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August 1, 2016 10:08 pm

After Performing in Israel, Leading Musicians Joss Stone, Carlos Santana Rip BDS Efforts

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Joss Stone performed in Israel on June 25 despite pressure from BDS supporters. Photo: Facebook/Stokography.

Joss Stone performed in Israel on June 25 despite pressure from BDS supporters. Photo: Facebook/Stokography.

Two leading musicians who recently performed in Tel Aviv despite pressure from the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement have firmly repudiated the calls for the isolation of the Jewish state.

Rocker Carlos Santana and soul artist Joss Stone blasted supporters of the anti-Israel global initiative as being unproductive and mean-spirited.

“There was a friend of mine who used to say, ‘Stop whining, complaining and b***ing. Do something constructive or shut the heck up. And so that’s my answer,” Santana, who performed in HaYarkon Park on Saturday night, told Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth when asked to respond to BDS supporters who called on him to cancel his concert. “I’m doing something from the center of my heart…to help this planet arrive with velocity of compassion and forgiveness…I’m doing something constructive and productive with my light and my energy.”

Santana, 68, added that he will donate the majority of the proceeds from his concert in Tel Aviv to Israeli and Palestinian children.

After Santana’s concert in Tel Aviv was first announced in March, BDS activists orchestrated a concerted campaign to intimidate the Grammy Award winner into cancelling the show, The Algemeiner previously reported. The anti-Israel campaigners demanded the musician stop “supporting the oppressor” and “endorsing occupation.”

British songstress Joss Stone faced similar pressure leading up to her concert on June 25 at Tel Aviv’s Barby Club. Following the performance, the singer-songwriter took to Facebook to rave about her concert and criticize BDS supporters who tried to stop it.

“Firstly, I LOVED the experience of playing in this place… Mainly because of the people. Because of their beautiful spirit. Because of their warmth and kindness, their ability to let go and feel,” she wrote on Saturday. “To condemn those you have never met in the hope for peace is quite simply counter productive. To put it as politely I can…It is a little bit silly. Some may even say foolish.”

She added:

To dismiss our brothers and sisters of this world because you are angry at a creation of someone that lives on the same land as them is judgmental and actually quite nasty. You cannot feel justified in spreading bad feeling, ever. Maybe some people feel they are helping but please believe me when I tell you you are making it worse. I understand the reasons people call for a boycott… I understand… But surely you want the boycott because you want peace, surely you want to spout anger because you want peace, surely you fight because you want peace… Well news flash…. Adding fire to fire just makes things hotter.

We are sad because we hear, see and live in amongst such terrible moments. Collectively we must try to hold on to our love for people. All people not just some but ALL! We become as bad as the ones we protest against when our words and decisions are coming from a place of hate.

Stone’s concert, part of her Total World Tour, was her first show in Israel. During the performance, she told the packed audience, “I feel so lucky today; I never thought I’d be playing in Israel.”

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  • Israel protects us all we should all sing there god bless you all Shalom XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • nat cheiman

    Well done!!!

  • Jonah

    As a fellow rock and roller it really pleased me to see an icon such as Santana making a stand for Israel these two musicians are like David’s standing against Goliath. I hope many more follow in their footsteps. What happened to the Rolling Stones?…. I thought they were going to perform. The Beach boys and Paul McCartney would make a profound effect on antiIsrael sentiment. Most of our musicians would fear performing in Palestine for fear of having their heads cut off…..because according to Sharia law non of our musicians could be held to that standard in fact they would all dissappear Rock and roll would be a thing of the past. The only music anyone would hear would be the prayer call to hell five times a day.

  • Linda

    To Joss, thank you. Your talented and compassionate.

  • Jammy

    Cant wait till Roger croaks so i can piss on his grave. And i will!

  • Ephraim

    I am a huge fan of Joss, and have always enjoyed Santana. Now my appreciation for them has a deeper element to it.

  • Lia

    Congratulations, Mr Santana and Miss Stone!

  • Good for them. It killed me to have to not listen to Santana over this.

  • diane

    Good for Carlos Santana and Joss Stone, I am so very very glad to see that at least you these two have the strength and intelligence to stand up against others that boycott Isreal. maybe more musicians, actors, singers can have the courage that those two have. The problem is that all these so called stars are too concerned about what the public will think about them to stand up against the boycott.

  • That’s just super. Thanks for the good news!