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August 2, 2016 1:28 pm

Former White House Official: State Department’s Latest Assault on Israel Indicates Obama Administration Seeking Even Greater Distance From Jewish State (INTERVIEW)

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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President Obama and Prime Minister Netanayhu. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanayhu. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The State Department’s latest assault on Israel is further proof of the Obama administration’s deep conviction that “more distancing between itself and Jerusalem is a good thing for the United States,” a top adviser to former US President George W. Bush told The Algemeiner on Monday.

“Its obsession with housing construction by Israeli Jews is certainly not shared by any Arab government, but it is apparently held by everyone working in the Near East Bureau,” said Elliott Abrams, a senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the New York- and Washington, DC-based Council on Foreign Relations.

Abrams, who served as deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security advisor in the “Bush 43” administration, was referring back to his own counter-offensive against what he called the State Department’s “remarkable assault on Israel” last week, which, “both in tone and content, marks a new hostility – and plenty of sheer ignorance.”

In his blog “Pressure Points” on Thursday, Abrams blasted the American administration, after State Department spokesman John Kirby released a statement accusing the Israeli government of “systematically undermining the prospects for a two-state solution,” by engaging in “settlement activity, which is corrosive to the cause of peace.”

As far as the timing of the statement is concerned, coinciding as it did with the Democratic National Convention, Abrams said he doesn’t believe it is linked to the presidential race. “What’s in it for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration? For Hillary, nothing,” he said. “The Sanders people will presumably like the attack on Israel, but they will credit Obama for it and it won’t make them more likely to vote for her. For Obama, what is ever in it for him and his team, for bashing Israel? What do they ever gain from such actions? I don’t think they do it to help the Left in Israel, or for other narrowly political reasons. They do it out of conviction — the conviction that they have only a few more months to enlarge that famous ‘daylight’ between the US and Israel.”

Asked about the State Department’s having been so harsh on the eve of the visit of IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, and a few days later, Israeli National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel, to the United States – reportedly to discuss defense cooperation between the two countries and the new US aid package to Israel – Abrams said, “It is suspicious, but not conclusive.”

Abrams was not alone in his criticism of the State Department’s recent reprimand of Israel.

Alan Baker, a former Israeli ambassador to Canada and current director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) wrote a scathing attack on what he called “an outpouring of hostility” against the Jewish state that one might expect from Iran or the EU.

“Reading the statement,” Baker wrote on the JCPA website on Tuesday, “[A]n average reader having landed from space, would only conclude that Israel’s settlement activity is the source of all evil in the world, and the United States is waging a massive war of Armageddon against this evil. No international terror, no ISIS, no Iranian nuclear threat, no Syria, no Hezbollah, no Hamas, no hunger, no global warming. Only Israel’s settlements!”

Baker, an international law expert who was involved in the negotiation and drafting of treaties with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinians, blasted the statement as “slanted and malicious,” and said that its “terminology and biting and incisive verve raise some serious questions as to the basic knowledge, seriousness, professionalism and responsibility” of its author.

“This massive frontal attack, as if nothing but settlements is preventing peace in the Middle East and is the harbinger of conflict, belies reality, misrepresents the situation, and misleads whoever is intended to be the target of this curious statement,” Baker wrote, going on to explain the legality of Israeli settlements:

The State Department should also be aware of the fact that nothing in the Oslo Accords prevents planning, zoning and construction activity by either side in the West Bank areas under their respective control.

Furthermore, in voicing its one-sided allegations, the State Department seems to be willfully and systematically ignoring the well-established and documented legal, historic, indigenous, and political rights of the Jewish People regarding the West Bank areas of Judea and Samaria, as stressed consistently over many years by Israel.

The State Department should be aware of the fact that its repeated questioning of the legality of Israel’s settlement activity and Israel’s claims regarding Jerusalem, in fact, prejudge these central negotiating issues and play into the Palestinian and European denials of Israel’s rights. As such, the State Department statements are the very antithesis of any peace negotiation process and run counter to the professed support by the U.S. of a negotiated, peaceful solution.

But above all, in fixating on settlements, the State Department is deliberately turning a blind eye to the mortal danger of Islamic terror and hatred of Jews that permeate Palestinian society. In so doing, the Department is, in fact, giving a green light of encouragement to the Palestinian leadership, media and administrative bodies that openly incite, encourage and support terror, violence, and boycotts against Israel.

By the same token, the State Department is giving sanction to the European Union and its constituent member states, as well as to the UN and its specialized agencies to exacerbate their hostile policies against Israel. By their logic, if the U.S. State Department takes such a slanted and hostile position, they can now exacerbate their own hostility towards Israel.

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  • Reform School

    Strong military forces have been the best assurance of world peace throughout history. When the world watched newly-inaugurated American President bow and kiss hands of foreign leaders (the ceremonial sign of submission) friend and foe alike knew the long-feared United States had a slave, dhimmi, coward and/or pussy commanding its armed forces, effectively a paper tiger. And that was years before he purged its officer corps and liquidated their commands.

    A tyrant like Turkish strongman Recip Tayyip Erdogan staging a phony coup d’etat to eliminate his political opponents had locked down a NATO force and arrested its senior officers, President Reagan would have unleashed the Sixth Fleet upon him, knocking every one of his warplanes out of the sky to protect its nuclear missiles, no matter what losses United States forces might incur. Do you feel more secure Obama surrendered? Fathullah Gulen is a threat to Weirdo One only bacause his brand of Islam is the peaceful one pushed by Egyptian leader El Sisi. Don’t let the name fool you. Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Co. are the REAL sissies.

    Obama wants more distance from Jerusalem? The Mars mission needs a commander and a captain. Who better to lead it than Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton?

  • Isahiah62

    And USA TV for Democrats (CNBC) say Israelis favor Hillary, who will hire even more Israel haters than 0Bama did in his admin….
    you need a much better PR dept ISRAEL..and to come out and support TRUMP 100%..never forget 0bama’s interference in YOUR elections, his attempts to silence, defame and unseat Bibi. Bothof their support for Iran,the threats to use USA miliatry against you if you needed to go after Iran, the lies told about their nuke deal, and the money released. And now more money release UNDER THE TABLE, done like a drug deal, unapproved by Congress, given as ransom for hostages.
    Funding Hezbollah is not being pro Israel. And that is exactly what enemedia here are reporting.

    • Tal

      You are so right.

      Not to mention Israel doesn’t make the right arguments.

      The Jews are the indigenous people of the Levant. We are reclaiming our stolen land.

  • Jan

    Ah, there he is. Good old Elliot Abrams, an indicted co-conspirator in the Iran-Contra years who when after Congress stopped funding to the contra terrorists trying to overthrow the government of Nicaragua, solicited funds from other governments, including the Sultan of Brunei.

    Abrams repeatedly lied to Congress and in 1991 pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress. He was sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service.Certain a far too lenient sentence for this man whose activities caused the deaths of thousands of Nicaraguans.

  • Ziporah Bank Hannan

    The Democratic Jews I talk to always insist that Obama and Hillary Clinton have been good for Israel. Show me the evidance?
    This article is fantastic. Reviling.

  • Steve

    The Khan controversy has been blown way out of proportion in order to score political points for Hillary Clinton. Capt Khan was undoubtedly a hero. However the Khans are a Pakistani Muslim family who moved to UAE and later to USA. They are not Arabs and the fact remains that most Radical Islamic terrorism is committed by Muslim Arabs. Acts of terrorism committed by non-Arab Muslims (Indonesia, India etc)are rare.

  • The depth of hostility in the State Dept. toward Israel is inexplicable if one looks simply to the world of politics and economics. It is not logical, shows no awareness of the dangers represented by Iran and Company with its little brother ISIS, and has a blind focus on Israel while being completely blind to the obstacles to “peace” [sic] created by Palestinian attitudes, public statements, murderous activities, support of terrorism. education of children to hate Israelis, refusal to admit Israel’s right to exist, etc. ad nauseum. My conclusion? It is demonic in nature, spewed out by hell and the “father of lies,” as unconnected to truth as all anti-Semitism throughout the ages.

  • Iran is good; Israel is bad.
    Criminals are victims; police are oppressors.
    The West is guilty; the East is innocent.
    White is cruel; Black is kind.

    Believe me, it’s not easy to be an American these days.

    • Ted Watson

      I agree with you Fred. The discussion is incomplete without the US State department statement. I cannot find the time to review the negative position on Israel as Alan Baker has. But if a US position has been demeaned, the least that can be done is list the document in support of the author’s conclusion

    • Charles Silverman

      What you describe is known as INVERTISM. If you stand on your head for a while you’ll get used to it.

    • Yale

      Wasn’t that the way things were supposed to have been in “1984”?

  • Laura Berman

    It is no secret that the U. S. and every President we
    have had in recent times have believed that the
    building of the settlements have been an impediment to
    peace. I know there is more to the problem mainly how
    to negotiate with the Palestinian leadership. However
    please do not say that this Preesident is trying to
    distance itself from Israel. It has never been in
    dispute that this country has and will always stand with

    • Elliot Altman

      Laura, Wake Up. The facts are clear. Nobody cares about the settlements except Obama and the anti-semitic State Department and of course Fatah. Fatah has the US on its side. What a dreadful development.

      • Jan

        You are wrong. There has not been one administration whether Democrat or Republican that has not spoken out against the settlements which whether or not you want to accept it, are illegal under international law. The sad thing is that no teeth were put into their words. Just a mild verbal slap on the wrist and that is all.

      • Alan Bly

        If you haven’t concluded…on your own…that Obama isn’t qualitatively more hostile to Israel than ANY president before him…even Carter (while he was President, anyway)…then you aren’t paying attention. Period.

    • Betty Schneck

      Obama’s father was Moslem and therefore he by birth is also Moslem. It would be hard for Obama to distance himself from his roots even if he goes to a church. An interesting source is Bernard Lewis’ book “The Jews of Islam”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama bears all the signs of Islamic thought within his thinking and feelings.Attending a madrassah gave him the foundation for Moslem thought. It’s unfortunate that he is unable to overcome his perverse thought and think as an American not an Islamic. We in America should side with Israel in many ways; it’s a democratic nation, it contributes to world economy and it’s the birthplace of Abraham and the christian faith.

      • Alan

        Much of what you write is correct…except that Abraham wasn’t born in “Israel”… he came to the holy land from the land of Ur, to the east..

    • Rose Nielsen

      The proof is in the pudding,niether one of the candidates so und Israel friendly ,but certainly the present president is not Israel friendly!


    WHEN dealing with the devil, one shouldn’t think it strange to get burned, as the saying goes.
    And as most of the world now knows, our President is in or seems to be in league with the Devil!
    Our Emperor of the U.S., is on his way out of office & as a sore loser, is BURNING every bridge that he has ever crossed., And that even means, Bringing down the WRATH OF GOD, upon the heads of the American Citizens, All by Hurting ISRAEL inEvery way that he & his fellow Demons can.

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    There are demonic forces at work in the White House of the United States of America. That force comes from the Obama Administration and this is why America is void in our King James Bible at a point in time and we are at that time. In God’s word there isn’t but one State of Israel given to the people of Israel and anyone who shall divide it will be cut into pieces. May God Bless Israel!

    • Marilyn Chernack

      The demonic forces you speak of is the Muslim Brotherhood.


        Don’t forget that Hilary’s pick as VP., is a supporter of MB
        He is dangerous.
        Hilary picked this man because he is a supporter of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD (MB)

  • There has never been a more hateful enemy of Israel and the Jews than the man sitting in the White House right now.

    He was brought up in Indonesia as a Muslim, attended school there and was indoctrinated to hate Israel and the Jews.

    He was a member for over 20 years at a Black Liberation church in Chicago under Pastor Jerimiah Wright whose sermons were anti-Jew and anti-Israel.

    He’s best friends with Al Sharpton, the Jew killer of Harlem, and Louis Farrakan of the Nation of Islam.

    What is wrong with Jews that they have a death wish instead of being strong and tough?

    What a shame and I told God to offer the Chosen People deal to the Puerto Ricans first.

    • Isahiah62

      There has never been a more hateful enemy of Israel…..

      Hillary Rotten Clintoon is that person who will double down on 0bama’s policies, keeping promises to the people who are paying her. At least he may have had a Muslim and leftist upbringing which might explain his animosity..she has no excuse..

  • Liz Wagner

    Isn’t it obvious they’re gearing up for a massive assault on Israel at the U.N. General Assembly in September? Bibi should already have come out and said as much. The world has always planned to have its way with Israel, it just needs to convince itself it’s not about Jew Hatred. Now that it has, the least Israel can do is remind the haters at every step just who and what they are.

  • Harold T. Lipscomb

    It should be obvious that Barack Obama and his administration is undeniably anti-Semetic, exhibiting profound unprofessional personal hatred for Israel and PM Netanyahu; all the while cozying up to world terrorist enemies and Israel specifically and its Arab neighbors. With the rebirth of the Nation State of Israel, America is relegated to insignificance as it can not be trusted as a neutral honest peace broker.

  • HP Bersen

    Maybe Israel should ‘distance itself’ from the USA due to its massive corruption in government, its spoiling the environment of the world at the behest of big developers and so on. MY POINT: USA is out of focus. USA can’t micro-manage another country. Needs to look at the big picture, the close values that Israel and USA share, especially in comparison with the vicious, murderous, dictatorial, vermin leaders of many Arab countries. Grow up USA. YOU CAN”T SOLVE EVERY WORLD PROBLEM exactly the way you want it to be solved. In fact, we are failing left and right all over the world. “Backing” off from Israel will serve no purpose.

    • The bond between Israel and the USA is – shared values.
      But the current Israeli government policy of imposing colonialism on the Palestinians in the West bank by military means is absolutely in opposition to the supposedly shared values, and is in fact causing the utmost damage to Israel from EVERY point of view – politically, economically, militarily.
      The messianic right-wing policy of taking holy ground no matter what, may bring about the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

      • I live in the area you’ve described. There is no army forcing or imposing settlement by military means. We do have army personnel tho’, doing reserve duty to protect our civilians from being stabbed,run down, or shot by terrorists.

      • Mike

        Paul, where do you get your information? From comic books?

      • Alan Bly

        This is the embodiment of the know-nothing, left-wing reflex nonsense that makes Israel the bad-guy despite the terrorism, victimizing innocent civilians, refusal to recognize Israel’s legitimacy, If, Paul, you had the slightest semblance of an open mind, interest in reality, fairness, objection to barbarity, you might be able to recognize the truth. I’m afraid that’s utterly unlikely.

  • Ani

    Just another part of the “legacy” that Obama wishes to leave us with. The worst relationship with Israel of any US president to my memory, the Iran “deal” which will result in a nuclear Iran; what’s not to like?

    Seems apparent that Israel cannot count on Democrats or liberals to have their backs. As for the Republicans, they end up nominating Trump. There’s the Israel hating Green party. I no longer recognize my country.

    I think Israel has to get itself as self-sufficient as possible in short order;militarily, financially and agriculturally. Having to appease a master such as the US is untenable. They should be able to build what they want where they want. Does any country tell the US where it’s allowed to build? For that matter, what country other than Israel gets told where it can build and what?

    • The Obama administration appears to believe that peace – not “holy ground” taken by force in modern-day colonialism, driven by messianic ideology- is the best interest of Israel.

      • Yale

        The Obama administration’s interest in “peace” can be seen in its contribution to the Syrian cataclysm, where basically everything it has done has exacerbated the situation.

        Obama’s interest, from the beginning, has been in “marking” as much political territory as possible, so he can claim to have brought about “change”. He doesn’t care whether that “change” is positive or negative as long as it is his doing. Negative “change” is always easier to achieve than positive, so Obama’s instincts have made him a major source of global disasters.

  • Obama and Clinton are antisemitic of the highest order. Clinton sells her soul for votes and Obama sells his soul to Islam for hatred.

    • ESLombard

      Arab bribes for good works on their half is paid only after leaving office discretely through a foundation. A book will follow where absolutely no recognition of the role of the Arab League in the continued suffering of the Palesinians and no indication of the lands stolen from the 1948 expelled 865,000 Jews. Land stolen is four times of Israel. Giving any West Bank land is like Israel’s committing suicide

      How can any possible ally trust the US commitments after this or the secret contracts and attendant secret clauses? Bibi tried to warn Congress and it proved Bibi right.

  • robert davis

    PS. About khan’s accusations he did no sacrifice for christian America which in fact he regrets but for a moslem America. Moslems such as him and banana who makes moslem prayers 4 times a day a christian America is not Worth a sacrifice. Trump of course is the contrary an anti obanana which is what America needs badly. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.

    • Tom

      TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. That is what we need,, Israel, please hang on till the Spook in the White house is gone LOL Life will be better,, provided Trump wins, 🙂

  • Larry

    90 more days and Obama is gone. It would be best if he spent this time playing golf. At least it would be best for the country.

  • Israel is facing an Arab mentality that cannot be bridged

    United Nations’ recommended a second division (first division was giving three quarters of Jewish territory for the new Arab State of Jordan in 1922) of Palestine (I stress recommended, not mandated and it is not enforceable if the parties do not agree, therefore, it is null and void) Resolution 181 that established a timetable and method for the recommended partitioning of Palestine aka The Land of Israel in two parts (the Jews accepted it and the Arabs emphatically refused to accept it). On the part of Jewish leadership and as the vote in late 1947 for partition loomed with continued violence between the nationalities, a final effort was made by Jewish Agency representatives to meet with the Arab League Secretary and forge a peaceful execution of reorganization. Their response from Secretary Azzam Pasha was: …
    The Arab world is not in a compromising mood.
    It’s likely… that your plan is rational and logical, but the fate of nations is not decided by rational logic. Nations never concede; they fight.
    You won’t get anything by peaceful means or compromise.
    (This Arab policy has not changed even after losing 4 wars. That is why all of Israel’s concessions and compromises have not worked in achieving peace and will never work against such mentality. The Arabs are promoting and teaching their children to hate and commit terror and violence, they honor terrorists and suicide bombers).
    You can, perhaps, get something, but only by the force of your arms. We shall try to defeat you, with the force of our Armies. I am not sure we’ll succeed, but we’ll try. We were able to drive out the Crusaders with the help of the Jews, but on the other hand we lost Spain and Persia. It may be that we shall lose Palestine. But it’s too late to talk of peaceful solutions….
    Thus, the Arabs lost the 1948 war and Israel thrived, against all odds. The Arabs lost three more wars against Israel; in the 1956 Sinai Campaign, the 1967 six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After each war, Israel became stronger and more innovative. It was a choice between survival and extinction.
    You would think; that the Arabs by now will have learned their lesson, and change direction, start pursuing co-existence, which will benefit both parties with an enormous economic development and a better standard of living, better schools, better healthcare, better housing and boost to moral.
    “It is Harder to Make Peace Than to Make War”

    YJ Draiman

  • nat cheiman

    Baker is correct. Obummer is absurd

  • Dave

    Roll on November, when Kerry, Kirby and the rest of the chief Bummer’s bunch of bums fade off into obscurity. Go Donald!

  • Richard E Sherwin

    the lie is quicker than the eye — or mind. us state dpt deflecting attention from its ghastly failures and genocidal consequences in syria by encouraging eurocracies to keep attacking israel and ignoring palestinian corruption and thuggery. helps them all deflect attention from failure of the entire european unity project to prevent their local and ‘universal’ national cultures from being destroyed by unassimilatable muslims from north africa and middle east (again the product of usa foreign policy). liars washing the hands of incompetents, or is it the opposite: competent liars encouraging incompetent eurocrats.

    • Palestinian thuggery and corruption are terrible.
      But they do not claim to be a western country. They are one more Arab entity, similar to all the other Arab entities.
      Israel doesidentify as a western country, and expect to be regarded as such due to the supposedly shared wester moral values.
      Therefore Israel’s attempt to sieze “holy ground” by military force, while denying the Palestinians equal human rights on the West Bank, is the single most destructive force acting against Israel today.

      • Isahiah62

        you need to peddle your fantasies someplace people might believe are way outta your league here with informed, knowledgeable people who know history and the reality of the situation.
        You can’t make peace with people who want you exterminated,and have not ever wanted to make peace. When and if the Arab squatters and hostiles decide to admit defeat “a peace” may be possible.
        Muslims do HUDNA not peace.

      • Mike

        As I have written to you elsewhere: Where do you get your information? From comic books?

      • Alan Bly

        This argument, that Israel is a Western country and so is held to a higher standard has popped up from time to time in the Israel/Palestinian-dispute. It was proffered by the Danish Ambassador in a panel discussion at which he was soundly humiliated for having made that argument in defending Europe’s hostility to Israel.


        It’s a convenient argument for any hater or detractor of Israel because in a way, it’s a backhanded compliment. But, it’s far more backhanded than it is a compliment because it’s intended as a sword rather than a shield. It is nothing short of transparent and cynical way of asserting that Israel is not entitled to defend itself and not entitled to take reasonable measures in dealing with a “society” and “culture” that has voluntarily and enthusiastically allowed itself to become nothing but an organized effort to literally destroy the Jewish State using every form of barbarism it can. Western countries are allowed to defend themselves and haters aren’t the ones that define what Israel ought to do and ought not to do in the face of uncivilized belligerence. Thankfully, haters are relegated to making idiotic postings like yours at blogs like this.

      • Alan Bly

        This idea that Israel is a Western country is largely true. And, I’ve seen this argument used before as a transparent effort by Israel-haters and other detractors to assert that Israel just has no right to defend itself and its People. It’s part and parcel to the delegitimization efforts against Israel and the “BDS movement’s” relentless attack on the country. Even purported “friends” of Israel in Europe have used this backhanded “compliment” to finesse their anti-Israel posture and place an undeserved onus on Israel. In a panel discussion at which the Danish Ambassador to Israel had the audacity to use it, he was soundly humiliated for having had the temerity to justify blatant anti-Israel actives on the disingenuous idea that “we in the West” expect more from Israel because it is so “Western.” Take a look here…very entertaining:

        Well, the fact remains that pro-Palestinians with their allies and supporters don’t have the right to tell Israel how to protect her citizens or make concessions to what is a ‘People” that has allowed itself to become quite literally, barbaric and hopelessly belligerent. Denying those “People” human rights is not Israel’s purpose and it certainly isn’t even a real issue other than in the minds of the Barack Obama’s and leaders of the EU. Were the Palestinians to place real currency on the notion of peace and genuine “Statehood” there would be no issue at all. Thankfully, people who suggest nonsense like because Israel is a Western country she should make blind concessions to those who have based their only real claim to national identity on of the destruction of Israel alone, are relegated to making comments in blogs on the Internet like this one. Even a President who is clearly the most anti-Israel in history will continue to be unsuccessful with every silly effort to prevent Israel from defending herself.

  • stevenl

    The Alinskytes are also engaged in a frontal attack against the American Constitution as well as against all the freedom lovers of America!!!
    The SD has been for the past 68 years a snake-pit of antisemitism. Hopefully the next President will put an end to this visceral and perennial antisemitism originating from Europe.
    This undermines the West from the Pacific ocean to the Eastern borders of Europe.

  • Jonah

    I think this is one of the best articles I have read. You are right the U.S. Is waging armeggedon against Israel not war per se. Nothing Obama puts in place all his scheming, deceptive manipulation, the destruction of nation states, the taking down of Europe, the dumbing down of America where our only concerns are what bathroom should we use, and will obamacare pay for our sex change operation, all of this is meaningless unless Israel meets its demise and very soon. Why do you think he has Europe squaring off against Russia for a suicide run. If Trump wins it is game over for Obama, war is much more acceptable than Trump winning. If Trump wine Israel wins and that is unacceptable. We are approaching those wars that will match those numbers in the first seals of Revelation one third of the world. And get this after a loss of that magnitude Obama will still gather forces for a second run. Bebe do not chase Obama around like a lap dog for a hand out, he will make you bleed for whatever you get and your latter condition will be worse than it was before you got it. Please tell Putin that the Baltic war will be the first wave of Armageddon they are not coming after you because your Russia they are coming after you because you refuse to bow to Islam that would be Europe and at this present time with our current administration…..America!

  • Brian Day

    Baker’s statement is the most well-balanced, articulate argument on the dangerous game Obama is playing with Israel’s future and Jewish lives worldwide. Have you ever heard Obama utter any defense of Jewish rights, even on US campuses? Never. He is a bigot. I am as embarrassed by Obama’s behavior towards Israel as I am by Trump’s bigotry. I am looking forward to this empty suit leaving office.

  • brenrod

    fool jews cant understand why president hussein is against them, LOL….. and they wont understand Hillary Huma either.

  • Barry Goldberg

    The world is awash in evil, and dark days are ahead for as far into the future as can be seen. Messrs. Abrams and Baker: bless you for keeping the faith!