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May 9, 2016 7:09 am

Guardian Article Claims Golan Heights Was ‘Palestinian’

avatar by Adam Levick

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the Golan Heights. Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the Golan Heights. Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO

Guardian article by Sian Cain (“Michael Chabon witnesses ‘grievous injustice’ in occupied territories,” May 6) included the following paragraph, with background on the “Palestinian territories” that Israel “entered” during the 1967 war.

Chabon and his wife, writer Ayelet Waldman, are contributing to and editing the as-yet-unnamed book of essays that will be published to mark the 50th anniversary of 1967’s six-day war, when Israel first entered the Palestinian territories: the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, parts of the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip.

Of course, the Golan Heights was seized from Syria during the Six-Day War, and was never “Palestinian” — even in the broadest sense of the term.

The passage conflates the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza (which were controlled by Jordan and Egypt respectively before the war, and are now claimed by some Palestinians as part of their future state) with the Golan Heights, which had been controlled by Syria since 1944. Even though referring to the West Bank and east Jerusalem as “Palestinian territories” — rather than the “disputed territories” claimed by Palestinians — is itself misleading, saying the same thing about the Golan Heights is simply inaccurate.

We’ve tweeted the the journalist and emailed Guardian editors asking for a correction.

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  • Israel HaShlema, Greater Israel Hebrews and Klal Yisroel Must THINK BIG, Like Russia

    Israel HaShlema, Greater Israel Hebrews and Klal Yisroel Must THINK BIG, Like Russia

    To restore the Kingdom of Solomon, which extended from the Nile River high lands to the Euphrates and the Islands of the Seas.

  • Cornelius Tacticus, the famous Roman historian (who had no love of Jews) and lived from year 56 CE (approximately) to year 120 CE said:

    “Much of Judea is thickly studded with villages, and the Jews have towns as well.
    Their capital is Jerusalem. Here stood their Temple with its boundless riches.”

    The Western World (page 141) by Pearson Custom Publishing, year 2009 CE

    The Histories by Tacitus, The Jews (Book 5), paragraph 8 of 13.

    {1} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jews trace their historical origins to the Land of Israel.

    {2} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jerusalem is the historical capital of the Jewish state.

    {3} Muslims are LYING when they deny that the Jewish Temple existed in Jerusalem.

    {4} Notice that Tacticus mentioned Judea, NOT Palestine.

    {5} Tacticus never mentioned the Palestinian people, even though he wrote
    much about Jews and their land, because there were no Palestinian people in his time.

  • JarredS

    London is a great city…Where Jews and Israeli’s have to be very careful not to stray into areas where even the police and the fire brigade hesitate to enter….A city where if you shout Mohammad on most streets half of the there people would turn around….Shout Allah hu Akbar and the other half will duck for cover….

  • tiki

    London, the latest Palestinian territory.
    Just look around and you know what I mean!

  • dante

    East Jerusalem = “Palestinian”? (by “Palestinian,” chabon means “Arab”; another of his many stupidities.) chabon seems to believe that Israel first entered Jerusalem and its Jewish Quarter, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Shiloach, Mount of Olives, etc., etc. in 1967. is that what this genius means? well, if so, he’s wrong by only about 200 to 3000 years, depending on the areas in question.

    this clown wants to vindicate Jordanian ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem. for the information of this fool and any other moron, when the Jordanians conquered Jerusalem in 1948, they threw out every single Jew that they did not kill. get it, dummy? so, when you enlist in the campaign to exclude Jews from Jerusalem and Yehuda and Shomron, the “West Bank,” you make yourself a partner in Jordanian/Arab/Muslim ethnic cleansing. but, that’s OK with you, right? because you’re not just an ordinary dummy, you’re a hateful, ignorant, arrogant dummy. that’s a distinction.

  • Nanushka

    The “grievous injustice” is Chabon’s squatting on Native American land, without even offering to send a check for his lifelong withheld rent, to the relevant tribes.
    He can return his Berkeley Craftsman bungalow to its rightful owners, and come home to the Unoccupied Territories, and polish up on writing in Hebrew. It might inspire him to writing a bit less tediously about comic book heroes. (He really needed an aggressive editor in “Kavalier and Clay”)

  • nat cheiman

    Smoking dope is halucinatory. Ask the UN or arab nations who perceive this crap.

  • Lia

    Congratulations for trying to get the truth spoken. May you succeed.

  • Be7ers

    The Amorites are the first recorded people (or giants) to own the Land of Bashan (Golan Heights)… Moses took it from them… This land’s only surviving original stake claimers is Isreal…

  • stevenl

    Anti-Semites do and will say ANYTHING. It is a renewed affirmation of their moral and “pseudo-intellectual” VACUITY! They run on “destructive emotions” like animal affected by rabies!
    That is why IL need to extend her authority over J & S. As Bibi has already stated, Golan and Jerusalem is Jewish. Let them Jazz!!!
    IL should have “her spoutnik” (directed to the Western world),that keeps repeating to the imbeciles what they need to learn: EVERYTHING about what MENSCH means. They are parasites trying to chew at the “People of the Books”. Whatever they spit is only venom. They have learn NO better. It is all about jealousy.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    One thing remains constant with Arabs.

    They all believe their lies and they’ll defend it to your death.

  • Jeff

    So isn’t it ironic? I understand many non-Jewish residents of the Holyland used to identify as residents of greater Syria at one time. The appellation ‘Palestinian’ was a relatively recent label. Perhaps Chabon would like to change his reference to Judea-Samaria/the West Bank and Jerusalem as ‘the Syrian territories.’ 🙂 …or maybe Chabon made the Golan Palestinian because there is no Syria to speak of today.

  • Rachel Cohen

    There is no such thing as a palestinian people–they are in fact Muslim Arab terrorists. The land of Israel–belongs to the Jews–not to Arabs.

  • Paul

    You are missing the MAIN point:
    NONE of these territories was ever Palestinian: the territories aLL belonged to sovereign Arab states, who invaded Israel during the six-day-war for the purpose of throwing the Jews into the sea.

    • stevenl

      Any minimally educated person knows all this. But without the West constantly undermining the Jews, unless a man of vision say and do what is right, the conflict will continue. There is as much hope in the West changing it mind than Islam reforming!!!

  • dan ehrlich

    That’s correct…what the UN and much of the world have forgotten or refuse to accept is that British mandated Palestine was not divided up between various groups…after 1948 all there were was ceasefire lines…The West Bank and old Jerusalem was placed under the guardianship of Jordan and Gaza was under the stewardship of Egypt. The Golan was part of Syria.

    The Golan may have been won from Syria, the most hostile of all states bordering Israel, in 1967…but the current civil war in Syria means that its past and present borders will probably become irrelevant in any case, giving Israel a more valid claim on the basis of security and economics.

    A main justification for settlement building in the West Bank has always been that the land has never been legally designated for any national group so Jews have as much right to live there as Arabs.