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August 29, 2016 12:44 pm

Report: Netanyahu Warns Visiting US Delegation Against Lame-Duck Moves by Obama on Israel-Palestinian Track

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed a message of warning to US President Barack Obama not to make any moves on the Israeli-Palestinian front during his lame-duck period between November and January, the Hebrew news site Walla reported on Monday.

According to the report, Netanyahu expressed his concerns on Sunday, during a meeting at his summer house in Caesarea with a delegation of American hard-hitters from both sides of the political aisle, who are in the region on a fact-finding mission. Among members of the delegation visiting the Middle East (with stops in the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia and Turkey) are Democrats Dennis Ross and Philip Gordon, and Republicans James Jeffrey, Meghan O’Sullivan, Zalmay Khalilzad and Robert Danin. As one senior official told Walla, some of these are likely to hold key positions in the next American administration, whichever candidate wins.

Meanwhile, as Walla reported, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, efforts are under way to coordinate a meeting between Netanyahu and Obama during the former’s trip to the US in mid-September to attend the 71st session of the UN General Assembly. The White House, too, according to Walla, is interested in such a meeting, particularly as negotiations on America’s military aid package to Israel reach completion.

One American participant in the meeting in Caesarea said that though Netanyahu expressed satisfaction with the aid package, he gave the impression that he was afraid Obama was planning to take advantage of his lame-duck period to initiate a UN Security Council resolution relating to Israel and the Palestinians — or to refrain from exercising the United States’ traditional veto against resolutions unfavorable to the Jewish state. Freedom from the shackles of worrying about reelection, coupled with a US aid package which Obama can taut as the most generous in American administration history, will enable the outgoing president to do what he wants — is Netanyahu’s thinking, according to the American delegate.

This jibes with the assessments made by former US State Department Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller in an interview with The Algemeiner on Friday.

“I’m sure Netanyahu does not trust what the Obama administration might be considering on the Israeli-Palestinian issue,” Miller said. “There have been rumors flying around, that after the November elections,  the administration will consider trying to work out a set of parameters on final status issues, either with a UN Security Council resolution or some other arrangement — basically to create a new framework for what would constitute the international community’s preferred outcome for a two-state solution, including what to do about borders, Jerusalem, refugees. And that, I think, is Netanyahu’s fear.”

Speculation about a possible US push for progress on the Israeli-Palestinian front comes amid a flurry of diplomatic attempts to broker new peace talks between the two sides. The French initiative, which was recently approved by the European Parliament is one. Russia has also proposed a summit. In addition, as The Algemeiner reported on Sunday, a Jordanian newspaper claimed that Israel has agreed to a US-initiated three-way peace summit, while the Palestinian Authority is demanding preconditions.

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  • John M Hummasti

    How can the US ignore the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924 which guarantees under article 6 “close Jewish settlement” on the land and prohibits under article 5 that no “treaty land” (British Mandate territory east and west of the Jordan River) shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the government of any foreign Power? Doesn’t a “foreign power” include the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan whose origins are in Saudi Arabia? Better to advocate for or negotiate a settlement with the Palestinians, Jordan, Egypt and the Saudis, patterned after the Canadian Treaty Lands Entitlement Agreements and the Luxemborg Agreement so that all refugees of the war of independence, both Arabs and Jewish can be afforded compensation and reparations….

  • Zvi Fibk

    If the USA or the UN backtrack on previous agreements such as 242 then it can be assumed that all agreements including the Iranian agreements have no validity. Israel should go ahead and take whatever actions are necessary while indicating the lack of value of the Iranian agreements.

  • Bill Keys

    Bibi is right to be concerned.The most pro arab, anti semetic president ever is likely to try and screw Israel.

    • Your assessment of our President is ridiculous, unwarranted and quite hateful!

      • Greg

        His assessment of our President is right on. Liberals/Communists always say the Truth is ridiculous and hateful..
        How can Truth be unwarranted???

      • HALF-BREED

        And quite, quite true. Haven’t you been paying attention?

      • Elmo Glick

        Unfortunately, there is some truth to it.If you’re not aware of the problems Obama has with Israel, an innate coldness toward Israel, if not an attitude of antipathy (which I think it is), than you’re frankly, naive. You are blinded by the same syndrome which has blinded so many liberals and especially so many liberal Jews. Worse, he has shown he can quite easily accept being close to outright anti-semites like his former pastor, Rev. Wright. It is more than naive to feel that this guy does not have a problem with Israel and even with Jews. What I found particularly appalling was how he lectured Jews on how we should act to be better Jews, more in keeping with our tradition, as he saw it.

        Sorry, you’ve got your head in the sand.

  • Terry

    “Freedom from the shackles of worrying about reelection, coupled with a US aid package which Obama can taut as the most generous in American administration history, will enable the outgoing president to do what he wants”

    Obama doesn’t require any set of circumstances to do something that will make the Mideast conflict worse. He is incapable of doing anything to give himself a positive legacy, so in his quest of a legacy of some sort, he will go out of his way to stir the pot.

  • Whatever Obama does in the next few months you can be assured that it will be pro Islam. So expect the worst and we wont be surprised. Note that all Democrats are lame ducks too and will do what the Boss says no matter right or wrong. Obama is talking to the wrong people in so fat a a peace deal is concerned. Peace is only possible if Islam backs off, which of course they will not do as it is their ‘religion’.

    • Only one can bring Shalom, peace to the Middle East. And that is the Sar Shalom, Prince of Peace, Yeshua Ha Mashiach!Nobody else can.

    • Elaine Coker

      Don’t forget the RHINO Establishment Republicans who have voted with Obama on everything he wanted. I am sure that they will not miss one last chance to vote for their buddy.

      • Elmo Glick

        No, that’s not true. Even most “Rhino” Repubicans, really a despicable divisive word that should not be used by people who consider themselves conservative, are pro-Israel. Virtually all the “Rhinos” as I recall voted against the Iran deal. None were Jewish. Yet many Jewish Democrats supported it.

  • stevenl

    “preferred outcome” says it ALL! There can be NO precondition and NO US ultimatum to IL in any way, form or shape!

  • The lame duck period is, indeed, a time fraught with danger,
    given Obama’s negative attitude towards Netanyahu and
    Israel itself.
    These are the times that try men’s souls.
    Netanyahu is right to be concerned.
    So should all Jews who are concerned with the security of
    Israel, if not Am Yisrael.

    • I am appalled at these right wing, disrespectful and completely contrary to fact, comments. As an American Jew who loves and supports Israel, it disgusts me that Jews would be so disrespectful, wrong-headed and hateful.
      Bryna Barcun Weiss (are we related Mr. Barkan?)

  • I am an American born and raised. I love my country but I despise our present government. I believe in God and his people Israel. I will stand behind Israel forever and always. God bless America and God bless Israel

  • Jonah

    These stupid people with all their stupid plans I’m not including Netanyahu. They cannot cross the borders and kill you because you have nukes that’s the only reason you are alive. If any of the freaking idiots would read the bible they would seperate themselves from this pack of wolves as if they all had rabies. God talks about this insurection and what he is going to do with all those involved…..none of them have long to live if they get on the wrong side of Gods formula. I always thought Dennis Ross was smart but let’s see how long he lasts negotiating with God.

  • Jan

    Netanyahu warns the United States? He should be warned that if he doesn’t shut up about the United States he will face the loss of every penny paid by the hardworking American taxpayer that goes into the billions of dollars of aid he gets every year. How dare he warn America? Who does he think he is?

  • President Obama is arguably the most active “lame-duck” U.S. President in American History. During his last months in office, President Obama continues to issue Presidential Actions such as: Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, and Proclamations.
    Please click on the link for examples:

  • enufalready

    Perhaps Mr. Obama will have his hands too full dealing with various unexpected situations to do the kind of damage he’d like to do to Israel.
    If the Jew-hating Hillary is elected Obama will have to content himself with the hope that she’ll exert her great expertise on Israel as she did to Libya.
    Or, perhaps, Trump will get elected.

  • Daniel J Arbess

    All the more reason for Israel to seize the initiative and preempt with a unilateral initiative as described here earlier this month:

  • Ronald DeJohn

    Good move! Obama is fighting against Israel and would side with his Muslim brothers if terrorist acts continue or escalate.

  • David Blacher

    On the traditional assumption that countries vote their perceived National Interests, a case can be made that either Russia or China would conceivably veto such a UNSC resolution. They both have a history of rejecting imposed borders, i.e. Russia vetoed and China abstained from the March 2014 UNSC resolution demanding that Russia pull out of the Crimea.

    Add to this the Russian/Israeli accords on the delivery of the strategic gas reserves from both countries to Europe, the military coordination of Syria overflights, and the upcoming Israel/Russia joint naval maneuvers, The case for a Russian veto becomes more possible.

  • I’m sure that a Hillary Clinton Administration will be at least as anti-Israel as the Obama Aministration was/is.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is right to be concerned about lame duck anti-Israel actions by the Obama Administration.