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May 23, 2016 3:16 pm

Global War on Terror a ‘7th-Century Clash Involving 21st-Century Weapons,’ Says New Knesset Intelligence Subcommittee Chair (INTERVIEW)

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Likud MK Dr. Anat Berko. Photo: Likud.

Likud MK Dr. Anat Berko. Photo: Likud.

Today’s global fight against terrorism can be characterized as a “seventh-century clash involving 21st-century weapons,” an Israeli parliamentarian and counter-terrorism expert told The Algemeiner.

Likud MK Anat Berko, on a visit to the United States, said that in view of this dire situation, world leaders must come to realize they are “in the same boat.”  

“Every country should put its ego aside and collaborate against terrorism, because we are in the middle of World War Three,” she urged. “I said this many years ago and, I’m sorry to say, many of the warnings I made have become reality.”

Berko claimed that the global community is so concerned with political correctness that it loses sight of the truth. “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but the first victims are Muslims themselves,” she said. “What we are experiencing right now is a tsunami of terror carried out by Muslims and this cannot be ignored. We can be politically correct about this, but it will not help combat the problem. The international community does not understand Israel is fighting the same enemy.” 

However, added Berko, while countries are grappling with how to crush terror networks planning attacks around the world, an even greater and more obvious terror threat is being ignored: Iran.

“Shia Iran is the wrong horse that the West gambled on. Even without its nuclear umbrella, Iran conducts and sponsors terrorism all over the world. The West did not understand from the beginning that Iran wouldn’t be the ‘good cop’ in the Middle East and is in fact using its global proxies to carry out terror attacks, like we saw in its involvement in Buenos Aires [in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center]. The nexus between Shia Iran, Alawite Syia and Hezbollah has become the face of Shia terrorism. They have sleeper cells in the US, Europe, Africa, South America — everywhere,” she said, adding, “This doesn’t mean Sunni countries don’t have them, too.”

With Sunni and Shia terror groups already carrying out and threatening to carry out cross-border attacks against Israel, Berko said, “Israel will not be the policeman of the Middle East. We are a tiny country, the only state for the Jewish people, which is smaller than New Jersey and even Rhode Island. However, we will keep our borders free of terrorism.”

The MK’s resume is impressive for any politician. Berko served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for 25 years and is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the reserves. She is the author of The Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and their Dispatchers, and The Smarter Bomb, Women and Children as Suicide Bombers — the fruit of her years of study of terrorists, particularly women and children. On Friday, she became the first ever woman to be appointed to head the Knesset’s Subcommittee for Intelligence and Secret Services, “the most prestigious and classified of all the subcommittees,” she said.

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  • During 628 A.D. Muhammad attempted to make a pilgrimage to the Kaba in Mecca. As he neared Mecca Meccan troops opposed him and forbid him to proceed to Mecca. However, the Meccans entered into negotiations with him. About ten miles outside of Mecca, by the spring of Hudaybiyya, Muhammad and the Meccans concluded a treaty known as the Treaty of Hudaybiyya. This treaty humiliated the Muslims and Muhammad. Later as he journeyed home, Muhammad told his followers that the affair at Hudaybiyya was in fact a “victory”. As proof of the victory Muhammad promised his followers that they would have the “booty” of the Jewish settlement of Khaibar. A few weeks later Muhammad attacked and plundered Khaibar.

  • It is a real shame that only a small country like Israel realizes and openly tells the world what the real problem is, while the US and especially OBAMA, the UN, EU and the rest of the western world, elect to ignore all the facts and ugly truth, just to be politically correct.

    Now the US is faced with another danger and that is called HILLARY Clinton as all she would do is extend the OBAMA policies for another term bringing more danger to the world!!!

  • nat cheiman

    IDF is supreme & will win the day

  • Peter Joffe

    All that Anat has to say is true but she too is being politically correct by not naming people like Obama as the biggest traitor to the West and a blatant supporter of terrorism. The CIC is a Muslim and this is perhaps where the most damage and growth of Islam terrorism has prospered. Once Islamists are removed from the US government in particular and some in Europe, we can get on with the business of getting rid of Islam after fighting it with apathy since the 7th Century. Germany was once the evil of the world wit their Final Solution but they now support Islam with their new Final and Global solution!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Living in relative peace and quiet in the West where political correctness is the way of normal, everyday communication and the supposed basis for the quiet, peaceful life, it is virtually impossible to hear and then act on the reality that “jihad” brings to a life lost in pastoral imaginations. This is what much of the West has had to deal with in the last several years, especially since 9/11. The disquieting events engendered by the fits and starts of terror are yet to be fully realised and categorically fathomed by large stretches of the West. My own realisation has come with direct exposure on a rather overwhelming level to terrorism and war in the last two and a half years in Jerusalem. Dr. Berko’s message should be heeded not only by Western leaders, but by the Western public as a harbinger of the reality that has come upon us.

  • racy

    She walked the walk and has every right and experience to talk the talk; to take command and lead intelligence. I am very proud of her record and accomplishments and wish her every success.
    Am Yisrael Chai. May Hashem guide your hand in every endeavor.

  • This is a 21st Century war between Islam and Western Civilization. And only a credible use of force will stop Iran and ISIS from acquiring and deploying nuclear weapons.

  • Am Yisroel Chai

    Am Yisroel Chai

  • Yaakov

    Resumes are not impressive; people can be impressive by dint of their integrity, knowledge, abilities, and demonstrated accomplishments. Throwing in PR adjectives like “prestigious” only diminishes one’s reputation.

    • Esther Kaplan

      Yaakov, you’ve got your radar pointed in the wrong direction. Pretend she is a washer woman…what did you think about what she said? I thought she was spot on.

    • judorebbe

      Dr. Berko has an international stature that very few of us could even dream of having. – And as for integrity, she’s got that, too.