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August 26, 2016 12:14 pm

Report: Israel Breaks Own Record; More Goods, Trucks Entering Gaza Than Ever Before

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Trucks bring humanitarian aid and goods to the Gaza Strip (Facebook)

Trucks delivering goods to the Gaza Strip. Photo: Facebook.

A record was broken this year, with more deliveries entering Gaza from Israel than ever before, the Hebrew news site Walla reported on Thursday.

According to the report, in the first half of 2016, a whopping 88,800 trucks of goods were transferred to the Hamas-controlled enclave through the Kerem Shalom border crossing in southern Gaza. This phenomenon, said Walla, is connected partially to the thawing of relations between Israel and Turkey.

Though the reconciliation agreement reached by the two neighboring countries in June – and ratified by the Turkish parliament last week – has not resolved tensions over what Turkey considers to be an unjust Israeli naval blockade, Israel has nevertheless been encouraging Turkish aid to Gaza. This, said Walla, is due to waning donations from other countries for the rehabilitation of the Strip, following the damage that was done during Operation Protective Edge two years ago. Turkey, it added, recently transferred funds to Gaza for 11 different projects, among them the erection of mosques, orphanages and community centers.

However, the report claimed, Israel has also conveyed clearly to Turkey that goods may enter Gaza only after they have undergone thorough inspection at the border. Among items forbidden from entering the Strip, Israel clarified, are equipment and technology that could be used by Hamas for military purposes. In addition, despite Hamas attempts over the past year to smuggle in material for tunnel-construction and other terrorist infrastructure, no restrictions were imposed on the number of trucks allowed to enter Gaza from Israel – a policy supported by recently appointed Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Furthermore, a new plan being considered by the defense establishment is the opening of the Erez Crossing in northern Gaza to the entry of trucks. Until now, it has been used for pedestrian passage alone.

The rift between former close allies Jerusalem and Ankara began in 2010, when a flotilla filled with radical Turkish and other activists — claiming to be delivering humanitarian goods to Gaza — set out to violate Israel’s naval blockade on the Strip. As the “Free Gaza” flotilla entered Israeli waters, IDF commandos attempting to stop it from continuing were assaulted on one of its ships, the Mavi Marmara. When they fought back, nine activists were killed (a 10th died later of his wounds).

Part of the reconciliation deal involves Israel’s paying $20 million in compensation to the families of those Turks killed or injured on the Mavi Marmara.

Israel continues to maintain that it never prevented humanitarian goods from entering Gaza, but rather was restricting the flow of materials used by Hamas for terrorist purposes. According to Walla, the Defense Ministry is pointing to its data on the number of trucks entering the terrorist-run enclave — amounting to 700 per day — to prove its assertion.

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  • Ephraim

    So what. Nothing to brag about. Actually an embarrassment that we keep records. Pleasing people who want to kill us just so other people who want to kill us don’t say bad things about us is complete INSANITY. Both groups will continue to try to kill us and both will continue to say lies about us. Cancer is never a friend. It must be eliminated. Only liberals try to become friends with cancer until it kills them.

  • Lammie

    Israel is the only country in history who keeps on supporting its avowed enemies with food, medicines, building material, etc., etc., on a daily basis. The Hamas charter declares that Hams will never recognize Israel and day after day plan the demise of innocent Israeli citizens, many of which plans they succeed in carrying out. Stabbings, rammings, rock/boulder throwing, Molotov cocktails raining down – all this on a daily basis and Israel still sends in humanitarian aid to people who are trying their best to annihilate us. It is insane. We voluntarily left Gaza “Juden Vrei” – almost 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes in the beilief that the Gazan Arabs would take it over, together wih the still operating hothouses, and turn Gazaz into a thriving area where Gaza’s children could thrive. The Gazans, instead of turning the area into an amazing holiday destinanion for tourists, destroyed everything the Jews left behind, in an orgy of destruction and started sending thousands of rockets into Israel, often aiming direectly at Israeli kindergarten. Day after day, year after year Israelis ran for their lives into shelters – near Gaza they had 15 SECONDS to get to a safe place. Old people, babies – evryone – running for their lives. Entire families traumatized. Jewish children and their parents all squeezed into tiny basements or safe rooms for hours on end – older kids starting to wet their “beds” (usually on the floor) again. I could go on….When finally we decide to defend ourselves – the whole world falls upon us with anger. Still we keep helping our enemies to kill us. It IS insane.

  • tom

    a “record”?

    could that possibly be because gaza’s population is steadily growing? it’s fairly normal that an increasing population should need an increasing amount of goods. two years after operation protective edge, the situation has calmed down, and trade has gone back to normal. and just maybe, the closing of the border with egypt, and the smuggling tunnels from egypt, increased the demand for goods entering via israel.

    but what’s least likely is that the agreement with turkey, which was only ratified in august, had much effect, retroactively, on the numbers for the first half of 2016, which ended june 30. or else the headline should have been, “israeli bean counters master time travel”.

  • What Israel is doing gratifies the dictators of Gaza. It means that they can pocket the money that was meant for the humanitarian aid earmarked for their citizenry.

  • A Simple Jew

    Why doesn’t Israel block all goods until Hamas is gone? They are at war with Gaza. Sending 88,000 trucks is insane.

  • M. Barry Slater

    Just bomb the trucks with non-humanitarian supplies.

  • Rachel Cohen

    And this is what I commented on yesterday, on another article. Israeli Jews are going against Godly principles–and are literally aiding the Sharia Muslim Arabs–who are sworn to murder every Jew they can–and destroy Israel. This is resultant to Jewish godlessness, and mental illness. Wise and Godly people, do not aid those who are working to murder them–aiding them to the point of enabling their mass murderous Islamic jihad terrorism. As for the godless Islamic terrorist Turks–they are not friends of Israel–nor will they ever be. And Israeli pandering–will not change this–Turkey will become even more of an enemy of Israel’s.

  • that’s just great. more supplies for the construction of tunnels. more aid to the terrorists. not much to the (hateful) people of gaza.

    it won’t make obama or the u.n. or the e.u. like Israel any better. NO ONE APPRECIATES ANY HUMANITARIAN AID SUPPLIED OR ALLOWED IN BY ISRAEL. one will still hear the usual nasty, mindless, condemnations. and, to make matters worse, to restate the obvious: the flow of materiel will endanger Israel.

    what’s the benefit to Israel? there must be some benefit. what is the benefit? none. but, Israel has habituated itself to supine and unquestioning compliance with the outrageous demands of obama, kerry, the u.n., the e.u., etc. and, if you think that it’s bad with Bibi (and, it is), with any likely successor, it would be much worse.