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June 8, 2016 4:32 pm

Eyewitness to Tel Aviv Terror Carnage Recalls Seeing Uneaten Birthday Cakes Next to Pools of Blood

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The Sarona compound in Tel Aviv, in the aftermath of Wednesday night's terrorist attack. Photo: Walla/Screenshot.

The Sarona compound in Tel Aviv, in the aftermath of Wednesday night’s terrorist attack. Photo: Walla/Screenshot.

An eyewitness at the scene of Wednesday night’s Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv — which left four people dead and five wounded — recalled seeing “uneaten birthday cakes next to pools of blood.”

The shocking testimony was conveyed to Israel’s Channel 2 by Likud MK Amir Ohana, who arrived in the area soon after he heard about the incident.

The attack, which took place at the Sarona compound – an outdoor mall consisting of shops, galleries and restaurants – across from the Kirya military headquarters.

Another witness at the scene, an Arab, said he had seen the two men, dressed in black suits and sitting at a table at the upscale Max Brenner chocolate shop/café. He said he immediately recognized them as Arabs.

A young woman who was also at Max Brenner when the terrorists began their attack told Israel’s Channel 2, “We were sitting at a table, and suddenly somebody was standing across from me and there was gunfire everywhere. We didn’t know what to do. Everybody was screaming, and began to run away. We escaped from the restaurant, but outside everybody was also trying to find a place to hide.”

Another young woman who witnessed the attack said, “Everyone was hysterical. People were shouting, ‘Terrorist! Terrorist!’ People were crying; some fainted.”

According to Channel 2, the two terrorists, one of whom is being treated for moderate wounds at the Ichilov Medical Center alongside his victims, hail from a city in the southern Hebron hills.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismayil Haniyeh tweeted about the attack, showing a photo of one of the neutralized terrorists, and calling him a “hero.”


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  • Ben Weiss

    Israel should retaliate by taking out some of the Palestinian Officials under Abbas who promote and glorify these terrorist acts. Then you would see how fast these heinous murderous acts against innocent civilians would cease.

  • Yea right these nuts think that they will die an marry virgins. And sad to say that that head nut thinks the same
    these people need God not their fake God.
    But yet the sickos in our country of US always blame the poor Jew, what the hell are they not suppose defend them selfs. Ohhh yea of course not as soon as they do the whole world comes down on them, what a joke.

  • gary a fuller

    God be with you so sad

  • Al Talena

    Dressed as Chareidim? They had black suits on and were eating in a trief restuarant

  • Myron Slater

    Will it never end? Only after the terrorists are all killed! The country’s that encourage attacks on Israel’s need to be taught a lesson, a hard lesson!

  • Benjamin Sherr

    It’s self evident that the Israeli government
    is and has emboldened these animals to
    murder our people.
    Besides arresting a solider and charging him
    w murder!! or placing Meir in detention for
    10 months, what punitive actions have been
    taken against the MURDERERS!& their families.
    This poor pity me mantra “OMG they killed
    Innocent Jews who were at a cafe….again”
    The inept impotent response only
    ENCOURAGES more bloodshed. W is so hard
    to understand.
    Hoping the killers die of laughter is a best
    Please save the chest pounding we
    are tough speech. The ground is still
    boiling w our children’s blood.

  • I can’t second guess Israel in how to stop this but I do know one thing it has to be stopped at all costs.

    • Sally Volk

      This bloodshed must be stopped, and Israel can’t be tolerant anymore!!!!!! I saw this happen, and this made my heart sick!!! A man was shot and falls over dead!!! I can’t even imagine how I would handle it!!!!

  • Michael Fox

    And the beat goes on. This is intolerable yet the dynamics are firmly entrenched for the terrorism to continue unabated.

    There is a solution but it would take great courage for Israel to implement the plan. Anti-Semites would come out of the wood works like a diseased tree on fire.

    Annexation of the West Bank with the expulsion of non- vetted Muslims. Marshal law declared and violent disobedience or incitement as well as hate speech in mosques and schools not tolerated. “Palestinians” to be disarmed. The penalty for having a firearm would be expulsion of the individual as well as their entire family. Their house would be confiscated and converted into a health clinic for the indigent or a food bank.

  • beth


  • Sadly, this carnage will continue until the PLO/Hamas terrorist entities are forced to stop their incitement. Hamas terrorist leader Haniyeh is one of the leaders who continues to incite young Arabs to murder Jews. Calling a terrorist a hero is the antithesis of a genuine “hero.”

  • John Glueck

    Ismail Haniyeh, Abbas, Nasrallah… they should be on a list for a Mossad visit… these people have lost all humanity.

  • Golum…

    I think it’s about time that Israel enacts the Death Penalty….and /or Summary Execution for terrorist Killers!!!
    You catch ’em in the act…NEUTRALIZE them immediately…….

  • Sam Harris

    It’s time for Hamas Prime Minister Ismayil Haniyeh to brought to justice.

  • Reform School

    The Legacy of Yasir Arafat, George Habash and most certainly Amin al-Husseini (the man who convinced Hitler to slaughter Europe’s Jews, rather than return them to Eretz Israel; and assumed name of modern Washington’s Great Impostor)—if not their evil souls—continues to haunt the Promised Land. Were justice to prevail, “Obama” would get his manned mission to Mars, with himself as commander (but no bodyguards), Hamas and Fatah as his officers and his [other] cousins as crew, on a craft bugged by Vladimir Putin, so the world could monitor the ultimate reality show

  • SZinberg

    These terrorists were not heroes – they were cowards. To dress up like Haredi and infiltrate a peaceful site is irreprehensible. when is the world going to wake up and help eradicate these vermin?

  • How sad, but fitting that the terrorists would disguise themselves as the weakest of all Jews in the world-the Herudim.

    At least they know that they would not invoke any suspicion among Israelis or police. You just don’t pay attention to them because they are considered non-threatening, until now.

    They’ve done this before but now its time to destroy them without morals or mercy.

    Ben-Gurion didn’t want a Jewish army.

    If the Arabs had attacked first before we did on June 7, 1967 Israel would have been destroyed.

    If Golda Meier had preempted the Arab attack before the Yom Kippur War in 1973 over 3,0000 Israelis wouldn’t have died and
    if Aiel Sharon had not saved Israel there would be no Israel today.

    Stop being reactive before thousands of missiles come raining down on Israel from Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt and yes, Syria.

    Israel will never use their atomic arsenal and the Arabs know it.



    • Well said…But sad to say not all believe that again they blame the Jews for all their unhappy life’s…

  • Ellaine H. Rosen

    The terrorist should not be treated in an Israeli hospital. He should be untreated–in an Israeli jail!

  • Tone Lechtzier


    had some Israelis been armed,this may have been prevented.How much Jewish blood does it take before ALL THE ARABS ARE DEPORTED? There is no other way, all else has been tried to no avail. Is World opinion more important than our lives? Wake up to the facts Knesset. To add salt to the wound, tax money to sustain terrorists incarcerated. They deserve to all die. “An eye for an eye.”

  • stevenl

    Soon or later these barbarians will get free after committing terrorist assassinations.

  • One give away: Max Brenner kashrut is rabanut Beit Shemesh. Hareidim do not accept that as kosher, so that’s why you never see Haredim eating there. Except this time…..

    Once, about 45 years ago, a terrorist also dressed as a Hareidi came to attack Jews in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem. He was immediately spotted and neutralized. How? It was Shabbat and he stopped to smoke a cigarette!


    Terrorists dressed as orthodox Jews was an unconfirmed rumour. They were dressed as stylish businessmen or lawyers.

  • If I were the government of Israel, I would start a PR campaign to tell Muslims that when they die performing an act of Jihad, they will not go to Paradise and enjoy the company of 72 virgins. They should be convinced that their religious leaders are lying to them, Proof is that none of the leaders actually get killed themselves, only the poor folk who follow them.

  • Lia

    Was nobody, not one single person, armed?

  • what do you expect from the muslim arab population do you realy think you can change the minds of those animals by giving them jobs and be nice to them and put them in schools and make them citezens you dreaming and keep on dreaming because it will never happenes

  • A relative told me that the owner (or manager)of the store/café said that the shooters were wearing typical West Bank garb. Black jackets and narrow ties.

  • Does Ismayil Haniyeh, like Yasser Arafat, also have a perpetual protection card from the powers that be?