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August 8, 2016 7:37 am

Hillary’s Deadly Iran Deal

avatar by Shmuley Boteach

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons.

Let’s focus for a moment on two major headlines that appeared on the same day last week. The first claimed that Donald Trump was continuing to feud with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of murdered American war hero Humayun Khan. The second said that President Obama last January sent the Iranian regime $400 million in cash, which in all likelihood will be used to fund terrorism.

Now, I will never defend Trump’s gratuitous insults to so many groups, especially the grieving parents of a fallen American soldier. It’s unforgivable and Trump must apologize. The same is true of his immoral proposal to temporarily ban Islamic immigrants into the US, which I have repeatedly denounced.

But for all that, which is worse? Trump’s utterly offensive insults, or Obama secretly giving a terrorist regime nearly half a billion dollars in cold cash?

Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue Obama’s policies on Iran, handing over to the mullahs $150 billion and honoring the nuclear agreement that in about 10 years will make it legal for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Are Trump’s unforgivable verbal put-downs of Mexicans, Muslims and parents of fallen soldiers — disgusting as they are — worse than Hillary’s actions in funding a state sponsor of terrorism and facilitating the Iran nuclear agreement, which she proudly lists as an accomplishment?

There is the age-old Jewish question of whether words or actions are more consequential, to which the answer is clear: while words are always important, actions are infinitely more so.

Hillary’s participation in, and stated commitment to, continuing the funding of Iran — which will use the money to make orphans and widows, with Americans and Israelis at the top of the list — is the far greater danger.

There is no excuse for Trump’s appalling insults, whether about John McCain, a Mexican-American judge or — especially — the Khans. But, however reprehensible, these are still words.

The money that the President Obama is giving to Iran is not offensive; it is deadly. Hillary Clinton’s plans to continue to give Iran cold, hard cash will not just offend sensibilities. It will kill people.

In saying this, I accept that my argument only applies if Trump’s words are never translated into action. And I expect that they cannot be.

There is no reasonable way for Trump to enforce a ban on Muslim immigrants, a position that he might now, in any event, be retreating from. And while Trump may indeed build a wall between the United States and Mexico, I don’t see that wall, which I understand offends many, leading to the murder of innocents. Likewise, if Trump continues to insult the parents of fallen American war heroes, he will continue to invite the contempt and scorn of a large number of Americans, myself included. But it will not lead to American soldiers dying. President Obama’s plane-load of cash to Iran will.

Hillary allowing Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon by continuing with the catastrophic Iran nuclear agreement, which Iran has repeatedly violated, can be potentially genocidal, as Ayatollah Ali Khameini, the Supreme Leader, has made clear.

I wish I could sit Trump down in a locked room and tell him I’m not going to let him out until he understands that I have a son serving in the IDF on the Israel-Lebanon border right across from Hezbollah, Iran’s terror proxy army. If Hillary wins the election, Hezbollah will get billions more money funneled from a Clinton administration that can, God forbid, further endanger my son’s life. “Can you therefore, Mr. Trump, rein in your gratuitous insults, so as not to hand Hillary the election? Have you no self-control?”

Sadly, I don’t have that kind of relationship with Mr. Trump, and I’m not sure he would listen to me if I did.

As an American Jew who believes that stopping genocide is the foremost issue of any age, my number one concern today is stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and stopping its weapons flow to terrorists. But senior Obama adviser Ben Rhodes revealed to the New York Times that the administration, with Hillary as secretary of state, was negotiating with Iran even when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was president.

In Christianity, personal salvation always comes before communal redemption. It’s the righteousness of the man that matters. In Judaism, however, communal salvation is paramount. A person’s character is subordinate to his actions and the mark he leaves on the world.

I could not care less about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. While others condemned him for demeaning the office of the presidency, I always maintained that his failure to stop the 1994 Rwandan genocide was infinitely worse. What Clinton did behind closed doors had no impact on our lives. But what he did not do to stop the Rwandan slaughter meant that for a period of three months, hundreds of Africans were being slaughtered every hour without anyone to save them.

What would the world look like if Franklin Delano Roosevelt had not been president, despite the fact that he died with his mistress in Warm Springs, Georgia — even though he had in Eleanor Roosevelt a wife who was universally admired?

John F. Kennedy saved the world from potential nuclear Armageddon during the Cuban missile crisis, even as he humiliated the world’s most glamorous woman with repeated affairs.

When it comes to leadership, it’s not personal morality that we look for, but public contribution to the world’s improvement. Hillary Clinton has promised to fund a government that hangs gays and stones women  — which speaks to a general unwillingness to confront evil.

In 2010, she gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu what’s been described as a 43-minute tongue-lashing on the issue of Israeli settlements and boasted to the Washington Post, “I was often the designated yeller” of the Obama administration to Bibi. Hillary wants to reward Palestinian kleptocracy and terror with the creation of a Palestinian state, even as PA President Mahmoud Abbas incites the murder of Jews in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Can Donald Trump change his behavior and stop the insults? Perhaps not. If he continues, he is almost certain to lose the election. But Hillary’s pledge to continue to fund Iran must be even more strongly resisted.

Shmuley Boteach, whom The Washington Post calls “the most famous rabbi in America” is the author most recently of “The Israel Warriors Handbook.” Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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  • The person writing this article forgets that Hillary was not secretary of state when the Iran deal was signed.

    This type of stupidity should have been eliminated by the editors, unless the editors really desire lying about Hillary

    What is your adgenda?

    • Craig

      It seems people will follow any line of propaganda given to them. Trump clearly identifies a problem with illegal Mexicans who come here, rape children, when drunk drive and kill people, move drugs to our kids, shoot innocent young women (Kate) and many other types of crime, yet those who hate Trump simply pick upo the narrative of the left while not considering the facts. HE, Trump is absolutely correct in identifying the problem we are experiencing. I saw/heard the speech in which he made his comments. Those who mis-characterize his words and intentions are dangerous followers of criminal’s. And that includes the author of this article.

      Trump clearly has his problems but if you keep letting yourself be redirected to that rather than Criminal Hilary’s issues your simply playing into their agenda. Remember this country has been severely damaged by Obama Policies, right. Hilary will do far more damage.

      Just remember this as well, Hilary is on record saying she will pass the largest INVESTMENT in a jobs program ever passed. INVESTMENT is a code word for Largest TAX we have ever seen passed.

      iF ONE IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID THEN THIS WILL SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA. What happens after a road is built? Everyone is sent home to collect unemployment. That is the real problem. Hilary does not seek to use established economic process’s that would enhance the nation. Private companies bidding for Highway projects funded by private dollars is the way to go. Money washes through the economy 7 times which means it provides more taxable activity than does a Govt funded program which washes money through the economy 4 times sometimes. This is basic economics folks.

      Hilary isn’t stupid, she just doesn’t have a smart answer to how to create jobs. She doesn’t have the business experience. He entire life has been using Govt and your tax dollars to do things. Look at the nation. How has the been working for Americans? It hasn’t.

      Forget all the slander being pushed to you regarding Trump. Look at Americas needs. We need Jobs and a business mind to turn the economy around. Don’t be manipulated by the left. It’s all they have. They don’t have policies that are any different than those we have lived with for the last 7 years.

  • Drumpf and his father and sons are evil, anti-semetic creeps. Drumpf has posted the Star of David; with money on his site to speak of Money misuse by Mrs. Clinton….he is a bigot. Drumpf has stated that he wants short, bald men in Yarmulkes counting his money.

    We know what people of his kind are capable of: Creating hate against minorities; which ALWAYS includes the Jewish people.
    Hilary Clinton has class; and is not ever bigoted. President Obama is trying to have peace in the Middle East. The problem lies with the Terrorists, not our President.

  • David

    How to forget all the pressure and disobedient remarks made about constructions in Israel by Hilary she has always supported the policy of the Obama administration which seems to be closer to the Muslim interests as those of Israel is that American Jews have short memory remember the way that Obama hosted Netanyahu, and also remember that he received the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House.. .how after all this the Jewish community American who voted twice for Obama think voting for Hillary who is nothing more than a continuation of the current policy of the White House

  • Yale

    One need not be a rabbi to recognize that the choice we are being offered this year is between two individuals both of whom have no business serving as president. What we need is an alternative, and the Libertarians and Greens don’t provide that.

  • Hello Rabbi Shmuley!
    Well spoken, but I am fully convinced that DONALD Trump is simply neutralizing the evil he can see coming,by his utterances. He simply act like a father who is calling on Americans to be conscious of the second coming of Hitler that ravaged mostly Jews and Americans, we all know that the true ancestors of Americans are the Indian Jews. TRUMP insultive word is not what he will do once elected,but you most have a spiritual understanding to place those world as a parable to quicken the security awareness his Family( the American People). In other words, judge him not by his insults but by the greater sense in the insults. Left to me ,that is the republican president that AMERICA should vote for, if they really want to restore the fear of God and stop people hiding under ISLAM with big sums of cash to finance terrorism. Islamic people are supposed to support him if they have no hidden Agender, than to condemn him meaning that their hearts are not clean. A true Muslim can not slaughter his fellow Muslim except such is a terrorist. So please, I beg of Americans to massively vote for Trump for a better dignified and most of all secured AMERICA ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! MUSICOLOGIST.

  • Sandy Myers

    Please note that Boteach is a well known Republican mouthpiece. He ran for office in New Jerey as a Republican and uses his identity as a rabbi to demand respect that his views do not warrant. Clinton was not part of the Obama administration when the Iran deal was negotiated nor had anything to do with the funds just given to Iran.

  • Juan Vega

    The agony of Jewish American voters seems to show that while the current direction of the Democratic Party is an existential threat not just to Israel but to Jews in general, perhaps the time has come to stop support of Democrats or any politician that supports terrorism overtly or covertly.

    Trump’s bombastic language is hot air when compared with the anti-Semitism going through the veins of the left in the United States. Yes- pogroms are now in America.

  • William C. McKee

    You do know that Mr. Khan lied (repeatedly) don’t you? Let’s go through a list of some of them, shall we. Every word and action before the Democrats on stage was carefully rehearsed — down to every “pregnant pause”. [He admits and brags to that point.] So body language and such is potentially a lie (because not a bit of it was not very carefully staged). Why would he be doing such a thing? (1) Trump’s temporary ban of Muslim immigrants, a direct response to the ISIS promise to [use] these innocent people (as a weapon delivery system) in the form of the ancient Trojan Horse. If the enemy excepted the gift (or we opened ourselves trusting without verifying) then adequate commando forces enter the gates. And if we accept no one (or otherwise help) them it makes us look ungracious, cowardly and “with a black heart” as Khan said of Trump. (2) Khan has self hate — and but merely wishes to transfer it upon Trump, even if his self hate won’t then actually go away.

    Keeping in mind the conditions of (1), the next president of the four that are running for office here, plus the whole of Europe, will have to deal with the Trojan Horse effect. And Trump is merely leading the logical response. That of temporary safety zones for the immigrants, and suitable military responses — specially geared to deal with a highly symbolic death cult. There would exist such responses. ISIS merely hopes that we don’t lock on to one of these.

    For various reasons Khan does not care one way or another about ISIS — nor even if they should win the day. This despite his holding his precious copy of the Constitution and more or less declaring to the whole world that Trump was totally ignorant of its content. This is a version of a lie that needs some unpacking. There is of course a logical reason why Khan has entire boxes filled with copies of the Constitution. He is a lawyer, of a certain type, and these boxes of the Constitution, are merely a business supply item. No more, and no less, and I can show that from Khan’s recorded intellectual work product.

    Khan is in the business, as a lawyer for obtaining visa and citizenship papers for wealthy Muslim immigrants. He might not restrict himself to Muslims, for that would be perhaps discriminatory. Or to only the super wealthy, for like reasons. Besides that he would have his famous compassion (except towards Trump) to consider. [Who has compassion towards Godzilla — even if he might be the hero, sent by Heaven or nature to save the day?]

    With regard to the concerns of (1), the primary concerns of Khan are of his cash flow. A shutting down of the flow of Muslim immigrants has a direct linear effect on his business operation — that is handing out the copies of the Constitution to his clients.

    He indicated that this proposal of the temporary ban on Muslim immigration is contrary to the Constitution. But the flow of immigrants is a chosen weapon of a foe to our nation. And high in the purpose of the Constitution is the defense of our nation from a foe. Khan knows this. And not one word of that document says that we can not even go the limit of not allowing anyone enter or leave this country. And what Trump is wanting to do, differs not significantly from what the golden hearted Carter did at an earlier point in history with his own travel ban. And the Supreme Court said not so much as a peep about what Carter (actually did) rather than as you made a point of (advocating doing, as to Trump’s words). Khan knew all of these things, so it was a kind of lie.

    It is by no means a demanded matter of Constitutional Law that we let people into our country. Rather, it is totally a matter of generosity. And generosity can indeed be shut down if it is to be used as a weapon. Observe that Europe is invariably coming to the same conclusion. But all is not hopeless on that point. Break the ideological points of ISIS (which definitely can be done — if we have the [faith] to do it) and travel matters will return to normal.

    The matter of (2) self-hate or guilt.

    And let us return to the presented picture of Mr. Khan holding high the Constitution that his hero son died of in the course of defending that document. No one can doubt that Khan’s son was a hero — giving his life to protect others. But there is a conflict in Mr. Khan’s thinking that he is shoving off on Trump — his own guilt. And he lies to himself that “God is making Trump make mistakes in daring to confront the noble Khan.” He could only wish that were the case. God does not like lies. And there is a great abundance of these being told.

    In the 1980’s Khan produced intellectual documents that praised the beauty of concepts that are in our Constitution, but concluded that without any argument that Islamic Law should always “supersede” Constitutional Law. Of recent date, Khan used his “elegant words — as he says of himself” that “that there is no such thing as Islamic Law”. That would be news to a number of countries in the world that claim to live under that standard. Much as “The Muslim Brotherhood” that was promoted in Egypt by Mr. Obama — and royally kicked out of government by the vast majority of Muslims, not at all wanting to live under Islamic Law. So in all probability all that Khan was doing was to cover one lie with another. The only way out for him is to claim a change of heart. And that means admitting that he said with all his intellectual force the first words about Islamic Law. But now retracts them. That is dealing with a lie, much greater than anything Godzilla has thus far said. So Khan, at least on this matter, who is God really tripping up. The intuition of the monster who is Trump, was that you controlled your wife’s words too much. And by your own admission, she didn’t want you to say certain things — certain things that you later elaborated on. Might there have been additional things that she didn’t want you to say? Things that her heart was telling her, that God might not like.

    Let us cap off with Khan’s carried and transferred guilt load. Like all fathers and sons, Khan and his son likely had a talk about the son’s future life. The son wanted strongly to be a lawyer like his father. But like all fathers and sons they had their differences. Mr. Khan is on record as favoring Islamic Law over Constitutional Law. We don’t know the son’s views on that. But from whatever combination of considerations. Mr. Khan did not apparently offer to co-sign a loan for his son’s education. Though it would appear that he had more than adequate funds to do that. Hence the son joined the service to obtain those funds, even though as Mr. Khan admits, the son had no interest in the war.

    The son was blown up. The father hates that he didn’t deal with the education money differently. Or he might still have his son.

    Khan concludes that love of money is indeed the root of much that is wrong in the world. Trump loves money, but other things as well. If Khan did wrong over money he figures, then Trump must be even worse than himself. The transfer of guilt.

  • robert davis

    fatma Clinton is a calamity and her harassing Israel about the “settlements” ie Israel’s right to build houses on its OWN territory can lead to a ww3 because Israel NEEDS Judea/Samùaria/Gaza in order to defend itsself and SURVIVE. Losing this territory means forcing Israel to start a nuclear war against arab states and perhaps even some european states such as France. On the other hand Trump does NOT insult anyone stating the truth which is that the US does not want to lose control of its territory by giving it away to minorities. As to that terrorist khan he sacrificed nothing to the US only to the moslem American he wants. He is not an American patriot, Trump is. Problemis that the nazi leftwing mantra has been repeated somuch by leftwing medias that people are believing leftwing LIES now.

  • America’s rabbi is at it again, in spades. He takes a man who has become the object of criticism across the political board and want to forgive him his rhetorical trespasses.

    America’s rabbi ignores this man’s complete and total ignorance of foreign and domestic policy, his unwillingness to build an advisory infrastructure, his narcissism, his apparent ability to concentrate on any topic, his apparent inability to finish a sentence, his demagoguery, and so much more. This man, America’s rabbi apparently supports for the office of president.

    We may be in a terrible bind in this year’s presidential election. I am well aware of Hillary’s limitations. But this most recent posting by America’s rabbi wants to juxtapose these with some superficial criticisms of Donald Trump, without accounting for the deeper character issues as analyzed by William Kristol, David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, Jonathan Tobin, and John Podhoretz, to name just a few.

  • Enufalready

    According to Front Page Khan has had involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and is an advocate of sharia and stealth jihad. According to the FBI illegal aliens murdered 3000 human beings and committed 655,000 crimes in the State of Texas alone between 2008-2013. It is true that almost 100% of all Muslims are anti-Semitic and according to PEW over 40% of Hispanics are, too. Judge Curiel, a Sephardic name BTW, has involvement with the racist La Raza’s Lawyers Association, and allowed the non-case against Trump to proceed even after the main plaintiff dropped out and you, Bleeding Heart Boteach think he needs to apologize to these miscreants?
    Oh well, at least you understand that Hillary Rotten Clinton is a threat to the continued existence of Western civilization.