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August 11, 2016 6:45 am

History Major Elected to UK’s Largest Student Union Calls Zionists ‘Sub-Human, Rats’

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Edinburgh U student Daniel Yahia called Zionists "sub human" and "rats" in a Facebook post against an Israeli soccer player. Photo: Facebook.

Edinburgh U student Daniel Yahia. Photo: Facebook.

An elected delegate to the UK’s largest student union called Zionists “sub-human,” The Tab reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, in a Facebook tirade against an Israeli soccer player on his favorite team, Edinburgh University student Daniel Yahia — who “weeks after having been elected, ditched the post within the NUS and never took it up” — wrote:

Sick of seeing Celtic fans creaming themselves over Nir Bitton. We are a club open to all, that cannot be disputed, but by all, we mean humans, of different creeds, races and religions. Zionists are subhuman and, Nir Bitton is a filthy, Zionist rat,” he wrote. “Get him as far to f**k from our club as possible. If you’re gonna wave your Palestinian flag, don’t be a hypocrite and demand this bastard takes his place on the team. Only place he should be an ever present is a jail cell for supporting the apartheid regime. C**t.

Then, in response to a supportive comment suggesting that Bitton be gassed, Yahia wrote, “Be too good for him mate, expose him to the worst torture which the IDF uses on young Palestinian kids, see how much of a man he is then. Scumbag.”

Defending his vile rant, Yahia — who, the report said, has a “history of anti-Zionist comments on social media” — told The Tab that while he was once a huge fan of Bitton, his allegiance changed “during the 2014 systematic slaughter in Gaza, where almost 3,000 Palestinians were slaughtered by ZIONIST agenda, Bitton revealed a photo on Instagram to be in support of the IDF.”

By way of explanation, Yahia — a history and politics major — referred to Israel as “the oppressor” and an “apartheid state.” He called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “war criminal” and said “Zionism is the practice of genocide in Palestine.”

“If you’ve never been to Gaza, I suggest you do go, Because whilst holidaymakers in Tel Aviv bathe in the sun, young children bathe in blood, orchestrated by the savage Israeli regime. I have no problems with Jews or Israelis, just zionists [sic],” he said, adding, “The Palestinian people are Semites. Is it antisemitic to criticize them?”

The NUS quickly distanced itself from Yahia’s statements, telling The Tab, “These are utterly contemptible comments, which have absolutely no place in either the student movement or wider society. We are not aware of this individual ever having held elected office within, or being a representative of, NUS. These comments stand in complete contrast to the tolerance and inclusivity we value as an organisation and of the society we want to see.”

Yahia’s sentiments and rhetoric are purportedly common among Celtic fans, who — According to the Jerusalem Post — are planning to stage a protest next week when the team faces off against Israel’s Hapoel Beersheba in the Champions League.

According to the report, Celtic fans plan on greeting the Israeli team by waving Palestinian flags. A Facebook page entitled “Fly the flag for Palestine, for Celtic, for Justice” has been created by a group named Celtic Fans for Palestine. 

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