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July 4, 2016 11:31 am

Trump Defends Anti-Clinton ‘Star of David’ Twitter Image; Says It Was ‘Sheriff’s Star’

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Donald Trump caused an uproar after tweeting out this image - featuring a Star of David - accusing Hillary Clinton of corruption. Photo: Twitter.

Donald Trump caused an uproar after tweeting out this image – featuring a Star of David – accusing Hillary Clinton of corruption. Photo: Twitter.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday defended his use of what is being called an antisemitic Twitter post featuring the Star of David and invoking antisemitic tropes. 

Taking to Twitter, Trump wrote, “Dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the Star of David rather than a Sheriff’s Star, or plain star!”

On Saturday, Trump tweeted an image against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, which featured a Star of David beside her photo with the text, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” and a background of $100 bills.

Trump later deleted the post, following intense backlash, and tweeted a new image, this time covering the Star of David with a circle. However, several points of the original star could be seen poking past the borders of the circle.

On Sunday, following an investigation, Mic revealed the image first appeared on /pol/ — an online message board for the alt-right movement — over a week before Trump tweeted the image.

According to the report, although the original thread where the image was first posted no longer exists, “The file name of the photo, HillHistory.jpg, [is] potentially a nod to the Neo-Nazi code for ‘HH,’ or ‘Heil Hitler,’ which the alt-right is fond of hiding in plain sight.”

The watermark on the original image — attributed to Twitter user @FishBoneHead1 — “regularly tweets violent, racist memes commenting on the state of geopolitical politics,” the report said.

Monday’s tweet constitutes the Trump campaign’s first official response to the controversy.

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  • Desmond Ferris

    The article is unfortunately misinformed due to activist journalists spreading misinformation.
    1) The graphic first appeared on Twitter on June 15, a week earlier than it supposedly “first appeared” on an allegedly neo-Nazi board (where everyone can post anything without registration from every place in the world). Here is timestamped evidence: herefore, the “neo-Nazi board” has nothing to do with anything.
    2) The real author of the graphic @FishBoneHead1 stated, before deleting his Twitter account, that the star was a standard shape in MS Paint where he could fit the text, and therefore nothing to do with Jews. There are screenshots of the statement. Not quoting the author on his intent is incomplete reporting.
    3) The real author of the graphic, Twitter user @FishBoneHead1, used to tweet provocative political images but not “racist memes” and never anything about Jews.
    4) The image created by @FishBoneHead1 does not show a Star of David, which is made of two interlaced triangles.

    I saw Trump’s tweet when it came live and, even though I am half-Jewish and familiar with Jewish culture, I did not make that silly, grasping-at-straws association. The “journalists” who have should be ashamed of themselves for being so frivolous when real anti-Semitism exists in the world.

  • Mike

    Trump uses Tweeter like an impulsive child. He didn’t even bother to check the source? Dumb!! It’s also shocking considering all the years that Trump has interacted with Jewish society in NYC. A sheriff’s star? Give me a break!

  • Yaakov

    It isn’t a question of whether Trump is anti-Jewish; there’s no evidence that he is. It is a matter of poor judgment on his part and that of his campaign staff, and it also reflects on the nature of some of the people who support him.

    Once again, we see that, for Jews — real Jews who value Jewish ideals and the Jewish way of life, not those who have converted to some right-wing or left-wing or other ideology — there is simply no choice in the upcoming election.