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June 16, 2016 6:26 am

A Third of All Hungarians Espouse Widespread Antisemitic Attitudes, Survey Finds

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Jobbik Party members. Photo: Wikipedia.

Jobbik Party members. Photo: Wikipedia.

A new survey commissioned by a Hungarian antisemitism watchdog group found that one-third of the general population in Hungary espouses varying degrees of anti-Jewish attitudes, the European Jewish Press reported.

According to the survey — which was carried out on behalf of the Action and Protection Foundation (TEV) — antisemitism in Hungary has grown over the last year.

In addition, antisemitic attitudes and prejudice against Jews are closely tied with general xenophobic attitudes found to be rampant in Hungarian society, the survey found. 

“It is the mission of TEV to survey the state of antisemitic prejudices in Hungary year after year. Our purpose is to get a clear picture of this phenomenon through fully objective research, and not think about it based on subjective impressions,” said TEV chairman Daniel Bodnar.

The poll — which was conducted by the Median Opinion and Market Research Institute — gathered information on the strength of antisemitic prejudice, perceptions of antisemitism and associations related to Jews, the report said.

In 2015, Median published the results of a similar poll, which indicated a dramatic spread in antisemitism throughout Hungary. Twenty-three percent of Hungarians were found to reject Jews on an “emotional” level, compared to only nine percent in 2003. In Budapest, Hungary’s capital, 49% of the city’s residents were found to be antisemitic, compared to an average of 24% in rural Hungarian towns.

Currently, the third largest political party in Hungary is the far-Right Jobbik, which won 20% of the parliamentary votes in the 2014 election. Jobbik is quickly growing in popularity across Hungary, and party leaders have spoken out against what they call “Zionist Israel’s efforts to dominate Hungary and the world.” Many of its members have been accused of antisemitism.

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  • Les

    Having worked for Jewish owned firms as an employee, I have a Jewish sounding surname I work as a consultant in Sydney Australia and I have witnessed Jewish organisations take commercial advantage of Jewish owned companies. I descibe them Jewish organisations and owned firms as equal opportunity ase holes I would not work for them or recommend doing business with them. They treat their own as bad as they treat goyims. Business is tough enough I recommend my clients choose customers wisely and if they are Jewish owned I recommend we look for business elsewhere. Call me anti semetic yes I am it’s just my experience.

  • Cecil Henry

    When ‘Diversity’ means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’, there is no diversity. Or freedom.

    No country either.

    100 Years of Cultural Marxism has its toll.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    My country was my home. Now its a hotel.

    Something that belongs to everyone belongs to no one.

  • Konrad

    The Jews have only had one interest and that is the Jews. They are not Hungarians and they work to enrich their own interests only which means at the expense of other people’s interests.

    Those others are certainly not Jews, they are the Hungarians.

    Look at post WWII and what the communists did to Hungary. Most of them were Jews.

    Stop asking why the Hungarians harbor anti-Semitic attitudes and try to look beyond this ridiculous “innocence” that all Jews profess. It is getting tiring and people are beginning to stop believing the narrative.

    The person that recommended sending the Hungarians back the Gobi desert. What an idiot! The Hungarians are as European as any other people in Europe and they have their own homeland.

    Jews have their own country now too, remember? In order to avoid antisemitism Jews should live in Israel and let the Hungarians live in Hungary.

    This way our interests will never be at odds.

  • Alf

    At least noone is attacking jews in Hungary.
    Budapest has the biggest jewish population in Europe. And noone was attacked for being jewish in the last 25 years.
    In France happened many times.

    And noone is putting migrant shelters on fire in Hungary.
    Hasn’t happened once – common in Germany.
    Violence against migrants or minorities are the lowest in Europe.

    But you can close your eyes and shout your propaganda as you always do.

  • Asher Levy

    This is news? Hungarians for generations have sucked in Jew-hatred with their mothers’ milk. The Arrow Cross murdered tens of thousands of Jews with great enthusiasm and threw their bodies into the Danube River during WWII. Anti-Semitic attitudes in Hungary? What will tomorrow’s headline read? Holocaust Denial in Gaza?

  • A Sander

    I fail to understand why Hungarians should be anti_Semitic. Jews represent O.005% of the population, many who are elderly and retired. It is unlikely that the majority of Hungarians know a Jew or less still have met one. Can someone explain?

    • Robert

      Perhaps the Bolshevist/Communist past of Hungary has something to do with this. Jews were over represented in the leadership at the time, as in so many Countries during the Bolshevist occupation.

      • hungarian

        bingo.from the 20 communist leader 18 jew. and they ordered the hungarian freedom fighters exeution or deport to siberia

  • Many of the hungarians outstayed their welcome in europe 1,000 years ago why don’t they go back to the gobi desert, far away from any civilization

    Many of the hungarians outstayed their welcome in europe 1,000 years ago why don’t they go back to the gobi desert, far away from any civilization