” a contract, that you should actually read for the details.

      So many of you show true arrogance, when boasting about the Abraham/God contract, and to the degree that God himself is bound to it. Insisting that God’s word is so great that he can no more break such a contract than like with the idiot philosopher question: Can God make a rock (or burden) with so much weight attached to it, that not even he could lift it. I assert that the answer to that is actually found in the pages of the Bible. [As is your question concerning the implicit bonding forever of God to the contract that you arrogantly hold over him in your hands.] Yes, you are arrogant. Your thinking is: “I can sin to whatever degree that I want — and God will still be forced to keep his word and eternally bless my land.”

      When Jesus was in the Garden he was observed to appear to sweat “blood”. He was under extreme stress over certain matters. His accountant had gone to religious leaders presumably to negotiate a political deal. Kind of like the “white knight” idea as a alternative to whatever Trump’s natural intention was. Of course Jesus knew of all of this. If anything he was good at reading people. And it was obvious that all of his “students” wanted him to mount a dramatic white horse, overtly declare himself a warrior king (like David) — and kick the invading Romans out of the country. Two or three famous (at the time) leaders after Jesus, did in fact try that method. Judas, was really not all that different than Peter (who highly objected to the prophesied plan [or fate] of action of Jesus). This all, at least to the thinking of Jesus, dating back to the “signing” of the contract that you never understood. No, you never understood. But you will in a moment. It will be transparently obvious to you in a moment. And it will quite your tongue with all your arrogant boasting concerning your eternal hold over the eternal God — no matter how much you sin against him.

      Do you remember in the Bible, that God said that if you absolutely refuse to be his people, that he would have no problem at all in getting other people to take your place? Why would he say this if he gave his eternal word with a contact binding himself to die (in like manner to all the sacrificed animals that were sealing the deal of the contract)? Trump would point out to you, that if either God or Abraham broke the deal — that it called for their death. In the big picture, the death of Abraham, a mortal like you an I wouldn’t much matter. But God signed a contract that explicitly called for no less than his own death if for any reason that he broke it. [You do understand that don’t you? The thing that you arrogant hold in God’s face, as your lock over him, no matter to what degree that you should sin against him.]

      Read the contract with greater care. Abraham was placed into a vision. God signed his part of the contract, with prefigured visions of “fire” and “smoke” passing through the split apart animals. Like the split open Red Sea. [Yet another version of a contract.] With the technology of today you could seek out God’s stated evidence of that contract (the bronze bits of that following army) — but you have no more interest than an atheist in doing so. A metaphysical vision would be impossible to present as objective evidence. And for political reasons, Moses being partly a politician (that was his job back in Egypt), men do lie. And politicians more than even other men. But you won’t use GPS, discriminating magnetometers and bulk data devices to check every square centimeter of the Red Sea to locate (easily) what God said is there to find. Why? Because you hold the eternal God is bound by oath to defend and bless Israel forever — or else to himself actually die. And if God were to die, then even the universe itself could cease to exists. Right? Is that not in your arrogant thinking? The universe itself depends on you keeping your contract. Is that not in your thinking?

      Well if that is in your thinking, look at the contract again. Abraham was helplessly in a vision and completely unable to sign his part of the contract. Specifically Abraham (acting on the matter as representative of humanity) never walked through the split animals. The only one (bound by contract to die) was God. And you never understood that. So the answer is “yes” God can indeed make a burden so heavy that not even he can lift it — except if he would die. But the universe depends upon him so very much that it also would eventually die. Your dilemma is picking the wrong version of God’s (and the universe’s eternal nature). God was trying to teach you something. But if you won’t even deem to do the trivial that God asked you concerning bronze bits on a sea floor — will you ever understand.

      The greatest of all minds of Jewish tradition was of course the famous scientist Einstein. And his greatest work product being his General Relativity Theory. He tackled the mystery of an “eternal universe” which mirrored the concept of an “eternal God” and your “eternal contract with him”. To force fit an eternal universe idea, he had no choice but to conceive of his “Cosmological Constant”. But even the Bible said that the universe had a beginning — an idea far, far older than Moses. An idea that science showed to be true. And the universe may also have an ending — though the details have yet to be scripted out.

      One thing though. Life itself is eternal, and only by a cycle of life and death. The God that you are picking on relentlessly by your smug sinning — and holding a contract over his head — only has one way out of his painful contract with you. That being to share the same fate as the split animals. You so pained his character that he sweat blood and chose to break the contract, by the only means possible — Death. There is even a term for it: God-death.

      But the death of God is not so bad, either for God, or for the universe. Consider, a truly eternal “steady state” universe was eventually fated to use up all of its available energy, and grow to a “Hell Freezing Over” slowly agonizing eternal death. The essential teaching of Jesus is that nothing much of value happens “unless a seed fall to the ground and first dies”. Is it not elegant that God through the Contact with Abraham, proved the point of the universe through even himself? God died and was reborn, that the universe that is his shadow might do exactly the same. If Jesus had went the path that Peter and Judas would have preferred, he just might have managed to be an eternal tyrant, over a universe with not a lot of hope. Rather instead it becomes born again — along with himself. A refreshed God, who suffers in some way as we do, gets the [joy] of renewing the face of the earth — and [pronouncing it good] all over again. He was the eternal potter, that re-does his clay modelling (a beautiful picture). Did not the ancient story of the beginning of the universe, speak of drawing order out of chaos? A block of plastic explosive is highly ordered. What results from setting it off, not so much. But when stars, planets, elements, and life itself forms — a version of order returns.

      God does love Israel (and the rest of the Holy Lands). He has provided you with unlimited blessing. But to enjoy it to the full, some part of you, as was some part of God, must fall to the ground and die, that you might be re-born. The alternative is the model of “Hell Freezing Over”. Eternal life bound to eternal death. Exactly the fate that the angel with the flaming sword was trying to avert, by keeping Adam and Eve from consuming fruit from the tree of eternal life, after consuming the fruit with the mix of knowledge of good and evil. Keeping the deadly tree around forever — is like keeping “Mutual Assured Destruction” around forever. It was not the intent that we remain in the meta-physical garden. But but that we were to learn from it.

      Today, you get the long ago presented choice from the hand of God, for all the much bragged upon “eternal rights to your land”. Fix what is wrong, thus choosing life, or don’t, and know [by the rules of science — that (presumably) God himself ordained] that you have chosen death. Moses gave you the Ten Commandments, and such that you should obey. But did not God himself suggest that such things as obedience to “The Sabbath of the Land” were even of a more fundamental importance. You can put up with even evil tyrants. But if your dirt won’t even provide food — hardly anything else would matter.

  • William C. McKee

    People, whole armies of foes have attempted to destroy Trump’s political bid. Notice that he hardly spent any significant amount of money. Notice that he hardly compromised any significant principle. And that every single supposedly lethal PC “error” seem to come to nothing. Even including referring to Rosie O’Donnell in terms that Rosie spent decades in carefully developing. Megan Kelly herself, ought to have a thicker hide to insult, after sharing close to the vest comments with say Howard Stern. No wonder Jesus scribbled in the sand. Everyone around him easily broke enough of the laws of Moses, to be fit for stoning. Forgive each other people. Force of nature Trump might hope to do, what no one else can do. He did after all concede that the Lord’s book is even better than his own. Honest, straightforward words of respect. The most saintly seeming often fail to do as much. Cruse for example prayed to God three times for his sins. Very noble. Fired the one that stole Carson’s delegates. Very noble. But offered no restitution — lusting after a political objective. The Super Religious, kind of noticed. And kind of thought about it. So an honest sinner got something. And a dishonest saint didn’t. Maybe he learned to [trust] those that he should have. The boy at his rally may have been “spanked”, but so was he.

    Some of you have lost hope that peace with your neighbors is possible. You have but a short span left. Hope that the impossible becomes possible. I was inspired to say something OT related prophecy to those pouring over the meaning of NT prophecy. You might want to give it a thought.
    Hi brothers and sisters.
    I read your account of verses in Revelation concerning a “sea of glass” “like crystal” that had been “mingled with fire” — and was located before “the throne of God”. Well Jeremiah chapter 49 has such a throne of God — located in a currently very controversial district of Iran. That might one day house an underground nuclear explosion, the heat of which would form a 50,000 m^3 chamber of super thick [pure quartz]. Treaties keep the US and Russia from such experimental matters — but not Iran. Our 2000 – 3000 tons of Highly Enriched U/Pu could provide all but limitless pumped back hydro energy storage making switching to solar and wind power actually possible. Without batteries, only 20% conversion is considered possible — [and] at an impossible cost. Add to that a tag teaming of vast Iranian wealth, millions of poor of spirit Palestinians in great need of a land inheritance, and rain making technology developed in Israel — who themselves dearly need to love [neighbor] as self and Bible sized changes are possible. Including turning 10 million sq. km of the Sahara into a garden with lakes far larger than our own. The motivation being that science says the ME will o/w be 60 C. Life there o/w void.


    Readers please confirm that the enzymes of green plant photosynthesis basically shuts down at temperatures approaching 60 degree C. I don’t believe that I have otherwise overstated matters that life in the ME would otherwise be void. It looks very bad for the three major religions with roots in the ME, if life there becomes impossible. Yes you can have air conditioned buildings. And people can walk around in something like space suits. But that wouldn’t help your crops planted in the dirt. And I don’t think anyone has ever air conditioned greenhouses. Even if you tried all of that. Paying for the necessary energy would be much more problematic than moving from the region. Self shame in not defending the “Holy Land”, might empty out church attendance on a grand scale.

    Yes, you might only have Trump for say two terms. Thus by all means put him to work on such giant projects while you have him available to employ. Normal politicians and lawyer sorts, are just nowhere near to doing such a task. Simply pray that the master builder, can build like he never has before. If he pulls it off, the resultant garden could easily feed billions of hungry people. Ms. Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell might then somehow find forgiveness for him. And would not [that] absolutely be a most wonderful miracle! Deserts blooming a small thing. The forgiveness of Ms. Kelly seemingly a large thing.

    • Trump not enough experience and or gonads to make any deal between Israel and Palestinians Bibi will say NO DEAL Trumpy!


    Sadly, I agree heartily with the Jewish friends of Trump who say that Trump will NOT be able to “broker an agreement”. The ONLY way that an agreement can be reached is for the Arabs to STOP WANTING TO GET RID OF ISRAEL and KILL ALL THE JEWS. I don’t believe that Trump can change the intentions of the Arabs. The ONLY ones who can do that are the ARABS themselves. Trump can facilitate the change of their mindset, but it will take longer than his term[s] in office. Generations of Arabs have been brought up to think “KILL ISRAEL” and this indoctrination cannot be overcome in 8 years. But IF Trump DOES do what the US CAN do to begin to undo the hate education – he will be making hte first step in the right direction. For that he should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • nat cheiman

    Trump is right. Israel needs to take over Gaza/ West bank and allow the palestinians to migrate to Europe/Syria/Lebanon/Libya/ Scandinavia or wherever.
    Included must be the Israeli arabs too.

  • Resolving the Arab-Israel conflict is not a guarantee for achieving stability in the Middle East. Sunni and Shiite Moslems hate each other, and they are united in their hatred of Israel. A genuine statesman would not rely on his personality to be a mediator, but on wisdom.

  • Michael Fox

    Those who have a true understanding of the dynamics of Islam in the Middle East know that the two-state solution is impossible. “The deal” is the gateway to the end of Israel as a Jewish state. When push comes to shove and push will come to shove, no one can or will protect Israel but Israel itself.
    Surrounded on all sides by enemies committed to Israel’s destruction, “the deal” will make it just a matter of time before Israel becomes a footnote in the book of world history.

  • Why choosing Trump instead of Hillary?
    Hillary failed to fix any issue between Israelis and Palestinians. She was pro-Muslim as the Secretary of State.
    She was responsible of the death of the ambassador in Benghazi and two other patriots, by protecting the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the attack .
    She was following Obama foreign policy which was bad for Israel. We cannot trust her anymore.
    We should give a chance to an outsider who loves America and Israel. Trump is a better negotiator with the common sense and mind-set of a builder not a destructor.

    • To choose Hillary versus Trump is having the continuation of Obama’s politics in the Middle Est.
      It is going backward not forward.
      Trump loves America and Israel. He does not like the invaders who kill kids and civils.

  • Ephraim

    If we want to stop Hillary, and if we care about Jews and Israel we do, Trump is the only answer. He is not perfect, far from it. But the low caliber of the choices offered by the two parties leaves him as the ONLY viable candidate who does not hate Israel. Outside of his pro-Israeli stance, Cruz is a terrible person. He shut down the US government, and weakened US credit rating, for which he subsequently crowed the whole thing was for fundraising. He is NOT a good candidate, and Hillary will crush him.

    We all need to unite behind Trump. He is the only thing which might stand between us and a third four years of unrelenting Israel bashing, and terrorist worship.

  • Yadja

    Trump needs to learn more and stop talking “Deals” with Gaza and terrorists giving them hope for taking Israel’s lands. He is going to learn that this encourages them to have that hope it is none of his business. It is none of the world’s business. Israel is a Sovereign Nation and nobody has the right to talk about giving away anything they have. America sure wouldn’t stand for that if the world said give Texas back to the Mexicans now wold they.

    Back off Trump and learn something.

  • Arnold Z.

    Exactly what are Trump’s qualifications that he should even be running for any political office? Being greedy, arrogant, a con artist, a blow hard, and a leftist RINO are not quailifications and such character traits only attract voters of the moronic persuasion.

  • abrh

    Making peace between the Palestinians and Israel is not about “a deal.” It is about Jewish history of milenea supported by ancient scriptures and ongoing archeological discoveries. It is about Israel’s right to the land populated by our Jewish ancestors thousand of years before Islam emerged. It is about Israel’s right to be a Jewish state and be so recognized by the Palestinian Arabs and the Islamic world.

    • thelma rosenberg

      I could not agree with abrh more, I hope you will send this message directly to Mr. Trump

  • Marco Redwolf

    Trump was not my first choice but the remaining options are impossible for me to accept. Hillary would be a disaster both domestically and internationally. Cruz would no doubt be a strong supporter of Israel but not American Jewry . I just cannot shake off his Snake Oil Speechifying and overly dramatizing every sentence. So it Trump for me. The simple fact is that men like Trump didn’t create this mess professional politicians have. The few good presidents we have had were not from Harvard Law, in fact the best weren’t lawyers. Its time to try something different. After 8 years of a Marxist Ideologue ( albeit a funny one ) lets put a capitalist in the oval office.

  • Sidney Graubard

    I would describe Trump not as a Isolationist but as a Protectionist. There is a big difference between the two.

  • Yaakov

    We hear from the left-wing and from the conservative sectors, but we don’t hear the Jewish standpoint.

    • Reform School

      Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy the best evidence of the Great American Dumbdown (beside its 50-year slide in SAT scores) is a crop of elected officials whose motto appears to be: “When All is Said and Done, More is Sad than Done.”

      Subtle [and not-so-subtle] indoctrination by professors, teachers and campus radio stations spewing NPR/National Progressive Radio and BBC Whirled Service leftist propaganda makes convincing Jewish college students and grads that they really DO NOT know everything easier said than done. The First Amendment does not guarantee exemption from taxation. Internal Revenue Code Section 501 forbids the political candidate advocacy these institutions blatantly defy, inviting their taxation, charter revocation and other penalties.

      Like our grandparents and cousins who cheered Adolf Hitler’s appointment to the German chancelry until he began murdering them, the Jewish diaspora (and too many in Israel) must have been hatched from ostrich eggs.

  • Arthur Siegel

    The current problems in the Middle East have nothing to do with the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians but they will make finding a solution to that dispute much harder. A solution is certainly not “a guarantee for achieving stability in the region”

  • Catskills39

    The “Palestinians” aka Invented Hemorrhoids do not want peace but piece of Israel — the whole piece of Israel. So that they can launch more terror campaigns against innocents across the globe.

    This is well known. They also could be known as Arafaters since they follow the doctrine of the #1 Terrorist of the middle-late 20th century and the beginning of this one — Yassir Arafat.

    Trump should not have someone who has ties to the PLO/Hamass/Hezbollah or any of the numerous terror organizations on his team but that’s my opinion.

    To be honest, I was considering Cruz but he picked Fiorina who does not support Israel as his VP. To me that says a lot. I do wish Teddy Roosevelt or Mark Twain was still alive – I’d be voting for them!

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    There is only ONE deal possible…to make the Arabs LEAVE the Jewish state !!!!!!!!!!!