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June 27, 2016 2:32 pm

Jewish Poker Pro Reveals Recording of Antisemitic Comments From Fellow Players

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Professional poker player Jaclynn Moskow had faced antisemitic abuse in the poker world because of her Jewish heritage. Photo: Twitter.

Professional poker player Jaclynn Moskow says she has faced antisemitic abuse in the poker world. Photo: Twitter.

A Jewish pro poker player exposed antisemitic statements made by fellow professionals in an audiotape obtained and published by the New York Daily News on Sunday.

Jaclynn Moskow said she was in Pittsburgh in November 2014 taping an episode of the popular TV show “Poker Night in America,” when host Chris Hanson, a professional poker player, told her, “The thing about ‘Poker Night’ that makes it so great is that there are no Jews. Every other show on TV has Jews.”

Moskow, 31, later confronted Hanson over his bigotry and recorded their conversation. According to a transcript of their talk, Moskow told Hanson, “You remember the other night…when I was telling all you… You guys were so nice and how great it was because you were from the Midwest, and you said like, ‘ah, yeah that the key was that, you know there are no Jews on this show,’ right?…I just wanted to let you know I’m Jewish.”

Hanson told the South Florida native he “didn’t mean anything by it” and apologized for his remarks, but later claimed he hadn’t said them.

“I deny I made any statement that could reasonably be construed as disparaging of any race, creed, color or religion,” Hanson said in a statement released by his attorney, Linda Kenney Baden. When told that Hanson’s conversation with Moskow was recorded, Baden insisted, “The statement stands.”

In another antisemitic encounter during her time in Pittsburgh, this time involving poker writer Nolan Dalla, Moskow said Dalla made sexist and antisemitic comments after burying his head in her breasts. She claimed Dalla, 54, told her, “I usually have strong opinions about Jews and Israel but somehow the fact that YOU are Jewish makes you even hotter.”

Moskow, who is also a doctor of osteopathic medicine, added that Dalla’s comments were cheered on by Chris Capra, a representative for “Poker Night in America” partner online network 888poker. Capra later apologized to Moskow for his part in the incident, and called Dalla’s and Hanson’s actions “inexcusable” in text messages that confirm Moskow’s claims, according to the Daily News.

Moskow said she continued playing poker and experiencing uncomfortable interactions with Todd Anderson, an executive at “Poker Night in America,” while remaining silent about her encounters with Hanson and Dalla. She faced pressure from fellow players not to come forward with her story and, after more than a year, she received a threatening letter from lawyers associated with 888poker. Moskow briefly negotiated with “Poker Night in America,” which she said offered to put her on future episodes and pay her up to $20,000, but she ultimately decided no amount of money was worth her silence.

“I was never close to signing an agreement,” she said. “The thought of never speaking out about what had happened was nauseating to me. Overall, this has been cathartic for me. I also hope my coming forward makes it easier for other women who have been put in similar situations to do the same. It’s already gotten people talking more about misogyny in poker and I think that’s a positive to come out of it.”

Dalla denied all of Moskow’s accusations in a long post on the poker forum “TwoPlusTwo,” and reached out directly to an editor at the Daily News, who asked him on social media about Moskow’s claims. Dalla said, “I’ve never been accused of such things. Terrible things. All untrue.”

Additionally, Dalla released a statement saying: “I unequivocally deny Jaclynn Moskow’s allegations of sexual assault and battery — which are accusations of serious crimes. They are horrific in light of the facts as she knows them. I was never sexually or physically aggressive, and contrary to her additional allegations of verbal impropriety, I never communicated or conversed with her in a disrespectful manner during the entire course of our contact.”

Anderson also released a statement refuting Moskow’s accusations, saying, “We can say no more than we have said before. By the time Ms. Moskow made her allegations, Mr. Dalla no longer worked on the show. Her claims are not substantiated.”

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  • It’s so sad this is a subject nowadays. This problem should be long gone…

  • I just wish Jaclynn Moskow could have taken her interview that little bit further. I, personally, don’t mind Chris Hanson or anybody else not liking Jews; I’d rather they did, but I can live with it. What, for me, is most intriguing would be that little extra piece of information, rarely ascertained and rarely given, as to what PRECISELY they don’t like about Jews: our genius, our (good) looks, our …whatever!

    Mind you, I agree, there’s probably absolutely nothing we could ever DO about it, if we did find out. But it would be nice to know.

    Most things said about Jews are a whole load of Goebbels anyway

  • Myron Slater

    It never ends, “their” always out there! The anti-Semitics! As far as I’m concerned, they don’t understand us, and don’t want to. Good for you, Miss Moskow, stick to your principles!

    • Waaaaaaaa! And u used the wrong their Einstein

      • Lena

        Those who have nothing to say prate about grammar. “Waaaaaaa” you’re an ignorant racist, which is redundant, but so be it.

  • When do Jews just punch these idiots in the head and then they won’t do it again.

    Who’s going to start with blacks today? They’ll get killed.

    That’s how you stop anti-Jews, hurt them badly.

  • Sue the white pigs blind they are disrespecting the majority

    Sue the white pigs blind they are disrespecting the majority

  • robert davis

    Wherever there are stupid persons or in hell there are surely no jews! That stupid thing hanson should continue playing poker or marbles, things that fit his 5 years old brain.

  • Francis Figliola

    Good girl!

  • Sam Harris

    Scum Bags all around her.

  • Its a pity that the Poker Show does not ban bigots and racists like Chris Hanson. If you hate Jews so much Mr Hanson then beat them at poker if you can? Otherwise shut your racist trap and get yourself a NAZI flag to show off in your home and office.

  • Mae White

    When Anderson released his false statement that “(Moskow’s) claims are not substantiated”, well who tried to substantiate them? Him?!

    Seems to me that having recorded the activities and statements of the above mentioned persons is certainly 100% substantiated anti Semitism.

    Who or what is going to check into this story?!

  • Laura

    Doesn’t mean they are not true. I believe her.

  • The Cincinnatti Kid

    I’ve been around gamblers and cad sharks for decades and
    guess what, they all hate blacks, too, but they’re not jealous of them like they are Jews.


    The price you pay for not “looking Jewish”, as in “My goodness, you certainly don’t look it”. People seem to think that is a compliment. I take it as an insult: they are saying that all Jews are ugly, but you are fortunate enough not to “look it”. The price is you are much more in touch with reality but a whole lot sadder.

  • Alex

    I’m a blond, blue-eyed Jew who “passes”. One of the hazards of this is that sometimes people confide in you, much like she described here. It’s never a fun position to be in.

  • BigGuy

    This is similar to how Harvard President Lowell confirmed that Harvard planned to restrict Jewish admissions. He was aboard the train from NYC to Boston in March, 1922. He was in the bar car with Harvard trustees. They were listening to him talk about how entering classes had risen from 6% Jewish in 1908 to 22% Jewish in 1922.

    Harvard’s admissions, like Yale’s, used to be based upon the system used in China for selecting mandarins. Everybody was given the same test at the same time, in Cambridge and all over the USA. Then all applicants’ work was graded at Harvard. NOTHING identified the applicant. Applicants with the highest scores were admitted. That’s it. No one giving the tests and no one grading the tests even knew the applicants’ names. Applicants were only identified by number.

    Lowell complained to the trustees that if Harvard didn’t change its admissions policies, the school would become City College North and the Harvard degree would lose its prestige. He suggested keeping Jews out by using other criteria than admissions blind testing, like geographical diversity, family background, and athletic endeavors. There were one or two Harvard trustees then who were half-Jewish. Unbeknownst to Lowell, that’s who he was talking to.

    Those two trustees told the story to Boston and New York newspapers. It was a very different world in 1922. Some liberal papers in NYC and Boston attacked Lowell. The vast majority of newspapers and magazines all over the USA published editorials praising Lowell for coming up with a solution to preserve the purity of Christian America and to keep Jews in their place.

  • hanson, dalla & anderson are dishonest trogs who have been poorly advised; if the tape contains the conversation alleged, it is enough to sink hanson. dalla falls to a witness. anderson, like every sink-in-the-soul reptile, thinks that he can double down and, if impeached, claim that he was misled. maybe, he came up with that loser all by himself or maybe some bottom-dwelling atty pulled that one out of his backside.