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August 21, 2016 11:49 am

Activist Exposes ‘Insane Hypocrisy’ of Qatari-Owned Outlet’s Popularity Among Western Liberals (INTERVIEW)

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Leora Noor Eisenberg. Photo: Screenshot

Leora Noor Eisenberg. Photo: Screenshot.

Many young Americans who get their news from the AJ+ online media channel are unaware of its ties to the Qatari government-owned Al Jazeera network, a young Zionist activist from Minnesota told The Algemeiner on Sunday.

“As someone who is 17, I’m surrounded by people my age who tend to lean left, if not far-left, who love self-proclaimed liberal, progressive news,” Leora Noor Eisenberg said. “One of their main news sources is AJ+. You see this on Facebook, where they share AJ+ interviews all the time. This is all well and good, until you realize that it’s crazy. AJ+ is a subsidiary of Al Jazeera, and we all know what Al Jazeera is — it goes completely against their self-proclaimed liberal values.”

She continued: “Most people don’t even know that the ‘AJ’ in AJ+ stands for Al Jazeera. People don’t know what AJ+ actually is.”

Eisenberg, who will enroll at Princeton University in September, said the “insane hypocrisy” of AJ+’s popularity among liberals is what drove her to make a video to expose its “hidden hateful agenda.”

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The video was posted on Facebook on Thursday, and since then, it has received around 160,000 views, “which for someone my age is pretty amazing,” Eisenberg said.

Eisenberg said she herself was “shell-shocked” when she learned earlier this year that AJ+ was part of Al Jazeera. “Once you realize that, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, that makes perfect sense.’ Their videos are so anti-American, so anti-Western and so anti-Israel, you get it once people tell that to you. So I want other people to have that moment of realization.”

Eisenberg spent almost two months in Israel this summer, taking part in a program called “Video Activism.” According to Eisenberg, the program “teaches young Jews to make hasbarah [public diplomacy] videos.”

“We could do them on more or less whatever we wanted, but they supervised us and helped us with the videos,” she said.

Eisenberg said reactions to her video have been “interesting.”

“In the pro-Israel community, most people are like, ‘Yeah, you go, girl,’ for getting that out there, which is good, but that’s to be expected,” she said. “There are also some people in the pro-Israel community who’ve told me the video was too sensationalist and simplistic. But, of course, it’s simplistic for us; we know this already. But most people don’t.”

“From the non-affiliated community, there have been responses like, ‘Wow, I had no idea, this is paradigm-shifting,’ which is gratifying. But I’ve also gotten, in the anti-Israel community, or at least in the liberal progressive community, the Bernie Sanders groups I post in, people who say, ‘Why do you care? Every single outlet has a bias. Al Jazeera is just representing the Arab point of view.’”

Eisenberg said she is not finished exposing AJ+. She told The Algemeiner she’s working on a second video involving a statistical analysis of the channel’s content.

“If people complain this first video was sensationalist, I can tell you that the next video will not be,” she said. “It will be much more calm and rational.”

Watch Eisenberg’s video below:

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  • Ken Kelso

    Al Jazeera exposed for the racists they are.

  • Look at this lying Al Jazeera lying headline to prove my point.
    Palestinian shot dead after fatal stabbing in Jerusalem; 2 Israeli victims also killed
    Al Jazeera doesn’t tell people the Palestinian who was shot dead, was the terrorist who stabbed the 2 Israeli civilians to death.

    Al Jazeera broadcaster glorifies Tel Aviv massacre of innocent Jews.

    Will this get a fraction of the sympathy and coverage that the Al Jazeera arrests did?
    May 19, 2015

    Al Jazeera op-ed praises synagogue massacre
    November 22, 2014

  • Al Jazeera has program glorifying Palestinian terrorist Dalal Al-Maghrabi who murdered 36 Israeli civilians on a bus in Tel Aviv in 1978.

  • nat cheiman

    People generally, are not clever

  • Jeff Price

    It’s ironic that Al Jazeera has been banned in Egypt Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq for being to pro-western! Al Jazeera’s problem is in trying to deliver balanced news content it’s going to upset 50% of its audience. I recommend you watch the documentary “Control Room” to gain some insight to the broadcaster.

    • Zvi

      Al Jazeera does not try to deliver balanced news. It delivers news that the regime in Qatar wants people to see. You will never, for example, see criticism of the Qatari regime on any AJ property.

  • Abraham

    Excellent piece…will share.

  • All Kudos to this young lady. She has a very mature understanding of how various matters really are in reality – and not how the biased anti-Semites and media portray them.

  • ita

    When you are ready we suggest you check out the AP (Associated Press) Without exception news organizations use the AP for their foreign news source. (There actually used to be another source UPI that is currently less popular or out of business.) You may be as shocked as we were several years ago when we read in an AT&T stock holders report that the AP was sold to an Arab businessnan !! (AT&T having sold AP a huge phone system.)

  • They don’t come much more pro-Israel than me. But I have to tell you that English-language Al-Jazheera is my default television news source.
    Why? It’s English-language RANGE of news from all over the world outclasses all other stations – certainly the BBC which is parochial in relationship to Al-Jazheera.

    The only issue I have with A-J is that it refers basically to the “occupied territories”. It just takes this as a fact. In all other respects it is objective. What it says in Arabic though is possibly quite another story. But I want to know in ENGLISH what’s going on in the world. A-J tells me.

  • David Sandler

    I salute you Leora for exposing the bias of AJ+ Al Jazeera, the Qatari government-owned news.

    In Australia we also have Al Jazeera news. With their oil revenue the Qatari government make up their own news all over the world.

    Did not the Qatari government also buy the right to host the Football World Cup from very corrupt FIFA officials?

    How can anyone play soccer in over 40 degrees Celsius? Just goes to show what money can buy.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    God activism, the Al Jazeera, propaganda and media coverage is not only dangerous to Israel but to all the world as is pushing the Islamic monarchy regime and interfere logically in internal affair like had happened in Egypt were with other media they support the Morsi imposition with the Muslim brotherhood the Sharia law. In Australia were I live they news are broadcast by ABC the state TV. Is an insult that the Government of AU permit such violation as is state interference.
    Good article that report a good action to counterfort the Islamic antizionist and undermine the wester world.

  • I found this video extremely distasteful. The “examples” posted are incomplete, unsourced, and taken out of context. I would surely send this young woman to Journalism school to teach her how to communicate a viewpoint in an unbiased, objective way – something that AJ+ plus does very well in most cases.
    For example, Eisenberg stated that AJ+ only “bashes” America, Israel, and parts of the European Union. A simple search proved this not to be true. A number of Western Hemisphere, Asian, and African democracies are also criticized for human rights violations and other policies. The fact that she was “shell-shocked” to find that AJ+ is part of the Al Jazeera just shows that she is clueless because that information IS ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THE AJ+ WEBSITE.
    Criticize AJ+ article/videos specifically if you must, but until the parent company interferes with the content on AJ+, it stands as a valuable voice in a global society.

    • Robin

      So Annie, how much is AJ+ paying you to be their mouthpiece? You probably this Hamas and Hezbollah are humanitarian organizations too.

    • Alan Bly

      “Global society????” Are you serious? There isn’t any global society and anyone who suggests that there is, is willing to compromise the morality that decency depends on. After World War II, Europeans opted to believe that all cultures are equal. One is no more decent, preferred, superior…to any other. Well, that’s nonsense. And, it isn’t working out well, at all, for those parts of Europe that have endorsed such an idea. The reality is that different cultures continue to attempt to influence others. They will do what they can to convince, persuade and, yes, mislead others to bring them around to their ideas. Arab media outlets are particularly of that ilk. Stop being so darned naive.

  • Hamanslayer

    What Lora Eisenberg is doing is very commendable, and I wish her more power with it.

    There are several problems to overcome, however. One is the excellence and efficiency of Al Jazeera which is backed by Qatar’s wealth. It requires a super effort go compete with them, especially since they also employ some “Jewish” turncoats among their writers.
    That is another problem. Even in Israel, the socialist wrong-wing “liberal, progressive” Sector, which ran not just the coun,ry but the bulk of the world jewry for years, typify the outrageous hypocricy that is a major characteristic of the “liberal left.” Like the billionaire socialist George Tsures and his Open Sores Foundations. In Israel, the Histadrut –ostensibly a federation of labor unions — owned the lion’s share of the country’s enterprizes and economy and was the representative of the workers at the same time it was their employer…

    Today, the remnants of the Israel Communist Party, the pro-communist MAPAM, and some of what is left of the once-ruling MAPAI (Ben Gurion’s and Golda Meir’s party) are the “new Left.” Not quite as anti religious, and still proclaiming their moral justification, they produce things like MERETZ, Betselem, Peace Now and ties to the New Israel Fund, and perhaps even the ideologically close J-Street.
    With “Jews” like these, here and in Israel, how do you expect to successfully combat the anti-Israel propaganda produced by Al Jazeera?

    I just read another virulent anti-Israel Arab propaganda piece by Ben Horton of the vomit smelling Salon. He even puts al-Jazeera to shame… and Yahoo news, which I am sure is read online by millions, now runs a substantial number of articles from Al Jazeera. I counted as many as 4 in one day last week. It was not enough to use AFP as their major source of news about Israel, along with lots of items from the Huffing-and-Puffing Puts and Salon and Vox – they had to “upgrade” their Israel and Palestinian coverage to Al Jazeera…
    So we need lots more activists like Leora — but they need lots and lots of help!

    • Hamanslayer

      Sorry for the typo: I meant to spell the name Leora but accidentally dropped the e.

  • Dave

    Go girl, Go!
    Expose the haters!

  • On the AJ+ website: “Al Jazeera Media Network” is at the bottom. It’s wise to “consider the source” before reading or watching anything online. Uncovering the agendas of sites like AJ+ helps young people develop critical thinking skills.

  • Ephraim

    Once again the use of the words “liberal” and “progressive” in inaccurate settings. Just as Judea and Samarya are often referred to as ‘the west bank,’ so the use of liberal and/or progressive when referring to those who hate Israel and Jews is misnamed.

    Miss Eisenberg, I wish you well at Princeton. Be prepared to fight off the savages who run many US universities.

  • stevenl

    Liberals in alliance with Islamists for the war against the West and the Jews.
    Liberal America and the elite (Rt & Lt) have shown their gluttony for petro$ from the lands of the sands. For this $ they have brought in ME studies, fanatical Imams, mosques whose only goal is the promotion of antisemitism and the destruction of the West since the same is going on in the EU for many decades.

    Something for you Leora to confirm AJs bias…keep up the good work! Good luck at Uni, won`t be easy these days!


    Great work Leora…here`s a clip where AJ get rumbled in editing out things that they`d rather not here…Tommy kept the original tapes for us-we`d not have known otherwise.

  • Jay Lavine

    It’s quite true that this kind of one-sided anti-Israel reporting goes against liberal values. It was just reported that the student council at Leipzig University in Germany passed an anti-BDS resolution that was supported by the Young Socialists as well as by the Liberal student group there. Six months ago, the student council at the University of Vienna did the same thing, supported by the Green Party, the Socialist students, and the Communist students-Left List.

    When we do see secular ideologues supporting BDS, it’s often because their ideology has become a religion to them and they’ve lost the ability to be impartial and objective, in contrast to those who manifest Jewish values.

    Given the Arabic middle name of Leora, it would be of interest to know her background.