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May 15, 2016 8:18 am

Newly Released Dartmouth Transcript Shows ‘Antisemitic’ Rutgers Professor Accused Israel of Deliberately Maiming Palestinians, Targeting Children

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Rutgers professor Jasbir Puar. Photo: The Global Center for Advanced Studies.

Rutgers professor Jasbir Puar. Photo: The Global Center for Advanced Studies.

The content of a controversial lecture delivered last month at Dartmouth College by an infamous Rutgers professor was finally made public in a post on campus website Dartblog on Friday.

As was reported at the time by The Algemeiner, Jasbir Puar — an associate professor of women and gender studies, with an emphasis on queer theory, feminism, globalization and diaspora studies — was accused by Dartmouth anthropology professor Sergei Kan of “academic antisemitism” during her address at the school, entitled “Inhumanist Biopolitics: How Palestine Matters.”

The transcript of her remarks — made during an April 30 event related to feminism and the environment and sponsored by the Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID) — reads in part:

Several scholars have been tracing maiming as a deliberate biopolitical tactic on the part of Israel in the occupation of Palestine. Medical personnel in both Gaza and the West Bank reported mounting evidence of shoot to cripple practices of the IDF, more accurately called the Israeli Occupation Forces, noting an increasing shift from using traditional means such as tear gas and rubber bullets, rubber coated metal to disperse crowds to firing at knees, femurs or aiming for their vital organs. In Gaza, during the 51 days of Operation Protective Edge in 2014, the illegal use of fleshettes and dumdum bullets that fragment and splinter, often causing crippling for life, the bombing of numerous hospitals and a disability center, the destruction of the main electric power plant in Gaza, the flattening of homes, schools and mosques, the targeting of youth and children, all have added greater dimension to the tactic of debilitating both bodies and infrastructure.

So for example the IDF policy of shooting to cripple or maim and not to kill is often misperceived as a preservation of life. In this version of attenuated life, neither living nor dying is the aim. Instead, will not let die and will not make die replaces the coordinates of make live or make die.

So maiming then functions not as an incomplete death or an accidental assault on life, rather the end goal of a dual production of permanent disability via the infliction of harm and the attrition of the life support systems that might allow populations to heal from the harm. Maiming is required. It is not a by-product of war or of collateral damage. It is used to achieve the tactical aims of settler colonialism.

In a rebuttal against Puar’s claims, Dr. Alex Safian, associate director of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), wrote, “Israel does not claim a right to maim, but it does claim a right to live and not to be killed, and this Puar apparently can’t accept. If Israeli forces shoot to kill, she would condemn them for that. But if they shoot to injure rather than kill, including with less-than-lethal rounds like rubber bullets, she would condemn them for that. Puar rejects any Israeli effort at self-defense, because she fundamentally rejects Israel’s legitimacy. So nothing that Israel does can ever be legitimate.”

The Dartmouth lecture was not the first time that Puar has caused a stir over her accusations against Israel. In March, during a lecture at Vassar College, she accused the Jewish state of conducting medical experiments on Palestinians — involving the deliberate “stunting” of their growth — and of carrying out field executions.

Following the Dartmouth talk, Annabel Martin, the director of GRID, released a statement defending Puar’s claims, calling them “uncomfortable truths.”

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  • judorebbe

    And we keep right on paying sky-high tuition for our kids to learn these lies. – But don’t worry. They will soon be learning this crap for free in our public schools.

  • Steve Wenick

    She’s obviously a Muslim and like so many of her countrymen has had her brain poisoned by anti-Semitic propaganda all of her life.

  • herb portere

    This fake Professor Puar obviously hates Democracy. I have a question…what is she doing in our country? Hey, Puar…I would buy you a one way ticket to Iran, or where ever came from, you are a despicable piece of dung…go back where you came from!

  • Paul

    The Professors claims are not uncomfortable truths.
    They are convenient untruths.
    Does the Professor also have an explanation, why the Palestinians simply refuse to sit down and negotiate peace, as did Egypt and Jordan ? Is Israel is treating them so badly – why not sit down and make peace ? IF they are so unfortunate – why not make peace ?
    Does the Professor remember that the territories were captured from JORDAN after Jordan invaded Israel during the Six-Day War?
    The same Jordan that expelled Arafat to Lebanon, the same Arafat that Israel later allowed back into the territories to lead the the Palestinians? WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE TRUE FACTS, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT ISRAEL SEEKS PEACE AND THE PALESTINIANS DO NOT. THAT IS THE SAD TRUTH. The unfortunate, ironic result is that many more Palestinians are probably going to get shot while trying to kill Israelis, because that is the path they continue to choose. Does the Professor prefer the Israeli troops should ensure these Palestinians assailants are killed and not wounded?
    The Professor clings to lies because the truth is VERY bad support for her claims.

  • Ron Lindsey

    Well written rebuttal! How is it supposed academics do not even go to sources and put feet on the ground for the facts? We suffered the same trash for efforts in Vietnam!

  • nat cheiman

    Jasbir Puar is no professor.She is a fake and the latest substandard type lecturers to infiltrate universities

  • Hunter

    Why is she not comforted with loss of job and expulsion from scholarly societies and called upon for evidence?
    Hidding in a university is par for such as she. The bastion of knowledge goes all ways with young minds.

  • Wolf

    These people have no shame.

  • “uncomfortable truths”? what is your evidence? I mean, of course, beyond your conjecture, hypothesis, speculation, vicious animus, etc…or is that all you’ve got? that’s a simple one. the answer is “yes,” that’s all they’ve got.

    GRID, annabel martin and puar are academic frauds who maliciously substitute hysterical opinion and adamant bias for fact. because, at GRID, all one needs is fevered paranoia; that’ll get you done at GRID. one could make a career of it.

  • Dave

    The stench of Puar’s lies is contaminating both Rutgers and Dartmouth.

  • Reform School

    Gender Studies profs like these should have their work cut out for them at the Cooper Union New Transgender School.

  • enufizenuf

    This is a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, wherein this queer professor becomes the defender of those who despise her, who would stone her to death for her lesbian bedroom activities, in fact, and who invents wild outrageous puke about the liberal tolerant and truly democratic people of Israel. She, and all her Jew and Israel-hating cohorts, are sick, demented people. They are fortunate that Jews in the US and everywhere are NOT prone to violence and don’t take revenge upon her for her evil slanders

  • maliban

    so where is the anti semitism part? You are trying to smear her as an anti semite when you should be smearing her based on her credentials.

    (an associate professor of women and gender studies, with an emphasis on queer theory, feminism, globalization and diaspora studies)

  • As a professor at Rutgers University, I know Jasbir Puar as a total ideologue who is full of hate. Why other universities invite her to speak is a mystery to me and many of my colleagues. She does not seek peace in the Middle East and between Israel and the Palestinians nor the two state solution. She simply wishes Israel to be destroyed. There are fascists of the left as well as of the right, and she is one of the former.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    For lying, spreading propaganda, and falsifying history both professor Puar and her host should lose their positions at their respective universities. Lies and propaganda are not “uncomfortable truths” and anybody who cannot tell the difference does not deserve to be a teacher or administrator in any kind of school, let alone a university. (The lower case in professor was deliberate).

  • Lia

    This woman and her GRID enabler, should both spend time in Gaza … and then in Israel. On the other hand, would one want them to toxify the air in Israel?

  • Jay Rothermel

    From “Nazi Israel” to “Dr. Mengele Israel.” Revolting.