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June 24, 2016 8:09 am

How Dare Europe Applaud a Blood-Libeler?

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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PA President Mahmoud Abbas, addressing the EU in Brussels on Thursday. Photo: Screenshot.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas, addressing the EU in Brussels on Thursday. Photo: Screenshot.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas lies about Israel not only as a matter of course but as one of policy. It was no surprise, then, when he stood up at the European Parliament on Thursday and regurgitated a claim made this week that rabbinical figures in the Jewish state had urged the government to poison Palestinian wells.

Abbas knew that this classically antisemitic blood libel was as false as a similar one, spread last week, that claimed Israel forced Palestinians from a certain village to flee by drying up their water supply during Ramadan. In fact, a pipe had burst, and it was immediately repaired. But not — as media watchdog HonestReporting pointed out — before the “water apartheid” lie, first “reported” by Al Jazeera, was picked up by The Independent, the International Business Times, Radio New Zealand and The Times of London.

In keeping with the tradition of his predecessor, the late PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, Abbas encourages the invention of all kinds of blood libels, which he then states as fact, both to his own people and to the international community. Each libel is more ludicrous than the previous one, and they would be funny if they weren’t reminiscent of Nazi propaganda and didn’t serve the same purpose: to foster the kind of Jew-loathing that enables genocide.

But annihilating Israel and the Jews is not the real reason that Abbas perpetuates utterly insane accusations against the only democracy in the Middle East. More immediate personal concerns preoccupy the PA leader, who knows his days are numbered, literally and figuratively, if he does not remain relevant at home and abroad.

Indeed, Abbas constantly faces the possibility of being ousted by members of his own faction, Fatah, and by Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza. He manages to survive by enlisting financial and political support from the United States, Europe and the United Nations.

Viewed — baselessly — as a moderate who constitutes the best hope for reaching a peace deal with Israel, he continues to be received by world leaders and to keep the cash flowing into his coffers. That hardly any of it goes to building institutions in the PA or to rehabilitating Gaza appears to be of little concern to those holding the position that Abbas is more of a victim than a perpetrator.

What his apologists fail to see, however, is that if, by some miracle, the two-state solution were to be realized by its fantasists, Abbas would instantly be thrown into the dumpster of history in every respect. The only thing unclear about “the day after” is whether his corpse or his irrelevance will come first.

In other words, Abbas has nothing to gain and everything to lose in any peace deal with Israel. He knows better than anyone that his status as a leader on the world stage depends precisely on the absence of Palestinian statehood. Yes, it is this that drives his every move and all his lies. Key among these lies are the two fictions he reiterates from every podium, including the one he occupied in Brussels on Thursday. One is that Middle East stability rests on resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The other is that Israel, being responsible for the predicament in the first place, bears the burden of repairing the damage.

It therefore infuriates him every time the Israeli government urges him to come to the negotiating table, leading him to spin any overture from Jerusalem to his own advantage. His latest such act was to snub Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s invitation to meet in the European capital.

None of this is the least bit new. In fact, at this point, it is so obvious as to be boring. In any case, most Israelis are too busy trying to avoid being stabbed, shot or hit with Molotov cocktails to listen to Abbas’ blather. Our blood is actually being spilled. We don’t need libels or lip-service to highlight that reality.

But why does anyone else still treat Abbas as a man of integrity and stature? How could hundreds of EU Parliament members applaud his vile speech, when faced with the truth about Islamist terrorism? Where do they come off believing a single word he says?

By now, what any sane representative of a free country should grasp is that it is not Palestinian wells being poisoned, but rather the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people.

Ruthie Blum is the managing editor of The Algemeiner.

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  • What a stupid headline. Applauding a Jew hater is what Europe does best and that is what this new Arrafat is with his PpD in Holocaust Denial from Moscow U.

    Why are we so stupid not to recognize that nothing has changed.

    I wish that the Arabs all develop an incurable disease and that only Israel has the cure and does not, I repeat does not share it with them and they all die.

    Israel cured Jimmy Carter’s cancer. Does that mean suddenly that this bastard loves Jews?

    Of course not. He’ll still hate Jews.

    Recently Israeli doctors saved the life the daughter of an Hamas or Hizbollah leader. What do they think what would happen? It didn’t and it will never happen. He would sooner his daughter wore a suicide vest into the hospital and blew all the doctors up.

    What a stupid people.

  • Yale

    >>”But why does anyone else still treat Abbas as a man of integrity and stature? How could hundreds of EU Parliament members applaud his vile speech, when faced with the truth about Islamist terrorism? Where do they come off believing a single word he says?”

    That’s actually easy: The alternative is to have to admit that everything they’ve thought, written, and said about the conflict has been simply wrong. They would have to acknowledge that they have been fools.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    No matter who is who and says vile lies about Israel and Jews,haters will applaud that bastard.
    They know that every word Abbas says is a vile lie.
    But their anti Semitism is so strong, that they would applaud even Hitler, if he would be alive today.
    Those lawmakers will wake up one day, when the terrorists hit them hard, and may it be soon.
    But then, of course, they will still blame Israel and the Jews

  • Holy Shirt

    Jews of Greater Israel stage late spring Grad parties to celebrate bringing the world its future leaders.

    Islamists of Greater Arabia stage year-round Grad parties to celebrate ridding the world of everyone and everything non-Muslim from buses and cafes to schools and pipelines.

  • Abbas is a good associate of Obama and Clinton as they are all liars of monumental proportions and, fighters for Islam.

  • Ani

    Yes, but this fits with what the EU wants to believe about Israel anyway, so why should they bother to fact check it? It’s just old-fashioned anti-Semitic blood libel once more, this time initiated by Muslims and not Christians. It never really went away; was just hiding in the shadows.

  • nat cheiman

    Lies and damned lies. Meanwhile the clock ticks and Abbas will lose his people the edge in negotiations

  • It is appropriate, because the blood libel originated in Europe.

  • Myron Slater

    Just leave it to the Europeans to allow the lies about the Jews to be believable. They will always be antisemitic, just like their fathers and grandfather’s.

  • Barry

    A fine article that deals with one underlying reason why there is so much anger towards Israel. The other side and its leader lies, not infrequently either. And a gullible and willing world hangs on every word to imply credibility when there is none,

  • the UTTER MORAL DESTITUTION OF THE EU is demonstrated eloquently and succinctly in the reception given to abbas and the solicitude with which they received from abbas his latest absurd and hateful slander against the Jews.

    what hope is there for the eu or for the p.a. if the eu parliament will slip its ties to reality and decency and encourage the “palestinians” to do the same?

    abbas and the eu parliament deserve each other as they wallow in their shared disgrace.

  • Lia

    Just so, Mrs/Miss/Ms Blum!But we know that the UN has not a shred of credibility left anywhere in the world. It’s time and past time that the UN be defunded and their green tower sold for/or rented out at market-related prices to start paying off the USA’s national debt. Then the entire staff may relocate to somewhere in the Middle East where they will keep receiving their salaries.

  • ART

    Besides anti semitism and fear of the muslims too many EU leaders know that there is plenty of money to be made from the coorupt pa/abbas as well as other muslim sources. We hjave seen this even from the American ambassador Tom Pickering and Martin Indyk

  • Leslie Benjamini

    Who says any of those representatives are sane? If they were they would see the truth.

  • Perennial victim class status is profitable. Al Sharpton has been building an empire on this strategy for years. Sharpton never apologized for supporting the Tawana Brawley rape libel of 1987-88. Don’t expect Abbas to apologize for the “water apartheid” or “Rabbi incitement” libel, either. Just as heated criticism from the African-American press and many black leaders who showed no degree of skepticism or disbelief of the teenager and her story, Palestinians who perceive Israel as some kind of genetic ancestral enemy will only believe the stories that confirm their bias. They aren’t the least bit interested in facts that undermine their animus.