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May 5, 2016 12:58 pm

Pew Poll: Sympathy for Palestinians Among American Millennials Sees Dramatic Rise

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The Palestinian flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Palestinian flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Sympathy for the Palestinians among American millennials has seen a dramatic rise over the past 10 years, while that for Israel has remained relatively unchanged, a poll published on Thursday revealed.

According to the Pew Research Center poll — which surveyed general attitudes of the American public in areas of foreign policy — sympathy for Palestinians among millennials increased 18 percent between 2006 and 2016. The results, according to Pew, represent “generational differences in sympathies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Older generations tend to be more sympathetic toward Israel than younger generations.”

In 2006, nine percent of millennials said they sympathized with the Palestinians. By July 2014, 20 percent expressed sympathy with the Palestinians, increasing further to 27 percent in 2016. Today, only 43 percent of millennials say they sympathize with Israel.

PEW research center poll 2016

Among the general public, more Americans express sympathy for Israel (54 percent) than for the Palestinians (19 percent). While sympathy for Israel “is little changed” since July 2014, Pew notes, “the share sympathizing more with the Palestinians has ticked up from 14 percent then to 19 percent today.”

Politically, Republicans overwhelmingly sympathize with Israel (75 percent) over the Palestinians (7 percent), while the margin among Democrats is narrower, with 43 percent sympathizing with Israel and 29 percent with the Palestinians. Fifty-two percent of Independents express more sympathy for Israel, while 19 percent sympathize more with the Palestinians.

The poll results were based on three separate surveys carried out by Pew through telephone interviews, conducted between April 4-24.

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  • nat cheiman

    Lets see what happens in Europe. They may change their mind

  • dan ehrlich

    Israelis in particular should care more about the nation’s internal problems than external opinions, which mean little in real terms. Read

  • StupidPoll

    What does “sympathize” mean? How can one not sympathize with people under dictatorship whether Hamas or Mahmoud Abbas? Can’t one “sympathize” with both sides? A better question is: Do you think Israel defends itself properly? Do you think Israel works towards peace? and the same for the other side:
    Do you think Palestinians defend themselves properly? Do you think Palestinians work towards peace?
    Then you can really reveal anti-Israel sentiment.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    How many of those who were interviewed were white Christians, white & Black Muslims, Jews?

    • Mbwana Kivava


  • Bruce Rubin

    The failure of the UN and mass media to address the use of human shields by radical Islamic groups and bring it to the front page has made this a highly effective tool to alter public perception. My suggestion is all the news media outlets across all the nations and spectrums start pointing fingers at those paramilitary organizations that use this tactic of human shields and dead body carnage pictures for recruiting and altering public opinion and make it a daily practice.Calling them out on the carpet may change the dynamic and save some lives.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Who were those being interviewed?
    How many were white Christians, and how many were Muslims, and how many were Jews?

  • ESLombard

    We find ourselves wondering why the Palestinian refugees of 1948 didn’t elicit the same alarm and pity for the Palestinians then as for the Syrians now . Just as Arab/Jewish enterprises are growing well on the West Bank, the BDS sets back the joint efforts of Jew and Arab: bad timing or ???

  • Yaakov

    Does the millennium of the Gregorian calendar have some significance that Jews should be aware of?

  • benton collins

    The 61% of the Millenials do not think that the Shabbat is Holy and special. They are abandoning the Most Holy One in their pursuit of riches and earthly pleasures. If the Millenials’ relationship is so far from the Almighty, how can a person expect for them understand that this land is designated for the Jewish people to inhabit and to tend the pastures and vineyards? It is the Almighty’s Land given to the Jewish People! The Millenials are going to heap curses upon their heads for wanting to take away the land from the Jewish People.

  • Rachel Cohen

    This is because most parents fail to properly raise their children. Most millennials a godless Secular Humanists.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    When CAMERA came out with the lie that aBoston area pro-Palestian demonstrations were organized by Gays n Lesbians their support outside of small Orthodox groups in Boca Raton Aventura and a tiny Miami Beach group disappeared. That killed much of the support for Israel amongst under 30s all over South Florida except Miami Beach.

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    The schools in America are full of radical teachers…Democrats and worse.