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August 2, 2016 4:34 pm

Atlantic Columnist Jeffrey Goldberg Sparks Twitter Frenzy With Harsh Criticism of ‘Hateful’ Haaretz Invective Against Israel

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The Israeli daily Haaretz. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Israeli daily Haaretz. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A renowned liberal American columnist announced on Tuesday that he was done reading the left-wing Israeli daily Haaretz, due to its “sub-par” articles and “hateful invective” against Israel, which, he said, is exploited by antisemites to illustrate the ills of the Jews and the Jewish state.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, famous in particular for his highly publicized one-on-one interviews with US President Barack Obama, aroused the ire of Haaretz reporters and editors when he tweeted his intention to take a breather from the publication, explaining his move by linking to a recent op-ed in the paper titled, “We’re American Jewish Historians. This Is Why We’ve Left Zionism Behind,” written by Hasia Diner and Marjorie N. Feld.

When called to task by an angry Haaretz reporter, Anshel Pfeffer, Goldberg responded: “Look, when neo-Nazis are e-mailing me links to Haaretz op-eds declaring Israel to be evil, I’m going to take a break, sorry.” This tweet was accompanied by a link to a piece by notorious Israeli far-Left columnist Gideon Levy, titled: “Stop living in denial, Israel is an evil state.”

After Haaretz readers and writers continued to attack Goldberg for his criticism, he tweeted: “I like a lot of the people at Haaretz, and many of its positions, but the cartoonish anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism can be grating.”

Pfeffer was not satisfied, tweeting: “The problem is the Occupation, not @Haaretz presenting its consequences.”

“I don’t believe that the occupation is the only problem Israel is confronting,” Goldberg rebutted.

Goldberg also re-tweeted a comment by political analyst John-Paul Pagano, who wrote, “It’s not just neo-Nazis. A wide variety of Israel-haters tokenize u [Haaretz] as the Jews in their corner.”

The Twitter war, which began in the morning and lasted all day, suddenly took a turn in an unexpected direction, when Haaretz’s political nemesis and market competitor, The Jerusalem Post, entered the fray.

Responding to critics and questions by followers, Goldberg tweeted: “For those who are asking — in English, I find the @TimesofIsrael to be very reliable. Ha’aretz has some good reporters. JPost is nuts.”

The Times of Israel is an online news and opinion site, whose founder is David Horovitz, former editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post. The JPost’s current editor, Yaakov Katz, responded to the dig by tweeting: “If ‘nuts’ means being a Zionist newspaper w/objective news & balanced oped from across political spectrum, then thanks.”

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  • Isahiah62

    welcome to the club Goldberg-took you long enough to get here, but good to see another Jew “get it” ….dumped Haaretz out with the other leftist trash media and other 0bama fan magazines long ago…

  • There is no “occupation”. The land of Israel belongs to the Jews who know why they are Jews.

  • joe quellman

    goldberg finally succumbing after his apparent manipulated role in the post iran nuke deal “echo chamber” where the obama administration used him as their belwether.

  • Headers is a far left rag. Unfortunately, ISRAEL’S democracy permits this horrific to be printed. I am not right wing but this paper is disgusting.

  • brenrod

    the whole BDS, defamation and delgitimization world always quotes haaretz. Haaretz lost all credibility long ago as a ranting arab newspaper owned by german austrians who always defame Israel with lies.

  • Jak40

    Text not re-read and corrected before its accidental sending!
    If Haaretz is right, Jews are damned to disappear soon…?If Haaretz is wrong, it is worse even, as they are at risk by their own family and bretgren…Goyim are jealous of the Jews who have success… but Jews are also snobish fanaticists self-critic and ideological crazy (religious or worse: Non religious Marxist..!) and are the same bullshit since the Elie and Jérémie and Isaiah! Sinhat Rinam …Naive idiotic Bundists against F…. communistst against foolish orthodox against Secularists and Scientists who are making the Fame of Israël and are just considered as shitty Bourgeois by marxists and Donors, by the Frommer!!!! How do you think such a crap folk is able to survive except by a few Lucky ones at, near, each third generation? Gauss Cure remaining the same with less people… so less smart ones…They seem a so good and easier target!


  • Ani

    Good to hear. When the Jew-hating trolls on the WAPO comments section link to Ha’aretz articles to prove their point on how evil Israel and Zionism is…….With “friends” like these we don’t need enemies. Leave Ha’aretz to the Jew-haters and the self-hating Jews.

  • In the only country and UN member to be threatened with destruction which the majority of our neighbors have tried ,unsuccessfully over nearly 70 years, to have a 5th column paper serving our enemies is beyond disgraceful and frankly in defending democracy ,against those who by their actions have shown their hatred of this system of government, shouldn ot bepermitted

  • Sarah

    Way to go, Jeffrey Goldberg–so happy to see someone of his stature in the media calling Haaretz on its incessant BS!!!

  • Graff Patoszki

    Mr. J. Goldberg (Har-Zahav-in Hebrew) is not a Big Lover of ISRAEL.
    Nobody thinks he should be.
    The fact he had a Bris 8 days after he emerged from his Mother’s womb, isn’t even
    As far as ISRAELIS feel, he is a U.S. Journalist/Reporter/gossiper or whatever.
    The real Issue that disturbs ISRAELIS, is that 75% of U.S. JEWS are blindly following
    The Demo. Party, whose “Leaders” are Leftists/Socialists in their behavior yet, Multi-Millioners.
    ISRAELIS cannot stand Hypocricy, it seems AMERICANS can!

  • Ha’aretz is an anti-Semitic newspaper. It is consistently anti Israel-Anti Jewish values and the sovereignty of Israel over its rightful and historical land. It is a left wing liberal theme is the kind of diatribe Israel should object and regard as treasonous.

  • nat cheiman

    Why do liberals purport to be educated or even intellectual, when in fact they are pseudo intellectuals?

  • stevenl

    Haaretz must be full of old unrepentant and crooked communists!

  • stevenl

    When is he going to be done with the US President? He was far more toxic to Israel interests!

  • rad

    Haaretz is the “go-to” Israeli paper if you want to write a column denigrating the country. It

    is particularly popular with the BBC and no doubt, the New York Times