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July 28, 2016 4:16 am

All Sides Condemn Donald Trump for Pro-Russian, Pro-Hacking Comments

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Donald Trump giving his nomination acceptance speech at the RNC on July 21. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Donald Trump giving his nomination acceptance speech at the RNC on July 21. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Politico – A day after Hillary Clinton made history, Donald Trump turned history on its head.

The nominee of the Republican Party — the party that takes credit for winning the Cold War — on Wednesday appeared to align himself with Russia over his Democratic opponent, in remarks that suggested to many he was urging Moscow to interfere in a U.S. election.

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  • Seth Watkins

    Actually, the reporters who claim that Trump’s comments were “pro-Russia” or “pro-hacker” have exposed themselves as idiots or liars. Trump condemned the hackers who breached Hillary Clinton’s email server, and he asserted that the hackers were more likely Chinese than Russians. In a clear bit of sarcasm aimed at the media who are disloyal to America and the hackers, Trump stated that if the hackers were Russian, they should release the emails as the media would be very appreciative.

  • El Cid

    What apparently is being lost in all of the propaganda surrounding the hacking of the DNC and the conspiracy theory around Russia is that Obama and Clinton were behind the “reset” with Russia. That is a fact, not a political point.

    Regardless of your opinion of Trump, the unspoken assumption that Putin would prefer Trump as president does not hold up to logic.

    The other forgotten piece is that either H. Clinton’s ‘lost’ 30k emails were hacked or they weren’t. Either they were strategic or they weren’t. Which is it? The fact of the case is that the emails were deleted. That is not a political point, but a fact.

    I can understand that situation demanding sarcasm, but, sarcasm is rarely understood. “Clean, like with a cloth?” Best to avoid it.

  • John Train

    In what is obvious jest Donald Trump is saying: “we know that you have Hillary Clinton’s missing 30,000 e-mails, please give them back to us so that we too can know what is going on.”

    My military Associates view this as jab at the FBI:

    Every intelligence officer in our agency is enjoying Donald Trump’s sense of humor. In-house, it is a jibe at the FBI and their “probe” of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

    Obviously, nearly any amateur could reproduce them. He is saying to the FBI that since they claim that they can’t do the job…. they should sublet the job

    Remember that in the case of the San Bernardino shooter the FBI could not do it but a small company was able to do it .

    Concerning Donald Trump’s “unreliability on NATO” , this is regarded as an opening shot in a negotiation to get these countries to increase their defense budget commitment. Currently they are below the threshold of their promised contributions. The military analysts cite this as an opening bid in accordance with “the art of the deal”.

  • Emanuel

    everyone is missing the point! Russia is but an interested party and Putin is trying his best to avoid a war it seems these “liberal war hawks” are determined to have along with rampant wall street abuse and civil chaos. If America elects Hillary Clinton we deserve what will happen to us and it will bad for the whole world and humankind.