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August 13, 2016 1:45 pm

France, US Condemn Israeli Demolition Plans of Illegal Structures

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A Palestinian demonstration against Israeli demolition of the village of Susiya. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A Palestinian demonstration against Israeli demolition of the village of Susiya. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. – The French and US governments have both condemned Israeli plans to demolish illegally built Palestinian structures in the West Bank.

In a statement on Thursday, the French foreign ministry said that it was the third time this year that Israel has torn-down French-financed structures, “which includes the dismantling of a school in February.”

“France is deeply concerned by the accelerated pace of demolitions and confiscations of humanitarian structures that should benefit the Palestinian population living in Area C,” it added, AFP reported.

“We call on the Israeli authorities to put an end to these practices which are contrary to international law.”

Under the 1994 Oslo Accords, Israel maintains full military and civilian control of Area C of the West Bank.

Meanwhile, the US State Department added that it was also concerned about Israeli plans to demolish the tiny Palestinian village of Susiya in the southern West Bank.

“If the Israeli government proceeds with demolitions in Susiya, it would be very troubling and would have a very damaging impact on the lives of the Palestinians living there who have already been displaced on other occasions,” spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters.

However, according to Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the structures are being demolished because they were built without a permit.

“No request for building permits of the illegal structures had been received by their owners. They were invited to a committee to give them a chance to rectify the situation and gain permission but they failed to appear,” COGAT said, Reuters reported.


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  • Jonah

    Dumb and dumber have conspired together to bring these charges. What is it about France why have they become the torch bearers for Obama. I mean has holland surreptitiously turned the country over to Islam. Will they burn it down if he does not headmen to their religious and political objectives. On the outside looking in it seems to me unless you intend to covert to Islam the smart person would get out of France immediately. The government will stop pursuing those who do mass shootings of infidels who participate in western lifestyle. It seems they will find excuses which subtly justify them and they will feed the French by the teaspoonful the factual reality that their is nothing the government can do about it because you wimps gave up guns for lipstick and roughe for your judges. We are a charly you say….. the same thing that happened to a charly is going to happen to you. The government has dumbed down the general populace you have become a country of liberal fools you drove God out of your country and Allah is here to fill the vaccum. They will start cleaning up what they see as a total disaster…. idiots who don’t even know what the true meaning of life is, they are going to kill or behead all the gays. Any man with lipstick. Anyone who listens to rock music, and that’s the tip of the ice berg and in the mean time your judges, your government. Your learning institutions and your well bred degenerates will keep chasing anyone down the street with a sign that says ,Jesus to throw them in jail and prosecute them to the full extent of the law…but be quick as your chasing us their is someone with a moon shaped knife created specifically for one purpose to cut your head off and he is much smarter and much faster, much more devoted, focused with one intent in mind…that is to kill idiots who have lost their Purpose for existing.

  • Joseph Stein

    The exact opposite is true. The current US and French policies towards Israel violate International law. They get away with these blatant lies because the historical, political, and judicial history on these matters are often ignored and largely forgotten. The now defunct Oslo Accords of 1993 on which the US relies so heavily for legal arguments, were signed with the caveat that they would be voided by violations. Since 1993, continued Islamist aggression bent on the destruction of Israel and murder of her citizens, has incessantly violated the Accords in many ways, ergo the Oslo Accords are dead. Even then, the Oslo Accords never superceded the enshrined historical international legal protections guarding Jewish land Sovereignty. The signatories to these legally binding treaties included former US & French Statesmen with the foresight to protect Israel’s sovereignty against future threats by corrupt regimes.

    The Lodge-Fish Resolution 360 of September 21, 1922 as a joint Resolution passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed by President Warren Harding, endorsed the Balfour Declaration with slight variations. This resolution confirmed Jewish sovereignty over the entire area of Palestine including Jerusalem. Under the Doctrine of Estoppel, the US is specifically estopped from making policies, taking any steps, measures, spending any monies on policies, which run contrary to the binding covenant of this resolution. So, no decision, policy or measure taken by subsequent American administrations may be in conflict with the Terms of the Palestine Mandate. France as a signatory to the terms of the UN Mandate for Palestine is also legally bound to supporting Jewish Sovereignty inclusive of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Jerusalem. French recognition of Israeli land rights may also be found in the articles of the Franco-British Boundary agreement of 23 December 1920.
    The tireless efforts of the anti-Israel Obama administration to undermine Jewish sovereignty to Jerusalem and is a violation of US law by the US Supreme court itself. Under the articles of the Anglo-American treaty of 1924 their fallacious condemnations further violates international treaty law.
    With all the brilliant Jewish legal minds out there one has to wonder what all these lawyers are doing that’s more important than defending the legal rights for Jews to exist in our homeland? Why do you remain silent?

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Aside from lacking a permit, was there anything wrong with the buildings? If France paid for one building, was France involved in the legal process of requesting building permit? It seems to me that the PA wanted to get the buildings demolished to put Israel in a bad light internationallh while also antagpnising France and the USA. Israel should have found a way to avoid the demolitions becoming a publicity stunt.

  • Condemnation of destruction of ILLEGAL structures.

    They have gone completely gaga with their blind & automatic condemnations of anything Israel does.

    Love to see their behaviour if Russia starts building illegal structures in their countries.

    We all know the answer to that.

  • Benjamin

    US ‘deeply concerned’ by Israel’s plans to relocate Amona
    Quote:The Lubavitcher Rebbe:
    These people [Peace Now] bring down terrible danger onto Jews and onto the Land. These people are the ‘demolishers and destroyers’ from amongst the Jewish people and of the Land of Israel.
    Yet they shout “PEACE! ‘The wicked have no peace [to offer!]’. ‘The wicked will have no peace, says G-d’ [Isaiah 49.17]– they offer no peace [agreements]. The intention of the Arabs terrorists are well known, as they ascertained at their recent gathering, that all Jewish People are to leave the Land of Israel.
    for full talk go to

  • Stein

    I guess France should stop funding illegal Islamist settlement activity.

  • Andrew

    Since France paid to have them built, Israel should charge them for taking them down.

  • Israel

    Solution: Foreign countries should stop building & or funding illegal structures in Israel.