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June 6, 2016 10:00 pm

Obama’s November Surprise for Israel?

avatar by Shmuley Boteach

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President Barack Obama. TPhoto: Pete Souza/White House.

President Barack Obama. Photo: Pete Souza/White House.

Word is going around diplomatic circles that the Obama administration is planning a November surprise for Israel.

Here’s what is said to be going on:

The Paris peace conference last Friday, to which Israel and the Palestinians were not even invited, will end up exerting enormous pressure on Israel to create a Palestinian state. This renewed pressure will come despite evidence that a Palestinian state in the West Bank will quickly be dominated by genocidal Hamas, which is a threat to Israel and a disaster for the Palestinians.

This will lead, in all likelihood, to a United Nations Security Council Resolution either condemning Israel for not creating that state or for not withdrawing from Judea and Samaria in the West Bank, despite the fact that it would irreversibly compromise Israel’s security.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. Israeli officials and Jewish communal leaders have told me that they expect the Obama administration will not veto the resolution at the UNSC — that Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN, will not exercise the American veto. This would mean that the resolution/condemnation goes through. President Obama will not worry about how this will affect Hillary Clinton, because the UN resolution will be brought after the November election.

And that’s how the Obama administration will wrap up, with a UN  vote against Israel and the United States, for almost the first time, not vetoing a harmful resolution against Israel. Israel will be powerless to stop it.

What gives credence to this speculation, first and foremost, is the Paris conference itself. If it were a serious conference about the prospects for peace, why on earth were the Israelis and Palestinians not invited? Israel has insisted on direct, bilateral talks without preconditions. The Paris talks, therefore, seem to be a complete waste of time, unless their purpose was to lead to a resolution at the UN, regardless of Israeli objections.

What further gives this credence is the fact that last June, in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, Power would not commit to exercising an American veto at the UN for a resolution condemning Israel. “I really am going to resist making blanket declarations on hypothetical resolutions. Our position, again, I think has been very clear for some time. I have said, again, we would oppose anything that was designed to punish Israel or undermine Israel’s security. But I think, again, it’s perilous. There’s no resolution in front of us.”

Now, if a UN Security Council Resolution authorizing a timetable for the unilateral creation of a Palestinian state is resisted by Israel and not vetoed by the United States, there exists the possibility of economic sanctions being levied against the Jewish state, especially by the European Union.

This is far more serious than BDS, which essentially involves non-binding student-council resolutions against the Jewish state.

Don’t get me wrong. BDS, undeniably antisemitic, must be fought and resisted. It delegitimizes Israel on campus, demonizes Israel and Jews, creates a spirit of intimidation against Jewish students on campus, and often whitewashes organizations that can advocate violence and terrorism.

Still, actual economic sanctions imposed by governments are even more serious.

At her Senate confirmation hearings, which I attended at Powers’ invitation, she promised that at the United Nations, she would “stand up for Israel and work tirelessly to defend it.”

At the AIPAC Annual Policy Conference in Washington, DC, last March, she said, “It is a false choice to tell Israel that it has to choose between peace on the one hand, and security on the other. The United Nations would not ask any other country to make that choice, and it should not ask it of Israel.”

Security is the foundation of any sustainable peace framework in the Middle East. The United States has long stood for justice and served as an essential check against overreach, antisemitism, and double standards by Arab and European nations at the UN against Israel.

The Palestinian Authority leadership has repeatedly proven itself incapable of adhering to basic democratic principles, transparency and rule of law. The PA’s history of graft, support of terrorism and lack of accountability is staggering.

Long before Power became ambassador, she was a highly regarded academic studying human rights at Harvard’s Kennedy School. It was there that she wrote the Pulitzer-winning book that launched her career into orbit — A Problem from Hell, the stirring and essential indictment of the inability of the United States to act against genocide over the past 100 years. It remains one of the most important books I have ever read.

But as her star rose in the Obama administration, many began paying attention to other early statements and writings, including specific ones that raised concerns about her attitude toward Israel and her understanding of the conflict. These might have gone unnoticed for any ordinary academic speaking loosely early in her career, but Power was no ordinary academic. Due to those earlier statements, she wasn’t implicitly trusted by members of the Jewish community when she took her role in the National Security Council. After writing an op-ed in which I encouraged her to clarify her statements, she did just that.

We met in the White House, and spoke candidly — and even quite emotionally — about Israel, the challenges in the region and the real concerns that some had about her earlier statements. Her passion and support of Israel was persuasive. I became intent on transforming the Jewish community’s opinion of her, working side-by-side to persuade others that she was someone whose judgment and understanding of the conflict could be trusted when it came to issues related to Israel.

Ultimately, when the time came for her nomination to serve as US ambassador to the UN, the Jewish American community registered strong, widespread support.

Now, with the possibility of a serious anti-Israel resolution making its way through the UN, which could do long-term harm to the Jewish state, Power will be confronted with the stark choice of standing firm and acting on her commitment to Israel and the Jewish community and her loyalty to the president and his administration in its last days.

With antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment growing worldwide, we rely on Power not only to honor her pledge of support for the Jewish state, but to stand squarely against Hamas and its genocidal pledge, stated clearly in its covenant, to annihilate the Jewish people wherever they may be found.

I am confident that the Samantha Power I know will stand with Israel. Her legacy and the security of the Jewish state depends on it.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach whom The Washington Post calls “the most famous rabbi in America” is the founder of The World Values Network and is the international best-selling author of 30 books, including his just-published, “The Israel Warrior: Fighting Back for the Jewish State from Campus to Street Corner.” Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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  • Shirley Gerace

    American has yet to learn that each and every time we have tried to coerce Israel into giving up land for peace, it has failed, and we have been reprimanded by the G-d of Israel (the ‘perfect storm’ that took out our east coast and the Bush home in Kennebunkport, Katrina, et al). Now we have a President who has treated Israel poorly and Mr. Netanyahu terribly disrespectfully, and who also has not learned from history. Israel’s Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke shortly after forcefully removing Israelis from their homes. Who knows, maybe G-d will not allow Obama the opportunity to not veto this resolution or finish his term, just as he didn’t allow Haman to carry out his plan either. Israel ultimately belongs to G-d, and he gave it to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their heirs, the Jewish people. G-d never slumbers and He watches over Israel. I pity any person or nation that tries to take anything away His nation or His people.

  • Martin

    In 2002 I returned to the United States having been a volunteer in the IDF in 2002 during the Intifada. ( The 1st.) I wrote a brief paper in which I listed some selected issues that are heatedly debated which pre-occupies the minds of those closely concerned with an interest to the conflict, such as (1) the status of Jerusalem, that is, whether it shall be a capitol of a state, and whether sovereignty shall be shared or not, (2) the ending of the military occupation, (3) Israel withdrawing to this or that border, (4) the reformation and introduction of democracy within the PLO, (5) whether Chairman Arafat goes, or stays, or is essential, or is irrelevant (6) the plan to withdraw the Israeli army from the legally occupied territories in the West Bank and Gaza, (7) how to end the suicide bombers ,(8) termination of the Intifada (9) the end of all terrorism mutual hate (10) and, lastly, what issue could be more heatedly debated than this: the issue of the establishment of a Palestinian State.

    In 2002 I concluded Israel must cease all current negotiations regarding the creation of a “Palestine State”. Carrying on discussions with the Palestinians gives them an identity and status they have not earned, or deserve at this time. Unfortunately, there has been established by the Oslo Accord a relationship between the State of Israel and a non-State, the PLO, much to the detriment of Israel. Israel now recognizes this as the second biggest blunder since the creation of the State of Israel.
    What will it take for the Israelis to finally get it through their heads that the Arabs do not really care – I have said that correctly — do not really care whether there is or is not created still another state in the region to be called “Palestine”?
    The Arabs are not prepared to compromise on this fundamental desire, neither now nor in the foreseeable future. Why is that so difficult to comprehend as the basic force driving all Arab thinking, of which only Hamas has the courage to state so publicly?
    The issue is so crystal clear: Israel must finally stop fantasizing and unilaterally announce what its borders shall be — from the Jordan to the sea, or whatever border will assure—-not its security, that is misguided and shortsighted — but its survival! Security, if you have not been able to grasp, is not the issue. The issue is survival!
    Decisive and unilateral action by the Israelis may cause several other European states to rage and rant, but that too shall pass as their demographic, namely, immigration, problems are becoming of more immediate interest to them than what will become of the “poor” Palestinians.” They are also beginning to discover that their financial contributions to support the Palestinians has enriched some PLO Palestinians with lavish living accommodations and secret bank accounts, but has done little to alleviated the “plight of the Palestinians.”
    The unwillingness of the Arabs to accept defeat and make peace with Israel is the one and only reason for the continuation of the conflict. Until the rulers of the Arab masses change their thinking, or until they finally come to genuinely accept Israel in their midst, notwithstanding their loss of “dignity” suffered as a result of their humiliation having been soundly and repeatedly defeated by 5 armies in a contest of war with Israel, war will be the constant state of inconclusive affairs, regardless of any other factor in the region.
    Failure or misplaced timidity on the part of Israel to take bold, affirmative steps now — steps to resolve its conflict unilaterally in whatever is in its best interest — will only result in another 50 years of war. Israel does not have enough Jewish blood to bleed forever!
    Until the Arabs come to their senses, Israel must of necessity stand ready as a loaded gun, cocked and ready to go off. It cannot afford to lower its guard — it would be national suicide. Never in the history of the world has a nation as an established polity depended on its army for its survival. Nation States have engaged in wars, their armies or navies have been defeated, yet the nation as a sovereign State has continued to exist.
    In 2002 I admonished the reader with this thought: If the Israeli Defense Force is ever defeated, the sovereign State of Israel will cease to exist!
    In 2002, I started with a logical syllogism, namely:
    Only the Arab acknowledgment and acceptance of the state of Israel will bring peace.
    Arabs will never acknowledge and accept the state of Israel..
    Israel will never be at peace.

    In 2016 I am still waiting for Israel to correct it’s first blunder: Failure to annex all the territory it won in the first place.

  • As usual the only defense is a powerful offense.putting fear in the perpetrator , that he or she will not exist

  • Danny Rolnick

    One can forget that it isn’t just the US who has a veto. Trust me, Putin has foresight, and as soon as the space ever came vacant, Russia will take its place. Fk Obama!!

  • Janice

    We have no one to Trust,except our Father in Heaven. Cling to HaShem and His Torah, and work as best you can with the humans.

  • Stan R

    Samantha Powers will do what she is told to do, it doesn’t matter what she thinks.

  • stevenl

    SP will not go against her President.
    Therefore they both are on the same side of the coin!
    So if Obama abstains, perhaps Putin will veto!!!
    Who knows?
    But Israel will win at the end. IL, contrary to others, has the ETHICS of life on her side.
    What kind of rational would justify creating one more genocidal Islamic state at the expense of one and ONLY one democracy in the whole ME?

  • I cannot share the Rabbi’s opinion of Powers:

  • you didn’t post my reply?
    Oversight or “Safek”/Amalek


  • This is meant to scare the voters.Nothing will change the minds of those who hate Obama. NOTHING! This is how they think and that’s that. They still want him impeached. Truly amazing. Good people who care but what can one say? NOTHING!

  • An interesting article, and interesting feedback. There are unfortunately forces working to undermine and destroy Israel and the Jewish Community. The Obama Administration and upcoming Hillary Administration are two such entities.

    Actions speak much louder than words and Samantha Powers’s words of non-committement and vagueness were very loud words against Israel. The actions behind those words will be louder.

    Today, Israel and the Jewish Nation stand alone, as so many times before. Yes, G-D has always been there for us and saved our core from extinction, but the price(s) paid from the Exiles to The Holocaust to Tomorrow are warnings that if we stray then we will be reprimanded.

    We have strayed, we have followed false G-d’s, those to whom we have blindly put our trust, and we will be reprimanded.

  • Rumpleforeskin

    I agree with avi. Boteach reminds me of a JAP.

  • Israel still has a good chance. If Russia will veto the anti-Israel resolution.

    Apparently PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin are good friends and partners in meantime.

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    … And so there is the necessity of Trump … Our only realistic, if not our most preferable choice to stop the demise of western culture…

  • nat cheiman

    Putin and Netanyahu are talking. Obama is a bum

  • Michael Persson

    Time for Israel to join Russia and China with more exchange of business,security etc. If US doesnt understand who is there only democratic friend in the middle est with western values americans can join the eurpean leftsideactivists in a Europé that is falling apart,The EU is in bad Health,the economy in Europé going down. If anyone believs the arab spring and the dicatorships in muslim/arab World is the future for free speech and freedom of 1776 values they are naive and stupid

  • ESLombard

    Maybe that’s among the items that Putin and Bibi discussed.

    Now may be a good time to press for lands stolen from the then 865,000 Mizrachi Jews. The 1943 Hitler and Husseini’s plans had called for ethnic cleansing of Jews from Morocco at least to Palestine.

    Eurostan may dry up as a market and we should be concentrating on our relationship with Russia, Japan, China, India, and the Arab world in stead of the US’s having our back.
    We’ve been peddling “democracy” as an imperialist ploy. The current hilarious sideshow must be revealing particularly when it’s finally revealed how they get their rewards in foundation payoffs.
    Abbas is going to want Jew free land. He will be welcome to it on lands in North Africa, formerly Mizrahi owned.

  • When that happens America will be punished for having let it take place

  • robert davis

    Erratum : I mean the absence of veto would be a chance for Israel…

  • Jeff Zucker

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Russia would be the one to veto any anti Israel resolution. All of this time that Bibi is spending with Putin has to have some value beyond military and economics.

  • Fraide

    Israel don’t allow yourself to be bullied. You have learned from the past that giving anything to the Arabs always ends badly. And why is Israel the one that always has to give in? How can Israel consider peace with countries that constantly promise to throw them in the sea, kill and burn them and all the other wonderful plans they have for Israel. Israel you been there, done it and know how it ends. Stand strong and don’t be bullied.

  • Reform School

    How thick must our glasses be to view Boteachs as Botox?

  • Jon

    Stalin was more heartbroken than furious when Germany launched Operation Barbarous against Russia in 1939. He really believed everything Hitler told him. Hitler had tricked Stalin into thinking they really were friends. This is what Powers and others have done to the Rabbi.
    Powers would never go against her President and benefactor. I am continually impressed with the quiet ability to “get even” at any cost and in a way that does make it a surprise. The fact that it will be done the election is over seals the deal in my opinion

  • Bob Lubowitz

    b.o.’s anti-Semetic, anti-Israel, racist posturing is all the more insidious because he basically has carte blanche to do whatever he wants to at this stage in his “presidency”. How puerile to want to punish a whole nation/people simply because Bibi showed him to be the pseudo-intellectual that he really is. We should never forget that b.o. was weaned on the teat of his bosom buddy/mentor Reverend Wright. No country in the world respects the US thanks to b.o.’s showing he has no backbone, to our enemies, and no intention to have “the back” of our allies. If Israel can survive we must stand as one, as we have done for centuries, in the face of the virulent anti-Semetism that has been so pervasive throughout this 3rd rock from the sun. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and those who understand how important it is for Israel to exist, know that, as was said for Spartacus, we are all Israel.

  • Isn’t this what you would expect from one president in the United States talking to another in France how much they dislike Netanyahu. You can understand the French they’ve always been violently anti-Semitic and really did more than the Gestapo to round up Jews. But when you consider the US president’s father and brother you can understand it just as well from the White House side.

  • paul ackerman

    Rabbi Boteach is delusional in his appraisal of Susan Power.
    He believes what he wishes,like Obama,not what reality demonstrates.
    This “highly regarded academic” is a nothing more than a new world order Progressive,seemingly beholden to the narcissist-in-chief’s absurd concept of the Middle East in general. Remember her “responsibility to protect” re: Libya?
    Where was she on the lies told about the JCPOA if she is so concerned for Israel? Recall any of her voluminous objections to the Goldstone Report?
    No,the scenario the Rabbi paints here is rather too at-arms-length for our President who seems to be making his last few months one in-your-face insult after another.

    November surprise? It will be an executive order directing the State Dept. to recognize the Palestinian state,on borders beyond the ’67 ones,and appoint an ambassador as he leaves the White House.
    He cares not a whit for Israel or the Jews.Neither does Power.It is all academic froth to them.

  • SteveHC

    As an absolutely last resort, Israel *can* unilaterally declare its own borders and thus “create” a Palestinian state.

  • Lia

    I just pray every day that G-d will, as He promised, defend & protect Israel. Then I hope that Ms Powers will leave with Mr Obama (if he leaves.)

  • William James, PhD

    If the UN Resolution is not vetoed, it will result in East Jerusalem becoming the PA’s Capitol city by going back to the pre-1967 borders. Israel vows to never give up Jerusalem and its’ temple mount. The temple mount is in East Jerusalem which will be given to the PA under the UN Resolution.

    Here’s what the Bible has to say –

    “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.” (Zech. 12:2-3).

    “On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem.” (Zech. 12:9).

    “In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,
    I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and DIVIDED UP MY LAND”. (Joel 3:1-2). Emphasis added.

  • brenrod

    silly article, the vote will not be determined by samantha powers.

  • Harold Moskowitz

    Unbelievably stupid. She is the Ambassador and answers to the President. If he says don’t veto, there will be no veto. Her feelings — and there is not good reason to assume she really doesn’t believe that what her book said. So this, “the Samantha power I know” crap is just that.

    And Andrew, you are even a bigger fool. Obama can interfere in Israeli politics. And British politics. But G-d forbid a leader of a country affected by the abdication to Iran should complain.

  • The PLO terrorist entity desires an UN Security Council Resolution declaring a PLO terrorist state. President Obama’s November surprise might be a U.S. vote for a new country next to Israel. And the PLO wants to establish a new terrorist state before President Obama leaves office.

  • Gregg Solomon

    It’s one thing to comment on Boteach, but he is not the issue, regardless of one thinks of him.

    I disagree with anyone that does not believe that the scenario Boteach lays out is not very, very possible.

    And I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama getting even with Netanyahu, but what Obama really believes. Getting even with Netanyahu is an extra that Obama would delight in.

    Sad that there doesn’t seem to be a scenario in which England or France vetoes it, but France did take a harder line on the Iran deal than Obama.

    I think it would be lovely if this happens, Putin vetoes it. And i dislike Putin and his Russia.

    I dislike Obama as a politician, I think he has decimated the US, strengthened tyranny, made the world far more dangerous. And I think he thinks he had made the world a better place. I can’t stand him.

  • Rabbi, Stick to Torah and advice book son intimate relations for Jewish couples. You are a political nudnik.

    Powers made a recorded and verified statement advocating the possible use of US military power in Israel to force Israel to submit to her idea of peace.

    She is also a Soros associate and one of the co-authors of the new globalist doctrine called the Responsibility to Protect which allows powerful nations to invade other nations when the powerful nations claim there is a humanitarian need. THINK LIBYA, RABBI, AND STICK TO TORAH.

    Obama and his entire legion of sycophants and drones are all enemies of the Jewish nation of Israel with our undivided, eternal capital of Jerusalem.

    As Ratna De joodt said in a post above mine, Israel has one ally and protector, and only one. His name is HaShem.

  • Shlomo B.

    People, take the comment written by Ratna De joodt VERY seriously. Because at this particular time and space, the likes that has never been seen before, that created such a perfect storm before, where the world is very close to world war and disaster etc. The ONLY help we can rely on is our G-D, Hashem.
    As history proves, we only learn the hard way. And yes, it will be a very hard lesson to learn for most of us. Start Praying people, this is not a test, this is the real thing.

  • Avi

    Seems Shmuly keeps making the same mistake. Step 1: attach himself to a rising star (and use that person to gain personal fame) Step 2: convince the Jewish community that this person is loyal to Jewish values. Step 3: famous person wipes their hands of Shmuly after using him to get a name in the Jewish community and does an about face Step 4: Shmuly throws temper tantrums and rants calling them traitors.

    The common denominator is always that we as a community trust Shmuly Boteach. It’s time we stopped paying attention to this clown who only cares about his own career and name recognition. Fool us once shame on you…fool us twice shame on us.

    • South Florida

      I like Shmuly, but I thought the same thing while reading the article about his lack of good judgment in people with power. He talks a great game, is a good debater, but apparently not as wise as we’d like him to be. The idea he was best buddies with Michael Jackson was always weird. I think he just likes seeing himself in the media for the fame of it all.

    • why do your Jewish brethren here in the united states continue to vote overwhelmingly for presidential candidates such as obama and others knowing their stance on Israel?

    • Israel will NOT commit suicide as Obama wants for his ‘legacy’ which it already one of disaster after disaster. The Israelis are the ones who will face the bombs not the Americans but after the bombs have done their damage in the middle east, they will be turned on America and Europe. Israel:- “TRUST IN NO ONE OTHER THAN THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY”. HE GAVE YOU THE LAND BUT DID NOT SAY THAT IT WOULD BE WITHOUT OPPOSITION. Freedom has to be fought for. Freedom does not come by submission to evil.

  • Wasn’t it Samantha Powers who wrote a position paper for the Clinton Administration twenty years ago that the US should militarily intervene in Israel to force Israel to withdraw to the June 5th, 1967 borders and create a Palestinian State along those borders? If so, Samantha Powers is an extremely dangerous player in the Middle East game.

    • Messianic from Spokane

      Dennis Avi Lipkin you are SO RIGHT!
      We cannot trust people in Washington DC, and especially we must not trust any Obama supporter.

      Israel and her people living abroad must not trust politicians. We must exercise our faith in Torah and HaShem and refuse to let our futures be “handled” by politicians of any type.

    • That’s the Powers – Cass Sunstein’s “better half.”

  • lee sutcliffe

    fool fool fool

  • Since the beginning of Obama’s first term, we have heard variations of this same handwringing prediction. “just wait until after the midterms….just wait until he is reelected….just wait until after the midterms”.
    I am no fan of Obama’s stance regarding the “settlements”, but I felt the same way regarding all presidential administrations since Ford. However, you are wrong about his and his predecessors UN record. So far (and I know there are a few months left) his, and the shortened Kennedy administration, are the only ones after Truman, that have not allowed an anti-Israel UN resolution to pass by either an abstention or supporting vote.
    I know that this is a radical statement here, but it is time to show some Hakarat HaTov to this administration, in spite of its shortcomings.

    • robert davis

      I think you’re right and obanana will oppose his veto to that stupid un security Council. However he will surely not do it for his “love” of Israel but for his own interests : not only Israel could topple the tavble in this case and expel arabs but he himself would be in great danger ending up in jail since this would be the last drop and he also caresz for his reputation in future and his legacy as the only black man in the WH. If he does not veto he will go down in History as a sob negro. This is why I think he will veto and is only using the “threat system” you evoke. But I would prefer Netanyahu reacts to an absence of veto, gets mad, drops his fearful attitude and kicks out the arabs otherwise this conflict will keep dragging on and on and bother us for ever!

  • Andrew

    Two thoughts…

    1) “And that’s how the Obama administration will wrap up, with a UN vote against Israel and the United States, for almost the first time, not vetoing a harmful resolution against Israel. Israel will be powerless to stop it.”. What’d Bibi expect when he thumbed his nose at the sitting President of the United States!?

    2) This is not going to happen. Stop the anti-Obama kvetching. It’s unseemly.

    • hanokmim II

      You idiot, it was BO who treated Netanyahu like crap upon his first visit to the WH. Obama is a dreadful disease which infects the brains of schmucks like Andrew.

    • Jonah

      If Netanyahu had not appeared before the American congress and before the American people exposing our predatory president,when it comes to Israel, 50 percent of Israel very well may not exist now. Obama had to restrategize he was under the microscope and it slowed him down. The vote at the U.N. Will not be his last shot. He will somehow attempt to stir the pot and Finnish the job of annihilating Israel before he is out of office. Unseemly…you are worried about affending a persons whose sole reason for being is to destroy Israel, put those militants on your streets to stab, rape, and plunder your civilization. Wake up, what Obama has planned for Israel are body bags and he full well intends to put you in one even if you feel that would be unseemly.

    • Just one thought…. On the one hand you appear to invest much confidence in Barack Hussein Obama’s integrity and statesmanship, asking others to share this trust, on the other,you suggest him capable of using his power in spiteful retaliation for Bibi- his vassal-daring to stand against the JCPoA.

    • HaroldT

      Your half=cast president has never been a friend of Israel.

    • Thank you, Andrew!

  • Ratna De joodt

    i believe with all my heart that GOD WHO gave the LAND to the Jewish people is not silent. HE
    works in ways we cannot see when you read the past records, how many nations came against Israel. Did they have victories. NO. GOD IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT WE ASK , THINK OR DREAM. so I pray that the Jewish people with one accord in unity and harmony cry out to GOD and HE WILL ANSWER AND DELIVER ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE OUT OF THE HANDS,SCHEMES,PLANS OF THE USA, UN, EU AND ALL OTHER NATIONS. TRUST THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL.


      ULTIMATELY, you are correct. But do not suppose the people of Israel will come through these times without terrible loss. Obama is, quite simply, a failed, power mad man and he has shown that he hates Israel. Those who love her better get ready for hard times ahead.

    • Nan Gengler

      Amen! Ilove the Lord, Israel,her people,that is, God’s Chosen people, and all things Jewish.
      I am praying for you, as are all of my sisters and brothers in the Lord Jesus, the messiah. God is NOT going to forsake you. All of the “Obamas” in this world system cannot destroy
      you, regardless of how it might seem, the collective evil in this world isn’t a threat
      to God’s plans for you. Do not grow weary, God will answer your cries, and the cries of genuine Christians, as they pray for Israel. The Lord bless you and keep you! Maranatha!

    • Jeffery Saddlemire


    • Amen


    Or, Jordan will be brokered into occupying much of Judea-Samaria, an idea put forth a few years ago by Israel’s new Defense Minister Lieberman.

    • robert davis

      Lieberman is an idiot, I don’t think he can do a good job,iznogood lieberman…

  • Wasn’t Rabbi Boteach convinced Booker would vote against the Iran Deal? How’d that work out?

    • South Florida