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June 2, 2016 6:21 am

Journalist Blatantly Wrong About Avigdor Lieberman and Two-State Solution

avatar by Adam Levick

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Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Leiberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announcing their coalition agreement. Photo: Facebook/Screenshot.

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Leiberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announcing their coalition agreement. Photo: Facebook/Screenshot.

An op-ed by Rachel Shabi (a frequent Guardian contributor) published in the Independent on May 30, included the following claim concerning the position of Israel’s new defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, on the issue of the two-state solution.

The man now in charge of the Israeli army and the military occupation of Palestinians in the West Bank…has vowed there will never be a Palestinian state.

However, the claim that Lieberman vowed “there will never be a Palestinian state” ignores positions that he’s taken consistently since 2009 — covered widely in the media — that he supports the creation of a Palestinian state.

He wrote, in a letter to the New York Jewish Week in early 2009, that he “advocates the creation of a viable Palestinian state.” A month later, he told Time magazine that he would evacuate his own home in the settlement of Nokdim if a peace agreement with the Palestinians is reached.

In fact, even the Independent, in a July 17, 2012, report by Catrina Stewart (“Could corruption trial stop the rise of the black sheep of Israeli politics?”), acknowledged that Lieberman supports a two-state solution.

Since his appointment as defense minister, other media outlets have matter-of-factly noted his support for two states. For instance, a May 25 BBC article on Lieberman’s position noted that he “favours a two-state solution.”

In fact, on the day Shabi’s op-ed went online at the Indy, Lieberman gave a press conference at which he re-affirmed his support for a two-state agreement.

While commentators are free to criticize Lieberman, express skepticism over his sincerity in supporting two states, or question the morality of what’s known as “The Lieberman Plan,” Shabi’s claim that he “vowed there would never be a Palestinian state” is simply inaccurate. Per the Accuracy Clause of the Editors’ Code, the passage should be revised to more accurately reflect this fact.

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  • Lawrence

    Whilst the Guardian journalist lied, it misses the point – Lieberman’s even insincere support for the two state solution is shocking. That is the two state solution is just another final solution that the world supports, disguised by cover terms of diplomatese. To even pretend to go along with the support for another holocaust of Jewry by surrendering Judea and Samaria to Hamas and their fellow jihadists Fatah disqualifies Lieberman from any responsibility to safeguard Israel’s future. Lieberman is too much of a hothead anyway to be Defense Minister. Wrong man for the job.

    • sherwool

      I believe all two state proposals (at least those endorsed by Israelis) call for safeguards necessary for Israeli security. Those requirements include a demilitarized state- something like the Sinai is today.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    I can only hope, that Lieberman is not serious about implementing the 2 state FINAL solution…this would be the end of Israel.
    WE ALL KNOW IT !!!!!!!!!!

  • nat cheiman

    I think that if the palestinians continue along the lines that Hamas / Fatah/ are going, there never will be a palestinian state.
    Hezbollah, in Lebanon is about to start another war & naturally, Hamas ( & possibly Fatah) will take advantage.
    This will ensure that there is no palestinian state.
    Moreover, things are moving so fast right now, globally, that I wouldn’t bet on any palestinian state soon.

  • steve epstein

    I can read my comment “awaiting moderation.” But cannot read any of the other six comments. Please have someone call me so we can figure out why this is not working properly. (Using a WinTel PC with Windows 7 and current version of IE

  • steve epstein

    There already is a state for the Arabs who had lived in the area the world that had been called the Palestine Mandate. It is JORDAN and was established by the British in 1947. There are no Jews living there; there should be no Arabs living on the west side of the Jordan river.

  • There will never be a Palestinian State for two very good reasons. 1 there is no real nation called the “Palestinians” and 2, the so called ‘Palestinians and in fact all of Islam do not accept a Jewish State. If a “Palestinian” state is the be accepted then so too must a Jewish State be accepted. Starting with Obama downwards, anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

  • ART

    Of course abbas/pa/plo calling for the murder of Jews and rewarding the murderers and their families is not a problem. Abbas/plo/pa refusing to negotiate is not a problem. Anti semitism is back in all its ugliness. Israel must protect itself and if necessary ignore ” world opinion” After all “world opinion” is anti Israel

  • Frances Weingarten

    It’s unforttunate that Rachel Shabi chose to lie about Liberman’s acceptance of a two-state solution. She is not alone however in falsely maligning Israel. The more important issue is the expectation of a Palestinian state. In the current circumstances, it is simply not a possibility. The Palestinians’ only goal is to take all of Israel minus all Jews. The Palestinians do not now nor ever did have any intention of livIng in peace with Israel. Until they can accept Israel as the Jewish State and give up all expectations that the Palestinians living in refugee camps will be brought back to Israel there cannot be any negotiations. It’s not likely that will happen any time soon. Meantime, this farce of continuing to advocate for a two state solution does nobody any good. Why pretend to something that cannot happen?

  • WB

    Based on this and many other reports, it seems Algemeiner has joined the ‘Two State’ bandwagon.Surely you realize this will mean we’ll lose key parts of our ancient homeland, use our army, police, and security services to dislocate an untold number of Jews from their homes, and establish a large area where Jews are not allowed to enter. As always in our history, it’s those who claim to speak for ‘The Jewish People’ who do the most damage to the real Jewish People.

  • Lia

    Thank you, Mr Levick. Although I am not an Israeli or a Jew, do not live in Israel and have, in fact, never even visited there, I appreciate what you’re doing for Israel. You are a blessing to her.