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May 31, 2016 6:10 am

French-Israeli Actress Says She Hears ‘Shocking’ Antisemitic Comments From People Who Think She’s Not Jewish

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Popular French-Israeli actress Julia Levy-Boeken. Photo: Facebook.

Popular French-Israeli actress Julia Levy-Boeken. Photo: Facebook.

Popular French-Israeli actress Julia Levy-Boeken said that people would be shocked at the antisemitic comments people say in front of her, assuming she is not Jewish.

In an interview on Sunday with French magazine Paris Match, Levy-Boeken, who was born in France, was seemingly complimented by the interviewer for not having a Jewish appearance — “You are a pretty girl, blond” — and asked whether she had personally encountered antisemitism.

Immediately taking issue with the question, Levy-Boeken said that “Jewish girls are the most beautiful in the world” and that her “European” looks enable her to know what people around her really think.

“It is precisely because of my blond hair and fair skin that many people think I’m not Jewish, and I often hear comments that they wouldn’t dare say if they knew, like, ‘They [Jews] are everywhere’ or, ‘We are no longer the majority here.’ This has shocked me more than anything,” she said.

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Levy-Boeken is best known for her roles in the movie “World War Z,” the HBO hit series “Entourage” and the Israeli drama “Allenby St.” She made her cinematic debut in her breakout role playing Louba in the French movie “Louba’s Ghost” at age 14.

The French-Israeli actress plays a small part in the upcoming controversial comedic movie “They Are Everywhere,” which critically examimes antisemitism in France. Directed by French-Israeli Yvan Attal, the film was screened at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The movie — entitled “The Jews” in English — stars Attal and his life partner, actor-singer Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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  • It’s not just the French. I’m blonde and grew up in predominantly non Jewish areas in Southern California. Throughout my life I heard antisemitic comments by people who didn’t think I was Jewish. It even continued with so called educated and intelligent people as I was getting my Master’s Degree and Ph.D.’s in Psychology.

    When I became an adult and knew I could defend myself, I would speak up in a manner to make the anti-semites feel shame….letting them know that I (a colleague and friend of theirs) am Jewish…It really caused some red faces and I suspect some shame at their prejudices.

    • Patrick

      I am French and have NEVER heard about this lady before. She may be an actress but she’s absolutely not popular — no one in France knows who she is.

      She was interviewed because she has a small role in a movie done by a popular French actor turned director, but she is neither famous, nor popular.

  • Joseph Abeles

    The Russians also had something to do with defeating the Germans.

    Unfortunately, antisemitism is present wherever people envy Jewish people or resent the special relationship of the Jewish people with G-d.

    • Patrick

      “Levy-Boeken, who was born in France, was complimented by the interviewer for not having a “Jewish appearance””

      This is 100% false. Algemeiner should be more serious when writing articles!

      At no point does the interviewer say anything like this. I suggest you hire a French translator before making assumptions which are false.

  • Faye Stiller Sued

    I am also blonde & have green eyes. I also always have people saying your lucky you DON!T LOOK JEWISH. Seriously my children n the other hand all dark. They get comments you don’t look like a JEW.
    My daughter as a teenager would go to the Kosher Pizza place on AVE J one day the worker their assumed my daughter was coming in to see hm. He finally said something to her. She said are you crazy. He said why else would come here your not a JEW. This from a worker in a kosher pizza place. she Said said I am kosher & Frum. BTW my daughter is very beautiful. My youngest son people assumed he was an Arab. My oldest could pass for anything.

    • shoshana

      i o live in boro park am not wearing shitel and

      have comments that i am not jewish all the time from

      people who work in the area and show me how disapointed

      they are when i say i am jewish

  • Filthy galois, step on and put out 4 state solution for france corsica, occitania, normandy, alsace-germany

    Filthy galois, step on and put out 4 state solution for france corsica, occitania, normandy, alsace-germany

    • jim

      sickens me how the French are brutally occupying the the Alsace

  • Joseph Feld

    The irony is that to the German WW2 occupiers the French were a mongrel race and it was legally prohibited for Aryans to marry the French. [They left behind many ‘mixed race’ babies without being married!] Adding to the irony is that the idea of a German master race dates back to the 18th Century pre-revolutionaly French aristocracy who justified their exclusive control over ‘top jobs’ by saying they were descended from the superior Germanic Franks who conquered France and were the natural rulers over the ‘peasant’ Galls.

    • Aryeh Sax

      The superior Germanic Franks just could not handle the mongrel American forces, who became the turning point in WW2.

      • Sherlock Holmes

        You are actually quite close. The French and British Empire forces included many non-whites, mainly from Africa abd India. The Germans couldn’t believe they were fighting ‘untermenschen’ ‘subhumans’ and the Americans were shocked when in Britain there was no segregation and ‘English roses’ were happy to dance with Americans of color.