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June 7, 2016 2:54 pm

British Actor Calls ‘Daily Mail’ to Task for Headline Specifying Jewishness of Hikers Stranded on Dover Beach (VIDEO)

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British actor Matt Lucas called out the Daily Mail for its "bizarre" reporting of a story. Photo: Twitter.

British actor Matt Lucas called out the Daily Mail for its “bizarre” reporting on a story about Jewish children. Photo: Twitter.

British-Jewish actor Matt Lucas took the UK’s Daily Mail to task on Tuesday for its reportage on a group of Jewish teens stranded on a beach.

“What does being Jewish have to do with it? Bizarre reporting from the Mail,” the movie star tweeted on Tuesday, alongside a screenshot of the headline in question.

Some social media users were quick to agree with the Alice in Wonderland and Bridesmaids actor that it was unnecessary for the popular British news website to mention the religious or ethic affiliation of the teenagers. One wrote, “I’ve never understood why religion is brought into articles like that.” Another said, “They can’t report anything without labeling people!”

The Daily Mail article was about 36 Jewish students, believed to be from Stamford Hill in north London, who got stuck on a coastal path below the White Cliffs of Dover while hiking on Monday night. After the group, which included two adults, contacted Kent Police at around 9 p.m., the Coastguard launched a helicopter and lifeboat search with the help of its rescue team. Around 40 volunteers joined in, including some from the Jewish neighborhood watch group Shomrim.

The students was asked to switch on the lights of their mobile phones to help the search team locate them, the Daily Mail reported. The group was finally rescued after they used their phone lights as flares. One of the rescuers said the students were in “high spirits” when they were picked up from the coastal path, but added that they would have drowned in two hours if they had not been found.

Watch helicopter footage of the stranded teens in the video below:

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  • stevenl

    What does the Daily Mail has to say for its defense! Who is the reporter?

  • A Zionist

    . . . everything we Jews do does take place on a stage. But the thing that is so fundamentally wrong about this is not the fact itself, but that we have for so long let that fact govern our actions and inactions. The world watches the great man as well: if he is too aware of it, his greatness is imperiled within his own heart. It is not possible for a person to live simultaneously by virtue of his inner force and his image – no matter whether the image is to be found in the eyes of friends or foes. If G-d watches me,I cannot show myself worthier of his gaze than by paying no attention to it. – But I know that this is something I need not say to you, of all people.

    Martin Buber, 1913.

  • Ani

    Agreed. What on earth does the religion of the students have to do with their predicament? If they were Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Protestant or whatever, would that be notable too?

  • From the photographs of the rescue and their Stamford Hill address, even the Mail may be forgiven for mentioning their ethnicity, but perhaps they should have prefixed it with “Othodox. ” The 2 adults and youths went hiking in fedoras and kippahs. Had they been wearing burkas/ jubba, surely their ethnicity would have been mentioned. The only times the media becomes coy about labels are instances like the Rotherham abuse case. What struck me, villagers say they saw them setting off on a dangerous route-did anyone warn them?

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Quite right, the religion is an irrelevance and can only be there to wind up the usual nutters and conspiracy cretins. However, I was shocked by the Daily Mail’s failure to mention the value of their houses as they seem to do for every other report.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    When the Bais Yakov girls camp got lost in the mountains, the Jewish relevance was to explain why girls were forbidden to have mobile phones, and why ‘luckily’ one girl did have a secret mobile phone. Didn’t Pirchim boys camp also once get lost up a mountain? Was it poor planning or just ‘bad luck’? In days of yore when I was a Pirchim madrich in the 1980’s we survived without mobile phones, by the grace of Hashgacha pratis [Divine Providence]

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    I don’t think this story is worth the fuss.I detect no malevolence in this article about the stranded Jewish teenagers at all.I wonder if Matt Lucas is not over-reacting a bit.At least the Daily Mail has not yet sunk to the depths of the Irish Times of Dublin which recently published an article comparing Israel to Nazi Germany !

  • Reform School

    Wouldn’t be the first forced baptism promoted by goyim.

  • Lia

    Wonderful that they were saved, whatever their nationality!

  • Rita Crespi

    I absolutely agree. WTF is the difference what their religion is? I don’t see articles that say 30 Catholic kids were stranded somewhere or some Protestant boys and girls were hiking and got stranded. How about some Methodists or Mormons? The more I see this kind of reporting, the more I’m reminded how it began in Germany when they started to marginalize Jews and on and on and we know how that ended! To me, this is anti-Semitic in a subtle way. I DONT LIKE IT!!!!

  • Yaakov

    This has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with the ethnic definition of a Jew, which is an unfortunate European phenomenon that is regrettably perpetuated by many people of Jewish ancestry.