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May 24, 2016 3:11 pm

American College Students ‘Frighteningly Stupid,’ Says Producer of Clip Showing Kids on Portland Campus Donating Money to ‘Hamas’ (VIDEO)

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Filmmaker Ami Horowitz (L) posing as a representative of Hamas as Portland State University. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz (L) posing as a representative of Hamas at Portland State University. Photo: Video Screenshot.

American college students are “frighteningly stupid” when it comes to understanding Israel and global terrorism, a documentary filmmaker told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

Ami Horowitz was referring to what emerged in his latest clip, videotaped at Portland State University, where the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is very active. To produce the short film, Horowitz posed as a representative of a fabricated organization, “American Friends of Hamas,” soliciting donations for the terrorist group that controls Gaza.

“We’re not your father’s terrorist organizations…We’ve rebuilt and re-branded ourselves. Hamas is where it’s at,” he told student passersby, claiming his organization wants to “fund operations against Israel,” including attacks on “soft targets” like schools, houses of worship, cafes and hospitals.

“It’s the only way we can fight back, really. The suicide bomber is all we’ve got. It’s the poor man’s F-15,” he said. “To get peace, first you have to destroy some stuff.”

In under an hour, Horowitz told The Algemeiner, he was able to raise almost $300. One woman donated $27, claiming it was the same amount she had given to the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. Another student, before making his donation, told Horowitz, “I’ve actually been learning this last school year about everything that’s been going on over there [in Israel], so I like the sound of what you’re doing. It sounds like a great thing to do.”

“There is a lack of critical thinking, and it becomes a parroting of what their professors teach them,” Horowitz said. “The main reaction to this video is stone-cold shock. People have a hard time wrapping their minds around this.”

When asked why he produced the clip, Horowitz told The Algemeiner, “Watching the devolution of morality within our college campuses has frightened me greatly for a long time. That is why about half of my videos are campus-focused. Exposing the moral failings of our students — and their professors who fill their heads with this poison — has always been a point of interest to me.”

Horowitz has made a name for himself exposing anti-Israel attitudes. In November 2014, a video showing Horowitz waving an ISIS flag at Berkeley and receiving widespread support went viral, garnering over 1 million views.

Watch Horowitz’s “Hamas is Fantastic!!” video below:

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  • Eric Eckert

    I am Christian, and I Think that Israel and the U.S. are threatened by the ignorance, and hate that he exposed on his Portland State video, in which he actually had potential donors, and sympathy for Islamic terrorism. I am sure he could attend a Clinton, or Bernie rally, and get the same results from people wearing a Hillary shirt, or a Bernie shirt. He could also get similar results at an anti-Trump rally.

  • Francis Figliola

    “Nothing is worse than active ignorance.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • stevenl

    Why blame the students? They come to learn from the ??? best!!!
    Many decades of greedy Universities funded by anti-Semitic Arabic petro$ and leftist academic anti-Semitism –> ME studies.
    Add to this recipe the anti-Semites from the SD, Foreign Office and Quai d’Orsay.
    And toss in the intractable European Anti-Semitism.

  • enufizenuf

    The problem is all the arab and leftist professors, not to mention leftist teachers in the public school systems.
    As long as they hold their jobs the very existence of the United States is in the greatest jeopardy.

  • Sue Fedele

    I love your articles but would like to see you circulate the unedited version of the conversations. Thank you.

  • nat cheiman

    education needed

  • Larry

    Not only are they “Frighteningly stupid”but they are truly a lost and worthless generation. They are incapable of thinking on there own The best of our young people are risking their lives in the military defending our country. They are what makes this country great. The majority of our college students are being educated by left-wing professors that are poisoning the minds of the young. It seems the only thing the college kids of today do well is riot. That they excel in. They cannot fathom that every rock they throw, every car they burn, every store they loot is another vote for Trump.Beware of Bernie Sanders, he is a bigger liar than Hillary.

  • Robert F.

    The downside of this little experiment is that it advocated anti-Israel material, as incredibly stupid as it may sound to us, to students who are all too receptive to it. This program actually advanced the cause of anti-Israel hatred, anti-Semitism, and Hamas terrorism on a college campus. And there was nothing done to set them straight. Pardon me if I’m not too thrilled with this experiment.

  • Theodore Crawford

    I hope contributors don’t start demanding their money back!

    • I am thinking that although this is almost funny to us, it only reinforced the idea in each person talked to. REINFORCED. I do not think it the best way to get the point across. Those students are not changed or in doubt about their ignorance at all. The Universities are unfazed. Better to show some old films of people acting LIKE them, jumping on some bandwagon or mob, just as they are and how it became known what a STUPID thing they got used for. Unfortunately, there are Many examples. People need to be reminded and made to think, to question every thing and look at the goal of the ‘advertisements’. What is the purpose of an organizations and WHY. The real why.

  • Ivan Cohen

    With due respect to Ami Horowitz, his exercise whilst perhaps revealing, was an exercise in futility. Did anybody need further proof that there is a large body of uninformed and ill-educated students on US campuses?
    In fact he probably did more harm than good by raising the awareness of BDS / Hamas and the intensity of anti-Israel sentiment in the minds of the interviewees.

  • Bruce Gardner

    In the same way, naive Americans gave millions of dollars to the Irish terrorists who were busting thd kneecaps of anyone who disagreed with them and shooting unarmed civilians. While presenting themselves as freedom-fighters, they were in fact criminal gangsters who terrorised communities and recruited young men and women to do their killing and dying for them while they lived well on the proceeds. Just like Hamas. The one lesson from Ireland is that eventually the lies go stale and people want something better for the future.

    However, there is little sign that the anthill of Arab society, forcefed on religious fantasies and resentment from childhood, has the capability for change. Secure Americans cannot have the same excuse for giving money to terror but well-fed students are young, impressionable and self-indulgent. Only experience cures their follies when they realize they’ve been owned by heartless thugs without a shred of moral conscience.

  • Jay Lavine

    27 is an interesting amount. It’s 3 cubed. It’s chai and a half. It’s also the number of a psalm connected with the high holidays: it states that, when evildoers — my opponents and enemies — approached me to eat my flesh, they stumbled and fell. It also says that false witnesses have arisen against me, those who breathe out “violence and cruelty,” which in Hebrew is “hamas”!

    What is college all about and what does it mean to be an educated person? It’s not about memorizing facts, much less false opinions and baseless accusations. It’s about learning to think in an educated manner, that is to say, having respect for educated opinion and legitimate authority. Educated people think in a discriminative manner, separating the wheat from the chaff and ferreting out the truth. Unfortunately, most young adults today are not graduating from college as educated people.

    • Hi Jay, I was very interested in your explanation of “Hamas” in Hebrew, meaning: “False witnesses…. breathing out violence and cruelty.”

      I had once copied this: “Hamas” is an acronym in Arabic for Arakat al-Muaawamah al-Islam I y yah” which stands for “Islamic Resistance Movement” – also meaning “armed terror/struggle against the State of Israel.”

      The Hebrew reflects “incoming” trouble – the Arabic inspires outgoing terror – so very accurate.

  • sifter

    The Pogrom Generation, all grown up and coming to a child near you.