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June 23, 2016 2:35 am

Loretta Lynch’s Appalling Response to Terrorism

avatar by Stephen M. Flatow /

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US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Photo: US Department of Justice.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Photo: US Department of Justice. – US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the Obama administration has deleted references to Islamic State from the transcript of the Orlando killer’s 911 calls. She says that mentioning the group would “re-victimize” the families of those whom he murdered.

Well, I’ve got news for the attorney general. As the father of a victim of radical Islamic terrorism, it’s not the mention of the terrorist group that re-victimizes me and my family. It’s the ongoing refusal of the Obama administration to name the group to which my daughter’s killers belong that causes us fresh pain every single day.

Alisa was a junior at Brandeis University who was visiting Israel in 1995 when members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad attacked the bus in which she was riding. She and seven other passengers were murdered. Some of the terrorists involved in the attack were subsequently captured or killed. But some of them are still walking free today — and the Obama administration is helping to cover up for them.

Find that hard to believe? Visit –that’s the US Justice Department website that offers rewards for information leading to the capture of terrorists who have killed Americans abroad. At the bottom of their home page, click on “Middle East and North Africa.” Then go to the right-hand column and choose the item called “Violence in Opposition to the Middle East Peace Negotiations, 1993 – Present.”

Now as you look at this section, keep in mind that since 1993, at least 68 Americans have been murdered, and 94 wounded, by Palestinian terrorists. Some were victimized by Fatah (the group led by the late Yasser Arafat, and currently by Mahmoud Abbas); some by Hamas; and some, including Alisa, by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Also keep in mind that in some other sections of the website—sections not involving Palestinian terrorists—the names of victims are mentioned, and the names of the groups that harmed them are mentioned as well.

But notice the difference in the section on the Palestinian attacks.

There, no victims’ names are mentioned. No specific attacks are listed. No organizations — not Fatah, Hamas, or Islamic Jihad — are identified. They are described merely as “terrorist groups and individuals opposed to a negotiated peace agreement.”

The fact that the terrorists were trying to murder Jews or Israelis is not even acknowledged. “The intent of these attacks,” the website claims, “was to disrupt peace negotiations and to modify the attitudes of the leaders engaged in them.”

They were just trying to “modify” leaders’ attitudes! It sounds as if they were just expressing some policy disagreements, and perhaps went a little overboard.

The website’s claim about “disrupting peace negotiations” is not only inadequate — it’s absolutely false. Fatah was never trying to “disrupt” negotiations. Fatah’s leaders — Arafat, then Abbas — were the ones who were conducting the negotiations with Israel. Fatah’s terrorism was a way of trying to increase pressure on Israel to make more concessions within the negotiations. Fatah’s bombings and shootings were part and parcel of Arafat and Abbas’s negotiating strategy.

All of which brings us back to the attorney general and the “re-victimizing” claim.

The omission of the Orlando killer’s Islamic State connection will not spare the families any additional pain. Indeed, it is the very omission which causes them pain, just as the Obama administration’s omission of the names of my daughter’s killers and sponsors causes my family pain.

 The names of the Palestinian killers are omitted because the administration does not want to irritate the Palestinian Authority, which sponsors and shelters the killers. The name of the radical Islamic terrorist group that inspired the Orlando killer is being omitted because the administration wants to play down any connection between terror and Islamic factions. In other words, it’s all politics.

That’s what “re-victimizes us,” Madam Attorney General. Every time we look at that website, we are reminded that your administration is willing to cover up the identity of terrorists in order to further a political or ideological agenda.

Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • Lauren Goldman

    Now that his term in office is coming to an end, his true, core beliefs are being put into practice.

  • Artie metzler

    As always, Mr. Flatow tells it like it is.

  • Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “It is virtually impossible to get the United Nations to condemn any Arab terrorist group or state for any attack on Israel or Jewish institutions. Yet there is an eagerness to condemn Israel, whether Israel is right or wrong.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 7, page 225) published in year 1991 by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 ISBN: 0316181374

    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “When Jews complain about anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism,
    they are often made to feel that they are oversensitive.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 3, page 83) published in year 1991 by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 ISBN: 0316181374


    I and many others continued to be amazed at the worlds’ inability to recognize that it is Islam as a whole that is a/the problem. Study the Koran, Sunna and Hadith even just at a surface level and you find so many references to how (brutally) non-Muslims are to be treated.

    And tremendous respect to Stephen Flatow for pointing out the failed response of our inept government leaders.

    Things will only change when they have the knowledge and courage to identify the problem as being Radical Islam (which is a redundant phrase). As pointed out recently by a young Israeli Rabbi, you can’t fight a problem if you can’t/won’t identify it.

  • Harold

    I guess when the Feds indict someone for fraud, insider trading, and even murder, his name should not be mentioned because it would “re-victimize” the victims. And papers should delete any reference to crime perpetrators for the same reason. And the fact that the people who sprout such nonsense are in a position of power is chilling!

  • Steve B

    “Political correctness” will cause the eradication of the free world. Enough is enough!

  • rick

    Time to change our government, because the current government will not change. That should be our response.

  • Pearl

    Obama has surrounded himself with Muslims and anti-Semites. He would like nothing more than to obliterate the Jewish state and its inhabitants. His mouth piece, Loretta Lynch is simply repeating his drivel! There is a special place in Hell waiting for both of them and all others who do their damnedest to vilify and destroy Israel and Jews all over the world.

    • Markus Elkana Brajtman

      Unfortunately, by the time (may it be very soon)that those &*&^&^% haters die, it will be too late.
      The damage is done.
      And as the saying goes “First impressions last for ever. that, who remembers or cares to know the truth?

    • kris Kristian

      Can someone please list all the names of Obamas advisers?
      I am sure the truth will come out.
      Most are Muslims.
      I wonder if the witch will keep them in those jobs. Probably, the Islamic states who financed the witch Clinton, will tell her to keep them there as they are the best to ensure that Israel is harmed

  • Simon

    The link in the text is misspelled (, it should be:

  • Ani

    But where is the outrage in the mainstream press? Why is this not called what it is? The Obama admin repeatedly refuses to hold Muslim terrorists and those who claim affiliation or support for their groups responsible for their actions. Of course doing so would further erode the notion that Islam is a gentle peaceful religion and all the rest. The families would feel re-victimized? What garbage.

  • Tony Trenton

    Her rhetoric wont save Muslim Jihadists from rolling her head down the street !!!

  • Reform School

    Are federal officials exempt from Title 18?

  • Reform School

    Isn’t “Tampering with Evidence” in the Crimes Code anymore, Counselor Flatow?

  • Steve

    First,I would just like to say to Mr.Stephen M.Flatow,I am sorry for your lose and the pain you are experiencing because of a cowardly act of terrorism.My prayers go out to you and your family.The response of this president and those under him like Loretta Lynch is a disgrace.Refusing to call it by name,Radical Islamic Terrorism,because of some distorted belief about political correctness is mind numbing.It is an arrogant and ignorant stance that has the stench of politics for personal gain all over it.It saddens me to think that many people will accept her words as fact and truth.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Ms Lynch is a puppet of Obama. She is repeating what her boss told her to say. It’s the most corrupt administration I ever witnessed. I will celebrate the day Obama and his administration will be out and I will celebrate when Mr Trump will be the next PRESIDENT OF THE USA. Amen.

    • kris Kristian

      So will I and millions of others.
      Keep Clinton far away from the WH.
      Trump knows what to do with traitors.

      I hope that when Trump become POTUS, he will “throw the book at Obama and Clinton.
      Look who Obama has in his immediate cabinet as advisers.
      Muslim Brotherhood.

      Can his records then be checked? If found to be lies, then he should be sentenced to life in prison

  • Carol Offenbach

    Unknown to dear Loretta, she really has an answer to the lunacy. Love.

    Since. It hasn’t worked in past wars, her cure is love. Send her on over to Isisi. They’ll explain their version of love.

  • AG Lynch destroyed her credibility with the American people. She made a fool of herself just like Susan Rice. I thought she was a smart lady but have revised my opinion.

  • Lia

    Shall we start a petition to ask Mr Trump to fire this lady when he becomes president? She’s a disaster, partly because she does what the Obama admin. wants, partly because she’s a liberal and partly because she really unable to connect the dots.


    Does it surprise you, after all this time,the lengths that Obama has gone to, to show his disdain for Jews nd Israelis.

    He and his administration, could not care less if Israel did not exist.

    Now you know!!!!!!

  • Liz Crawford

    Actually this is direct Obama policy — Jan 2008, as soon as he took office: “Thou shalt not name that which shall not be named…”

  • Actually, it’s not appalling, it’s pathetic.

  • Time for the Obama administration to call a spade a spade!

    • He’s the Ace of Spades. Even a zebra can’t change its stripes, and Barak Hussain Obama showed his colors in Cairo. Anyone who paid attention to that speech knows whose side he’s on.

    • Tony Trenton

      They don’t have the Guts to do that !!!

  • Theodore Crawford

    Rather than “Attorney General”, she is actually “Defense Attorney” for Islamic terrorists.