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June 29, 2016 9:12 pm

Organizer of London Al-Quds Day Counter-Demonstration Says Pro-Israel Community Will No Longer Be Silent Amid Growing Anti-Zionism

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Participants of the IHRC Al-Quds Day march in London. Photo: IHRC.

Participants of the IHRC Al-Quds Day march in London. Photo: IHRC.

A planned counter-demonstration against an upcoming “Al-Quds Day” march in London will convey the clear message that the country’s pro-Israel community won’t be silenced, an organizer of the rally told The Algemeiner on Wednesday.

Fiona Sharpe — co-chair of Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI), a British pro-Israel grassroots organization — said the annual Al-Quds Day event — which will take place on Sunday — “has displayed increasing levels of incitement and hate directed towards Israel which has become — most certainly in recent years — antisemitic.”

Over the last 10 years, Sharpe said the march has faced “no visible opposition to the lies and hatred” its supporters spew. SFI — along with its co-sponsors the Israel Advocacy Movement and the Zionist Federation — “felt it was time to voice our opposition and show that Israel has many friends in the UK and Europe.”

The Al-Quds Day rally is organized by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and ends in front of the US Embassy at Grosvenor Square. One of the more offensive activities by rally participants each year is the waving of the Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS flags, which IHRC has failed to condemn. In the UK, Hamas and ISIS are designated terrorist organizations, while only Hezbollah’s “military wing” is classified as such.

According to Sharpe, it is “simply wrong” that protesters are allowed to wave the flags of terrorist organizations. “These groups have carried out numerous deadly attacks against Israel and around the world and their flags should not be allowed to be flown on the streets of London,” she told The Algemeiner. “Their terror campaigns are often fueled by a deeply antisemitic ideology — which has been widely documented — and aim to destroy the Jewish state.”

While freedom of speech and the right to assemble are rights protected by British law, SFI believes many attendees of the Al-Quds Day march and even the march itself are in violation of The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, which makes provisions about offenses involving stirring up hatred against people based on racial or religious grounds.

“The tone and the rhetoric used at the march is solely intended to incite hatred against the Jewish people. This year, along with other opponents of hate and friends of Israel, we will ensure that this incitement is not allowed to go unchallenged on the streets of London,” Sharpe said.

Politically, there has also “never really been any backlash to the march or any opposition,” Sharpe said. In 2012, the march received support from now Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn — who is currently engulfed in an antisemitism scandal — when he spoke at the rally. “SFI felt that now, more than ever, it was time that there was some opposition and that this hate-fest could no longer go unopposed,” Sharpe said.

The Al-Quds Day march comes at a sensitive time in the UK as Jews face a growing wave of antisemitic and anti-Zionist violent actions and hatred from many sectors of society.

“Anti-Zionism in the UK has spawned a whole new form of antisemitism. It is now imperative that people understand that when a march, such as the Al-Quds Day march, calls for the destruction of Israel, they are in essence calling for the destruction of the Jewish people,” Sharpe told The Algemeiner. “Incidents of antisemitism are growing at an alarming rate in the UK and are often fueled by anti-Israel lies and propaganda.”

The counter-demonstration, titled “It’s Time To Stop The Hate: Stand With Israel,” will feature Matthew Offord, the Member of Parliament for Hendon, and Hillel Neuer, executive director of human rights NGO UN Watch. According to Sharpe, up to 1,000 people “from across all communities and walks of life” are expected to join.

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  • Jafa’ar

    You do realise that several orthodox Jewish rabbis are amongst the most enthusiastic supporters of this “anti-Semitic” event (something which the article conveniently forgot to mention). It’s also worth noting that (again conveniently) no one actually bothers to justify their serious allegations of anti-Semitism against the rally with any evidence or proof whatsoever.

    • David

      Jafar, you’re an arse.

      • Jafa’ar

        David, you’ve literally just proven my point. Calling me an arse is not telling me how al-Quds day is anti-Semitic, although it is much easier.

    • Henry Brandon

      And who are those rabbis?

      • Jafa’ar

        I don’t know them personally but they follow the ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta sect and, before you say it, NK are not Holocaust deniers, they are not “fake Jews”, they are authentic Jews who probably follow the Torah and Halakha law more loyally than most Israelis do. If you weren’t gonna say that, I apologise but too many people say this and its a horrid, ISIS-like practice to accuse someone of not being a true believer just because of a political disagreement.

  • Jewish Defence League Alberta will be holding a Pro-ISRAEL! rally across the street from the local Al-Quds Thugs today. They’re holding their ‘Kill the Jews, Death to Israel’ depravity on the steps of our own Calgary City Hall… from what we understand they don’t even have a permit. They can do this because there is no Political Will to stop them.
    Shocking. They’ll be standing in front of the building where the supposed Leaders of our Elected Democracy are called to represent all citizens… and these Al-Quds Thugs will be calling for the death of Jews.
    Well they won’t be doing it unopposed.
    Join Us in Spirit! Olympic Plaza – Today – Saturday July 2 – 4 pm.
    ‘Never Again’ means We Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Ourselves. Period.

  • I am not Jewish but am travelling all the way to London from Scotland to show solidarity with all those who are prepared to make the effort to stand against hatred, deception and racism. Well done to Sussex FOI for organising what should have been done 10 years ago.

  • Rebecca

    JDL in Toronto , Canada has organized counter protests to the Al Quds yearly hatefest for several years now. The Islamists at the end of Ramadan come in bus loads from far & wide with their vile antisemitic signs, terrorist flags and include their young children who are being brainwashed with this hate. Of course it is held on SHABBAT, to make it more difficult for observant Jews to participate. People of many faiths , beside Jews, are joining JDL in support .
    We will stand up … Never Again… Am Yisrael Chai !

    • Gerry Grieve

      I’m very sure GOD would understand if Jews went to counter the muzzie rally just as I’m sure he understands Jewish soldiers fighting on the Sabbath to defend themselves in a war. As you well know, Jews and Christians and others are at war with the pagan muzzie horde.

  • Es hora de dejar de ser pasivos y solo lamentarse, es hora de actuar defenderse, luchar, contra el anti judaísmo, medida por medida, la Islamofobia existe, es una instrumento para usar, ellos son terroristas, judíos no,todos son potenciaes victimas de
    terrorismo musulmán,

  • duPont

    Time to take a stand against the lies and hatreds of the Muslims. Just be safe. I think you can count on violence from them. Their entire history and their current lives are filled with violence. They bear no resemblance to the human race.

  • Myron Robinson

    At last some British Jews are showing that they have the courage to stand up for Jewish Rights. I have said ad nauseam that unless they do so the demise of British Jewry will follow. TG for Brexit at least you can now control your own borders. Yasher Koach to the organisers.

  • Am Yisroel Chai! Am Yisroel Chai!

    Am Yisroel Chai! Am Yisroel Chai!

  • All likeminded people please join the march. STAND UP FOR ISRAEL AND STAND WITH ISRAEL.

    The GOD of ISRAEL will be with you.

    • Rosalynd

      I would live to stand and be counted to support Israel and the people of the Land that GOD loves…will be thinking and praying for you all

  • Great stuff!
    It’s really about time (actually long overdue) for this type of response.
    I look forward to a massive turnout and a highly successful counter-demonstration.
    Who knows, even The Guardian, BBC, Irish Times and the like might even give you a fair review. If not, nobody’ll be surprised.

  • Ephraim

    Please may every one of you be safe!

  • Leslie Benjamini

    Kol ha Kavod from the USA. Wish I could be there with you. Will be there in Spirit. You are absolutely doing the right thing.

  • stevenl

    While SA, Qatar, Emirates and others beg IL to participate in their protection against ISIS and Iran, at the same time these same countries finance worldwide antisemitism in the ME, Europe, Americas!

  • enufizenuf

    I hope none of the counter protestors are counting on the British police to protect them. Their only job is to protect muslims and make certain that no one says the wrong thing about them or their religion.

    • john

      the is a false statement its also imflamatory,,,there should be no confrontation but tolerance from both sides,,,hate crimes against muslims and and their faith arent protected by the police they are in active in these right wing driven days….No more hatred understanding no sweeping statements,or we will all know what the the end of days holds for us.

    • Col Martin Newman

      Rubbish. The British police have been very protective of Jewish people and property. Often in very difficult circumstances.

  • Note that there are also protest in 4 US and 2 Canadian cities organized by JDL Canada. Link to info here:

    Please do not publish information using my name prior to obtaining permission.