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August 4, 2016 12:01 pm

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Cesspool’ of Antisemitic, Anti-Israel, Racist Behavior at U of Tennessee Uncovered by Covert Watchdog Group

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University of Tennessee anti-Israel activists Afeed Youssef Kamah, Eyad Hijer, Jordan Welsh, Stori Nuri, Hesham Annamer and Mohamed Ali have been identified by Canary Mission as ringleaders of a bigoted "cesspol" promoting antisemitic and racist hatred. Photos: Canary Mission.

UTK anti-Israel activists Afeed Youssef Kamah, Eyad Hijer, Jordan Welsh, Stori Nuri, Hesham Annamer and Mohamed Ali have been identified by Canary Mission as ringleaders of an antisemitic and racist group. Photos: Canary Mission.

A ring of anti-Israel students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) has created a “cesspool” of antisemitism and racist behavior, a campus watchdog group revealed to The Algemeiner on Thursday. 

Canary Mission — a secretive group that monitors anti-American, anti-Israel and antisemitic activities on college campuses — said it has uncovered a “disturbing trend” of extreme Jew-hatred and other forms of bigotry at UTK. This, it says, is being spread by members of the school’s branches of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

“We know that SJP nationally has an antisemitic agenda to remove Israel from the river to the sea,” a Canary Mission representative, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Algemeiner. “However, they usually attempt to clothe their hatred with a thin veil of human rights. In the case of the University of Tennessee, there is no veil, just raw bigotry.” 

The watchdog named six key individuals at UTK responsible for the dissemination and active promotion of antisemitic and racist ideologies: Eyad Hijr, a 2016 graduate with ties to the MSA; Mohamed Ali, a sophomore and member of SJP, MSA and the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement; Hesham Annamer, a sophomore affiliated with MSA; Stori Nuri, a junior who is the president of SJP, co-president of MSA and a supporter of BDS; Jordan Welsh, a BDS-supporter who recruits members to the UTK SJP’s Facebook page; and Afeef Youssef Kamah, a student connected to MSA.

According to Canary Mission, the UTK chapter of SJP has morphed into an “echo chamber of hate speech,” where each offending post by one of its members is re-posted and re-tweeted to its followers. “We have never seen such a like-minded group of bigots,” the watchdog told The Algemeiner.

According to UTK SJP’s mission statement on Facebook, the group “categorically opposes any form of prejudice or discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. At the same time, SJP manifestly rejects attempts to equate principled criticism of Zionism, or of the character or policies of Israel, with antisemitism.”

These words, Canary Mission said, are to be taken as antisemitism hiding behind a mask of human rights activism, with open Jew-hatred, support for terrorism and homophobic and racist slurs — all-too-common themes, spanning several years, found in the social media postings of key members of UTK’s SJP and MSA groups.

In 2012, UTK SJP member Ali — who also ran for the position of MSA public relations director — proudly praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in a tweet:

Mohamed Ali praise hitler tweet 1

In 2014, in a series of tweets, Hijer used foul language to attack a Jewish social media user.

eyad hijr jew attack 3

In the same exchange, Hijr subsequently wrote, “…I already hate you. You dirty filthy Jew. All your people do is f***ed s*** up. Wish hitler was still around to show you guys.”

That same year, UTK MSA’s Annamer — a 2016 nominee for the position of UTK MSA board member — bemoaned American leadership for not emulating the Nazis, tweeting:

hesham annamer hitler 4

In 2015, UTK SJP head Nuri tweeted:

stori nuri jew hatred 2

The racism is not only directed at Jews, Canary Mission found, but also blacks and whites. 

In 2014, Hijer tweeted a quote from fellow UTK student Jesse West that read:

eyad hijer sister 5

The original tweet received 25,000 re-tweets and 52,000 likes.

When it comes to support for terrorism and Islamist incitement, UTK’s SJP and MSA members are just as bad, Canary Mission said. In 2013, Amira Sakalla, the founder of UTK SJP, tweeted:

amira sakalla photo 6

In February 2014, Canary Mission said, it was reported that Drost Kokoye –a UTK SJP and MSA member and anti-Israel agitator in Tennessee — met radical anti-American Islamic cleric Zaid Shakir, co-founder of the Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California, with SJP co-founder Hatem Bazian and others.  

In a report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism cited by Canary Mission, Shakir “defends terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and hopes for a day in which America is a Muslim country ruled by Islamic law… He suggests that ‘Zionist’ forces and the FBI were behind the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.”

One UTK student in particular — SJP’s Welsh — was noted by Canary Mission for his extreme promotion of violence, espousing radical anti-American and Communist beliefs, and bragging on social media about his ownership of lethal assault weapons. Welsh has shared numerous photos of himself on Facebook posing in army fatigues — sometimes in a Soviet military beret — and aiming various rifles. 

jordan welsch 7

SJP’s Jordan Welsh posted this photo of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Photo: Facebook Screenshot.

In 2011, Welsh posted an image of Hitler, to whom he referred as “The original Emo Kid,” a slang term that is sometimes used to describe people who do not care what others think of them.

It may come as a surprise that such displays are found at a Tennessee school, Canary Mission said, since “most attention to anti-Israel and antisemitic activity is directed at the West and East coasts — notably in the UC and CUNY systems.” The group explained to The Algemeiner that by drawing attention to and exposing members of UTK’s SJP and MSA chapters, it aims to “highlight how we must not allow these neglected regions to develop into hotbeds of hatred and extremism.”

“We all have an obligation to publicize this vile bigotry,” the watchdog said. “If we ignore it, it will grow, it will become something more dangerous. Canary Mission has a duty of care to let the  general public know what is going on in universities across North America. None of us can close our eyes to the growth of hate speech and the dangerous rhetoric that is accepted and encouraged in radical organizations like SJP.”

Responding to Canary Mission’s findings, UTK Hillel Director Deborah Oleshansky told The Algemeiner that antisemitic and racist activity is “obviously of concern and something we keep an eye on.”

According to Oleshanksy, Hillel and MSA share a “good relationship, but with SJP it’s different.”

“The general Jewish community and general Muslim community have a very strong and positive relationship. Hillel has partnered with MSA, and we both work very hard together towards outreach between the two communities,” she said.

When UTK’s SJP chapter was founded, Oleshansky said, UTK Hillel was “a bit concerned, but they told us they were focusing on the humanitarian issue. They did have a faculty adviser, whom we met with, and they did indicate at the time that there would be no violence or incitement to violence. They just wanted to raise awareness of the Palestinian issue, which is a legitimate issue.”

Both Hillel and SJP agreed at the time that “violence is never the answer; it is not productive to anybody,” Oleshansky said, adding, “So far, that’s been the case at UTK.”

However, Oleshansky did raise concern over the possibility of the reemergence of an issue that was prevalent on campus some 10-12 years ago relating to antisemitism and hate speech.

“People from off campus were coming to UTK and causing trouble. We were able to work with the university and have them removed. My concern is that we are now back to an old problem of the campus being used by non-students with a particular agenda that is not the agenda of UTK,” she told The Algemeiner.

UTK’s SJP and the UTK administration had not responded to The Algemeiner‘s request for comment by press time.

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  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini DD

    Algemeiner is doing a great service; there is an ocean of hate rising and we need to defeat it, making it public shaming these people is a mighty step forward

    • Katherine McChesney

      Algemeiner engages in censorship. He’s a coward and a Muslim sympathizer.

  • “violence is never the answer; it is not productive to anybody,” ”

    I don’t know about that. I think Woody Allen had the right idea in the film “Manhattan” – antisemites should be met with baseball bats. (And no – not for a friendly softball game.)

  • Melissa

    As a Jewish person, I still support their right to spew hatred (if that’s their thing). I do not want an agent of the state, in this case the university, punishing them for unpopular speech.

    The University of Tennessee is actually quite good about not suppressing speech. Their speech code only sets limits on what might break the law, and chain letters for some reason.

    Is their speech ignorant and ugly – yep. But we don’t need to protect bland, popular speech. The better way to handle it is to point out their faults. The alternative is what we’re seeing across campuses where even disagreeing with someone is called a bias incident with threats of sanctions.

    • @Melissa “As a Jewish person, I still support their right to spew hatred (if that’s their thing). I do not want an agent of the state, in this case the university, punishing them for unpopular speech.”

      There’s a difference between merely “spewing hatred” and inciting to violence. What these people are doing is the latter.

    • Moshe

      Try to do anything like this against other groups (e.g. Muslims, Blacks…) and you’ll find out the true nature of Liberals, Lefties and other hypocrites

  • Toby Dammit

    To respond to the question several here have asked about why Jews don’t wake up and fight these hateful anti-Semitic bigots, the answer is they have been rendered helpless to do so by their indoctrination into Leftism. Leftism is to Islamofascism what AIDS is to Pneumonia. Once the moral relativity (and virulent false narratives against the US & Israel) of Leftism has infected the mind, it is no longer able to recognize and fight off life-threatening evil (like Islamofascism). Islamofascism is the DISEASE and Leftism is the IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS! And millions of people besides Jews are falling victim to it. Defeating Islamofascism will become doable only when we can use truth to expose and discredit their Leftist stooges poisoning minds in our colleges and media.

    • Jay

      The idiot with the bozo the clown hair says it all. He will be lucky to get a job flipping burgers.

  • Doc

    Another Democratic Party and progressive liberal success story.
    Happening on campuses throughout the USA.
    The next generation of politicians are being contaminated with this evil and it’s all sanctioned in the name of liberal human rights without context,
    It’s a battle against all western values, not just israel.

  • Charles Carter

    Seeng only what you want to see is self destructive.

  • DanielThaler

    Why do you HAVE to like Jews,or anybody, If you don’t you don’t. You’re allowed. ” H ey, the Jewish community out there, possibly millions of people,globally, don’t like or hate you.” “Hey Christians, millions ………………” Hey Muslims, millions……………… You can’t tell someone how to feel. You can I guess, but that’s not going to change anything. As long as you don’t do any harm to someone, you can feel anyway you want to about them. If you are living in a totalitarian society than you’ll just have to fake it.

  • Charles Carter

    You can kick me out of here again, but you can’t ignore the fact that socialist have persecuted jews moe than any. That doesn’t include Hitler, who belonged to a socialist group. Liberals have many socialist tendencies and liberals have been derogatory toward Israel. Those liberals have been “”educated” in most of our colleges. So, don’t treat Tenn U as if they are unique, just more obvious. I’m an Oklahoman so not academic partisan in this. I have a soft spot in my heart for Israel for many reasons.

  • ris sheridan

    I think that the University needs to take these kids on a field trip to Israel ad then they can see what the situation really is. Then maybe a trip to Dachau for a history lesson.
    Funny how the new generations keep perpetuating the propaganda from generations before. My generation didn’t buy it so why are they buying it now?
    I wonder if the Professors are nurturing this view of the world or is it just kids being kids?

  • Gary Liniger

    Ever hear of freedom of speech?

  • Stephanie

    Muslims wish we all could be like those nice Yazidis. Then they wouldn’t have to hate us so much, eh? Smh.

  • lindy500

    The Jewish students that go there should SUE the University of Tennessee for allowing a hateful environment…

  • Corim Tan

    If you do some social research into the state of Tennessee, i.e. Graduation Rates, Median Household Income, state of local education systems etc, etc. You get a good picture of the well being of the state and its society in general. Theres a lot of information out there. Also, if anyone reading this article has spent any time living in TN, this will be of no surprise. I’m not saying that these 6 morons are representative of the population, but it’s no surprise this has been allowed to fester here because not many people here are educated enough to actually defend their beliefs, nor point to why others are wrong in their “historical re-tellings”. And for all the people out there who think there are outside forces that have brought this on the school, congratulations for passing the buck. Get Real. Hell, half these people don’t know the most obvious rules of the road. It’s like half the drivers in TN bribed an official. BTW they just passed a law here about being passed on the right. You can be ticketed to going to slow in the fast lane. These people act like they don’t know what the two lanes are for. This law was passed in an effort to curb road rage. How about not giving people who can’t drive properly a license? How’d it get to that?

  • Galileo

    I have been thinking much lately about israel and jews in general. They are one of the most hated groups of people on the planet. The only people that really like jews are other jews. I wonder what the problem is? I am not trying to be bigoted but that seems like a very true statement. Why?

    • George

      Imhavenmany lovely Jewish friends. I like them a lot. Dislike of Jews is a disease based on misplaced envy.

  • Charles Carter

    Sadly, too many of our universities tend to be very liberal and their socialist tendencies are anti Israel. Historically, socialist have been strongly anti Israel.

  • Carla

    The headline of this article is sensational and infuriating! The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has over 30,000 students and because 6 people are spewing hate on social media based on their own personal prejudices, you have smeared the reputation of the entire University. I’m a graduate, involved parent of a current student, and Knoxville resident and I can guarantee that UTK is not a “cesspool of antisemitic, anti-Israel, racist behavior” (or redneck thinking, Myron). You have used the exaggerated words of your non-objective source in this headline in order to create interest without the slightest bit of investigation into whether or not this claim is true. Where is your objectivity and journalistic integrity? The hate speech of the groups involved is bad but so is sensational journalism. You have painted the entire UTK student body with the same brush and that is inaccurate and unfair. This article should really read that there is a very small cesspool of hate in a very large university community and that these haters are the exception rather than the rule at UTK!

    • It should be very telling, though, that this bad behavior was taking place 10-12 years ago before it was dealt with, which means that UT may have underlying cultural bias vulnerabilities with its students. This particular “hate speech” is more than just bad, and if it involves targeting of other minorities, that is a direct call for action and violence waiting to be fulfilled. Perhaps the people in charge need to do a better job of not allowing outside elements on campus. They are coming there for a reason.

  • In America it is disgusting how this behavior is going on.I am sure if it was reversed roles it would be all over the media.Universitis need to take control and get to the bottom of this anti Jewish seniment.Why are American students who happen to be of Jewish faith treated in such a disgusting way. It should not be allowed! That is pushing freedom speech beyond decency! Why are Americans allowed to be treated in this matter! Shame on you !To the Jewish students,keep the faith! G-d bless you!

  • JOE

    What do you expect from,lawn jockeys,pollocks,and nandsiggers.

  • whitecedar

    It Seems I am reading about supremacist at the University. Bernie Sander a leftest communist and member SJP anti Israel Organization, and Clinton, Obama working for BLM after the Police that were killed in Dallas. FBI is not watch Black Lives Matter because the government other that our Muslim Brother President Obama. J. Wright the minister for President Obama’s conversion admitted that President Obama learned enough Christianity that he could deal with it as a Muslim. Even in President Obama’s book states he would side with Muslims.
    BLM is supported by Bernie Sander, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton. After Hillary Clinton stated she loved Ramadon I really know where She Stands with President Obama help she was kept Clean of deserved prosecution.

    We have many Races the the United States who’s lives matter just as much as the Blacks. Why is it we do not see them out rioting, looting, Assuating and destroying both public and private assets. Now we add murder, and calling for death for whites, and at the DNC convention they Told all the whites to the back. This is not what the United States is all about.

    BDS boycot who is funded by moneys from the Hamas terrorist group in Israel, and Paris. They have terrorist cell all over the world, and I am kind of waiting for Black September to stick it head up. UC Irvine and a Jew girl beaten by BDS member yelling kill the Jews. Mob of they attacked on person. I did not know we were paying tuition for terrorists on Campus.

    Hitler was part Jew himself, its clear they never brought that out when he Started the NAZI party in German. After becoming Cancellor of Germany he turn Germany into a country starting the final solution that he came up with after talking to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

    He signed a non-immigration pact with Russia they both invaded Poland Stalin shipped the Jew from his half of Poland.

    6 Million Jews, Men, Women, and Children were put to death. Medical experiments were done on them. They did not feed them because they were scheduled for gas Chambers.

    BDS is doing the same thing to our students and Hamas started in 2007 is not even the leaders are Palestinian. Egypt is pulling citizenship on those leading Hamas, Jordanian, and 30 family’s of Saudi are running Hamas. Did you see any Palestinians.

    You Students are being duped By Hamas, and George Soros. It is time to clean house our Universities are not suppose to be Bigoted. If you students are funding Hamas in any way your University, and the Student money raising for BDS, are funding and facilitating terrorist.

    Personally I Hope our Universities and Student will recognize terrorist and terrorist organizations on Campus. One is already flaunting a assault rifle which has no place at all in a University. Get that Canary Mission expelled or he may become the next University Sniper.

    Please outlaw the organization that use terrorist practices. SJP are Athiest Jews and the do their best to cause having for Israel and our students do not need it. They are their a school to learn a profession, not to become a terrorist. Student openly funding charity to Hamas, World Vision has been shut down for skimming money off medical, and food, or other humanitarian good straight into Hamas military, buying weapons, and building tunnels to attack Israel.

    Egypt has also confirmed that the Leader of Hamas out of Gaza are setting up ISIS in the Sinai. They are also treating ISIS soldiers in Gaza. West Bank President M. Abbas stated he had kill 11 thousand Israeli citizens, and police. Both Gaza and The West Bank have their own government they are not considered occupied.

    So when you find a student working with Hamas through BDS they are considered terrorist and should be expelled from school, and the Muslims backing it should also be expelled.

    We do not help Terrorist, or Domestic Terrorists. I would hate to see a student wanting clearances for government work or a student wanting to teach they will not be allowed to as it will be listed by the FBI. To teach you have to have FBI and DOJ reports.

  • kenneth

    Do you suppose that either Eyad or Hesham even knows about Hitler’s treatment of Arabs?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Who cares what happened to Arabs.They deserved whatever they got.

  • Steve

    It amazes me that such stupidity is represented in college.

  • john bright

    When will liberal/progressive Jews wake up and see the hatred that Muslims are spewing against us here in America.

    • Walter77777

      There are millions of Muslims in USA, but only a small minority of them are radicalized. I am a Jewish person who had Muslim friends from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. None of them show any signs of hating Jews. I also have not-very-friendly dialogue with Arabs from Judea and Samaria and from Israel proper. these dialogues are a bit heated at times, but since we come to our dialogues with a problem solving approach we avoid overt hostility.


    • As long as idiots keep voting in Barack Hussein Obama and his shadow Hillary Clinton, more Muslims and their clones wil turn America into a third world country.

  • DockyWocky

    It is true.

    The statement that a picture can be worth a thousand words is definitely true. The 6 local geniuses pictured once again reveal why Jews everywhere have nothing to fear from these anti-Semitic louts, and never will.

    However there is talk recently of a pill that turns the average lout into a genius lout. Louts who might obtain these pills then might have a hard time explaining to themselves their stupidity about social issues like anti-Antisemitism.

  • Heywood Jablome

    Not a worry, the new crusades are coming. The muslim religion was made up 3 or 4 thousand years all on the basis of Judaism. Everything from their prayer to their food, but our profit didnt perform oral on children or farm animals. And Jews know sheep are for wool, not sex toys, like the muslims

  • tobi love

    doesn’t the University of Tennessee teach history? For example: it was the Muslims mostly who sold African natives as slaves. Jews were as a whole great supporters of the Civil Rights Movement, walked with Dr. King (who admired Jews and Israel). Jews have lived in Israel non-stop for over 3,000 years. Mohammed came from Arabia (Arabs come from Arabia, Jews come from Judea) in the 600’s and conquered the Middle East. They forced the indigenous peoples to convert to Islam and the Arabs occupied their countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, etc.). The Jews agreed to two States in 1948, the Arabs did not. Hitler killed, not only Jews, Roma’s, Poles, Catholics, journalists, gays, the handicapped, anyone who disagreed with him.

  • Jose Rivera

    so, they’re “keeping an eye on it.”…how STRONG…how WARRIOR…howz about fighting back with a vengeance these turds won’t expect?

    • CB Arnold

      Fight those bigots to the death.Eliminate them b4 they try to kill you.Radical Palestinian supporters and Muslim radicals are the crap of the earth.

      • Radical Islam, has one goal, the destruction of Western Civilization. They are the evil of evil. What civil humans brain wash their young to become suicide bombers. Two things, hate and kill, this is all they know and live by.

        They must be removed from this planet

    • Philip Spergel

      Two wrongs don’t make a right.That’s why Israeli’s army is the IFD(Israeli Defense Force) and not the IAF( Israeli Attack Force.) Part of the problem may be because of our identity as The Chosen People. There has always been and probably always be Anti-Semitism. We are resilient people and will always exist.

  • Arnold Cohen

    Hate speech coupled with organizing and acting to suppress the Constitutional rights of speech, expression and assembly of American Jews and American supporters of Israel becomes a hate crime and not entitled to immunity as a right of freedom of speech. We can demand that law enforcement authorities take action against such hate speakers who would undermine the Constitutional rights of other Americans. The vague notion of academic freedom must be refined to exclude the alleged ‘right’ to commit such crimes.

    • Bryan McDoniel

      Hate crime is that beheading someone for their religion? Besides I’m YOUR HUCKELBERRY!!!

  • diane

    Oh yea, forgot this one, how many Gays,Jews,Christians and other caring people help with money,clothes,food and all kind of charities to feed the poor and care about others, I don’t see hamas,isis and these other sickos caring about others. I will not send my kids to any of these antisemitic Universities. And as for these sickos calling themselfs activist they don’t know what the means get the hell out of our country.AND For the est of you that just want to do the talk and not the walk why are not the Blacks, Mexicans, Gays, minorities and Christians standing up protesting and helping these Jewish kids just like in the days of anti segregation against our blacks. You all are ready to do the talk but not the walk, i SEE THE Jews standing for the blacks,christian our civil rights people and our gay community, but yet you don’t stand behind the Jews wouldn’t that put us into that same category as those haters. The blacks won’t stand up because it’s not a black issue, the mexicans,latinos or gays because its not about them, Wake up American did you forget 911 or Florida or still what is happening with our Black community, those sickos want us to turn muslin that is their whole agenda and they use the Jews as a the problem Wake Up, it’s a hate that those people and parents have been teaching their kids for generations too hate and be anti gay, anti black anti jew anti latino etc… Stop being a bunch of weak Americans and stand up against these sickos, I do and their a bunch of cowards they can’t stand up to anymore, one on one they have to have another minion or more or a knife,gun,or their big foul mouth. I hope when they do finally graduate that any future employer sees then for what they are anti-social I will never hire people like that working for me.

  • schlomo

    the dumb goyim need to understand that only jews can say “holocaust”, “gassed”, burned, “lampshade”, “cremation” or “persecute”. if you don’t go along you are an antisemite. and the zio crazies will persecute you.

    • Umm, Not helping the cause, Schlomo. I respect and admire any and all who stand up for justice and righteousness, against bigotry and hatred. Those who have their eyes open. Regardless of their background.

  • Myron Slater

    Tennessee is known for antisemitic feelings among the population. It’s been redneck for a long time, we should hope that in this day and age, they would come into the 21st century.

    • James Russell Bailey


      Your lack of Critical Thinking concerning these issues is blatantly apparent; tossing an emotional rant does nothing constructive to the conversation, nor does it do you any honor.

      The ‘redneck’ aspect you mention is contradictory to the evidence presented: the ‘hate mongers’ (as it were), are Muslims, Asians, and an ignorant kid who thinks Stalin was a cool guy!

      The description of his selfies would seem to promote him as an emotionally stunted ‘soldier wanna be’, who in reality quite probably wouldn’t pass a US Military psyche test for entrance into ANY branch of the US Military.

      Perhaps you should consider tamping down the emotionalism in favor of some empirically based consideration of the facts as presented in the article?


      • Bryan McDoniel

        Maybe we should just close UT and 99% of the other so called higher education facilities that hide the left moderate socialists/communists.

    • Lynne

      Myron, are you a student, resident or just a know nothing contributor who has learned to use the keyboard. What you are doing is akin to loving to hear your own voice. Just droning on and on with nonsense. Nothing is further from the truth.

    • Artexerxesi

      God forbid.

    • Michael Long

      The “rednecks” in Tennessee love the Jews but hate the Moslems and communists who hate them.

      How UTK can tolerate having the MSA on campus is a mystery. The MSA an Islamic hate group with strong ties to terrorist organizations.

      Also, the MSA is misogynistic like all “good” Islamic organizations.

      • Katherine McChesney

        The Muslims and Communists are satans children.

  • robert davis

    I mean he at least would NOT cringe in front of moslems…

    • Rhoda Weintraub

      Oh No we won’t be sending out kids there!!! Thanks BLM. Ruining our Universities too. The black Muslims have a buddy in Obama–we have to wait until we get him out of office.

    • Sigmund Snopek

      These muslim students are as historically ignorant as their leaders and financiers.

      If Israel isn’t allowed to exist then nothing will exist.

  • nat cheiman

    Most of these kids will amount to nothing. However, that is no reason not to kick ém out of America

  • ESLombard

    The Palestinian refugee problem originated with and sustained by the Arab League. The world is pouring billions into wasting the lives and feeding the misplaced rage of ever growing numbers. Exactly how can one be a refugee if one has never seen a place? The same is true of the 865,000 Jews from the Arab world; can they still be called refugees?

    • Liz Wagner

      The Jews from Arab countries aren’t treated as refugees. They migrated to Israel, and built new lives. The only time these people are put into the context of refugees is when their situation is compared to that of the so-called Palestinian refugees. The Palestinians are the only group in the world for which descendants of refugees from a conflict are included in the refugee count by the UN. That is why the original estimate of 650,000 Palestinian refugees from 1948 has ballooned to 5 million. Typically, refugee populations are resettled within two years after the end of a conflict. The Palestinians, the only refugee group to have had special U.N. agencies created for them, for the sole purpose of “protecting” their interests, remain refugees, nearly 70 years later. When people talk of getting compensation for Jewish refugees of Arab countries, most of whom were forced to leave wealth and possessions behind, it’s to show the stark contrast between how the world treated them, and how it continues to treat Palestinian “refugees.”

  • stevenl

    there is plenty of leftist antisemitism in reserve in this country!
    Colleges and universities condoning racism should lose their fed & state funding.
    Governors must intervene. This is not an Islamic country although some wish it was in this US Adm.

  • I cant wait until one of these losers comes to me for a job.

  • What is wrong with Jews?

    Throw these anti-Jews out of the country and revoke their student visas.

    If these anti-Jews were anti-black they wouldn’t even be allowed to live, much less stay in school.

    Where are our tough Jews and powerful Jews?

    We needs them because today is the 1920’s in Germany and we know what’s going to happen.

    Stupid Jews who want to being 200,000 Syrian refugees here have a death wish.

  • SteveHC

    The only acceptable outcome would be for the offending UTK students to be expelled and for the others to be permanently banned from going on to the campus or entering its buildings.

    • Milla

      I completely agree.

  • victor

    “Hillel has partnered with MSA”. SICKENING. Not one penny for Hillel.

    • Arnold Cohen

      That knee jerk reaction is foolish and unwarranted. Hillel is a fine organization. Read Ms. Oleshansky’s comments as reported again:
      “According to Oleshanksy, Hillel and MSA share a “good relationship, but with SJP it’s different.”

      “The general Jewish community and general Muslim community have a very strong and positive relationship. Hillel has partnered with MSA, and we both work very hard together towards outreach between the two communities,” she said. ”

      Suppose there are leaders within MSA that do not favor the positions of SJP, those 6 students, and radical anti-American Islamic cleric Zaid Shakir. We should attempt to build positive relationships with them based on common interests and values. I know Ms. Oleshanky personally, and know her to be an intelligent, trustworthy, pragmatic and able leader with very strong social justice values. I endorse her efforts as much as I condemn the hate speech and hate crimes of Shakir and his ilk. I also am familiar with the values of community and civility espoused by the administration of UTK, and know that it is opposed to hate speech and hate crimes. It joined in an ad by universities and colleges opposing the BDS movement. The legislature of Tennessee is on record opposing the program of the BDS movement, and may take further action in that regard. The Tennessee legislation fostered by Proclaiming Justice to the Nations has become a model for many other states. In addition to demanding enforcement of laws from the local authorities and FBI, we can urge our legislative bodies to take positive actions to curtail the illegal and subversive activities of hate mongers. Let’s walk the walk.

  • hanokmim pt. 2

    The answer to all of these types of problems is very simple, the enemies of Israel are turned into molten glass with the push of just a few buttons.

    • robert davis

      It’s evident things will enbd up this way but in the meantime we must try more classical ways.Someone mentioned 1920 (Versailles Treaty) but no matter how this Treaty would have been treated ww2 would have broken up because the roblem was not the Treaty but DEMOGRAPHY which was in favour of germany. However the way ww2 happened could have been different if the Allies had taken the initiative of ww2 and started it in 1929 or 1930 when germany was militarily weak. Some would have liked it to be started later(lefters) than 1939 when Hitler took the initiave STUPIDLY but that would have been WORSE then because germany/Hitler would have had the nukes. Lefters’ ideas are always the worse.

      • robert davis

        PS. In fact lefters’ idea is always the same : postpone,postpone. This is no solution it’s only the way not to have surgery when the cancer patient needs it.

  • Linda Goudsmit

    SJP and BDS have followed Obama’s lead in redefining the English language and colloquial speech. For Obama terrorism is redefined as workplace violence. So, why should we be surprised that these miscreants in SJP and BDS do not consider anti-semitism hate speech? The central issue is that Obama and SJP and BDS all fail to consider the WHAT of behavior – they only consider the WHO. Unless society demands blind justice and only concerns itself with WHAT people do there will be intolerable double standards and no justice for all.

  • Ephraim

    Are the people at Hillel deaf, dumb, and blind? Or willfully ignorant?

    • robert davis

      Neither deaf nor dumb, aggressive. They want WAR.

  • Lia

    Where are the alumni & parents of University of Tennessee, Knoxville? They know exactly what to do. It’s called a Mizzou.

  • You know, I was at O.S.U. during the Viet Nam protest years and the time of the Kent U. killings. The campus demonstrations were also blamed on “outside agitators.” We laughed at that at the time, but, later, it proved to be true. Those outside agitators came from the government.

    • robert davis

      ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Those agitators are sent out by moslem radical hussein obanana the liar, hypocrit chearter who wants to turn America into a moslem nation. fatma Clinton does not care provided she an ambitious idiotic thing becomes next president

  • Tal

    That Jordan kid looks about like I thought he would.

    And the joke is “throw a penny on the ground” at least get it right.

    And American Jewish parents will STILL send their kids to these schools.