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August 2, 2016 4:26 am

Ignoring Terrorism Against Jews Will Lead to More Against Everyone

avatar by Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman

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Paramedics at the scene of a Palestinian terrorist attack. Photo: Hatzalah.

Paramedics at the scene of a Palestinian terrorist attack. Photo: Hatzalah.

In Judaism, every single life — imbued with a spark of the divine — is of infinite value. This is why, according to Jewish tradition, Adam was created alone: because the entire world was created for the sake of a single human being.

In the last century, racist Nazism railed against the Judeo-Christian concepts of justice and mercy, and almost succeeded in not only extinguishing 6 million Jewish lives — but in erasing Jewish life and values. By the time Hitler was stopped, tens of millions of people had perished across the globe.

Today’s world is plagued by the universal scourge of Islamist terrorism. Al Qaeda, ISIS, al Shabab, et al. wage war on the very same humane values the Nazis mocked and defamed — this time in the name God.

From hijackings, to suicide bombers, to vehicular slaughter, Jews — specifically Israeli Jews — were often the first victims of contemporary terror. But they have hardly been the last. Indeed, Muslims, Christians and Hindus, not just Jews, now find themselves targeted online and in real life by genocidal jihadists.

The immoral actions of these thugs should have provided the civilized world with a moment of moral clarity: We are all in this war together. Yeah right.

As was recently reported:

In the same week that jihadist terrorists, slit the throat of an 84-year old Cleric in a Normandy Church, several local councils in France forwarded an initiative to grant honorary citizenship to convicted Palestinian terrorist, Marwhan Barghouti. Barghouti is one of the founders of the Tanzim terror group. He was convicted on five counts of murder in 2002 and is presently serving five consecutive life terms in Israeli jail. He is responsible for planning numerous terror attacks and is credited with inciting the second Intifada. Bargouti is unrepentant and continues to incite violence from his prison cell.

In fact, many European countries reeling from Islamist terrorism — from Belgium to France, to Germany and Scandinavia — continue to pour millions of dollars into Palestinian entities that celebrate and validate terrorism against Jews.

Meanwhile, a New York Times roundup features an “endless stream of terror attacks. Orlando and Beirut. Paris and Nice and St. Etienne-du-Rouvray, France. Germany and Japan and Egypt. Each bomb or bullet tearing holes in homes and communities.”

Neither the recent shooting attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market claiming four lives, nor the knifing to death of a 13-year-old Israeli-American teen, were mentioned.

As someone else pointed out, it’s also “hard to forget how President Obama characterized the Jewish victims of the HyperCacher Kosher Market attack in Paris, on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, as ‘random’ individuals when, in fact, the whole point of the terrorist attack was to target Jews.”

Don’t Jewish lives matter?

Equating Jews with vermin, as a Georgia Congressman recently did, hasn’t been done since Nazi Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer newspaper did it on a daily basis in the 1930s.

Whatever one’s position in the debate over Jewish communities in territories captured by Israel in the 1967 war, it is dead wrong to treat the terrorist murder of Jews differently than any other terror outrage — whether in West Bank towns once walked by the biblical patriarchs or in Tel Aviv cafes or outside a Synagogue in a European capital. It’s not only morally wrong, it’s practically and politically self-defeating to the point of being suicidal. If terrorism pays off in the Holy Land, it will only spawn more recruits for the Jihadists globally.

Simon Wiesenthal, who lost 89 members of his family in the Holocaust, issued this warning three decades ago: “History teaches us that Jews are often the first victims; they are never the last victims.”

Offering up Israelis to the Moloch of Terrorism just won’t work. European leaders especially should reflect on Winston Churchill’s insightful quip: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat it last.”

If there is any hope of defeating ISIS and their compatriots, humanity needs wall-to-wall religious and political leaders with the courage to say no to all terrorism — whatever its cause and whomever it targets.

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  • John

    Does anyone see the irony in European support for Palestinian nationalism, a nation whose contribution to world culture consists exclusively of ever more devious means to kill innocent people?

  • We ought to start a movement: Jewish Lives Matter!

    • A.

      Hey, there’s an idea whose time has come!

  • Ted Crawford

    The reliable authority on Israeli borders is none other than G_d Himself. Had to say that.

  • It is a great irony that in attempting to determine one’s national, racial or religious loyalties we run many risks. We may decide the safest identity would be associated with the land of our forefathers – but find there are other peoples who challenge our claims (people in Israel – and Scotland – present such difficulties!). Racial identity as well as political and commercial matters also complicate things. But perhaps religious beliefs are the most problematical, seldom admitting challenge. I attempted to address these matters in my recent memoir, RETIRED TERRORIST (Trafford, 2011), in which I described my lifelong exile from Scotland after involvement in a nationalist action to obtain and destroy UK armaments that might have been used against demonstrators. My youthful idealism lead me to believe our cause would unify us, but this proved wrong. My exile has caused me much pain (my latest home is New Zealand). Part of my memoir tells of my concern, in Glasgow, for individuals who escaped from Europe and were either integrating into Scotland or awaiting repatriation. I’d never thought fellow Scots might work to ensure I could never return home. Your comment “Where does the land belonging to the Jewish people end” deserves a response sensitive to the individual of the new nation: “Where does our land begin?”

  • stevenl

    The West is not just STUPID but as we ALL know ANTISEMITIC.
    They have the chutzpah to ask Israel how to fight Islamic terrorism that they have themselves generated!!!

  • Yaakov

    The article ignores the observation that the destruction of most civilizations occurs because of the moral decay from within, not because of the enemy from without.

    The erasure of Jewish values will not occur because of some Jew-haters but rather because Jews have failed to uphold them.

  • Rabbi Binyomin Schlanger

    Note correct spelling of name.

  • Rabbi Binyomin Schglanger

    Final Border Status. Part 2 of 4.
    Quote: Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    There are two ways of negotiating [to determine the borders of the Land of Israel]. The first is to state: I am a Jew. I represent the Jewish People and the Jewish faith…….

    The second form of negotiation with a gentile– in order to determine the borders of Israel– is that the Jew says that our entitlement stems from a certain gentile from London [Balfour] who said that the Jewish People need a homeland. When the gentile hears this, he comes to the conclusion that this Jew has no basis of entitlement from Jewish sources………………………….All the tribulations, which we are living through now, are because Jewish people built their case on that declaration written by a gentile in London! Jewish people regard that gentile as the master who is deciding who should receive “the Land … upon which the eyes of G-d gaze from the beginning of the year to the end of the year”. The matter does not end there. They attempt to find favor in his eyes and subjugate themselves to him, asking another gentile “where are the borders [of Israel]? Where does the Land belonging to Jewish People end?

    for full talk go to

    • A Zionist

      Thank you Rabbi Schglanger for the important reminder.