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August 30, 2016 4:33 pm

Israeli Arab-Affairs Expert: With Municipal Elections Looming, Palestinian Authority Losing Control of West Bank (VIDEO)

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Arab affairs expert Pinhas Inbari. Photo: Screenshot.

Arab-affairs expert Pinhas Inbari. Photo: Screenshot.

The Palestinian Authority’s grip on the West Bank is weakening, an Israeli expert on Arab affairs warned on Tuesday.

In a video interview released by the think tank the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), Pinhas Inbari painted a picture of growing political instability across the West Bank ahead of the Palestinian municipal elections, slated for October 8.

“The Palestinian Authority is getting dismantled,” Inbari said. “Every province is going its own way, and Ramallah is losing its control over the entire West Bank.”

In Hebron, he said, “We have the tribal system getting stronger, and the family rule and the merchants are controlling” the area to prevent chaos.

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To the north, in Nablus, Inbari said, “The refugee camps are taking over the city…they are spreading anarchy all around.”

And in Ramallah, where the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership is headquartered, Inbari described tensions between veteran Palestinian leaders — including PA President Mahmoud Abbas, in the 12th year of his four-year term in office — who arrived from Tunis in the mid-1990s after the signing of the Oslo Accords, and Palestinian NGOs that represent local residents. “They are not ready to accept anymore the leadership that came from Tunis,” Inbari said.

On Monday, JCPA Middle East expert Yoni Ben Menachem wrote that Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and Jordanian King Abdullah II were concerned that Hamas might win the upcoming municipal elections, the two leaders having discussed the matter during a visit by the latter to Cairo last week.

Menachem previously concluded, as The Algemeiner reported last week, that Abbas felt threatened by the “carrot-and-stick” plan forged by new Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Earlier this month, as reported in The Algemeiner, senior Palestinian Authority officials, speaking with the Hebrew news site Walla, claimed that Israeli leaders were rooting for a Hamas victory in the municipal elections, with the supposed logic being that this would legitimize Israel’s claim that there was no partner for peace negotiations on the Palestinian side.

Watch the interview with Inbari below:

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  • Holy Shirt

    For decades, Islam has used Ramallah to ram Allah down Jewish throats! What a fitting name for the Submission that forever is, was and will be their Main Mission. When will Islam make peace with Druze, Jew, Christian, Buddhist etc.? When will Shiite and Sunni make peace with each other? When pigs grow wings to fly!

  • sidney sands

    When will there be peace, not until the Arabs continue to laud death over life, we see and hear the hate they teach their children, dc we wonder that teenage boys and girls, attempt and some times succeed in attacking and killing Israeli’s. The lies they feed to the world and is so readily believed, who can Israel deal with, Abbas has said “no Jew” will be allowed to live in their state, could you begin to trust such neighbours. At the moment the Arabs are content to fight each other, as they have always done, they are not nations they are still tribes.

    • jlnfj

      There will be peace when Israel acts like the rest of the mideast. When Israel treats Muslims as the Muslims and Christians of the mideast, have always treated Jews. Evil self-hating stupid Jews who think they are smart, are always sure that they are right to abuse the Jews, right wing Jews imitate them. Nothing the leftist court-Jews have ever done has worked, ever. All they have ever done in all of Jewish history is make every non-Jewish country great, then disappear. But they give you that couple of years of pride, while non-Jews assimilate them and rob them before they vanish forever as Jews.

      The world has no desire to give the Jews a fair chance, unlike the 56 chances the Muslims are given and hundreds Christians have been given, and hundreds white Christians have been given. But they with money-grubbing Jewish help, will still consistently call the Jews the worst. Leftist Jews are not as smart as they seem to be, they are a product of the pre-hassidic Jewish culture, which was smart, they are enormously dumb antisemites. Religious Jews are deeply stained by laziness, Socialism and Hasidism, so they need the antisemites-leftists for now. Right wing Jews otoh have no tact, see things at face-value, and also dont recognize their head from their butt.

  • jakob wasi

    What analysis? Israel needs Abbas. Anyone else would challenge Zionist arrogance and duplicity. Anyone else would take Israel to task for broken promises, vilations of domestic and international law. Furthermore, the US funds Abbas and the poor man has to dance to their tune which is very pro Israel. Inbari ignores all this. It may do wonders for Zionists exaggerated sense of importance. Were it not for the US umbrella in military and financial aid and political support in the UNO, Isael would be nothing but a tiny Levantine state with pretensions they are Europeaans.

    • Jane

      yet again, Algemeiner prints his comment, but my comment, just words, are too controversial. 100th time that’s happened.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Election that should had happened a long time ago, in any case Hamas not the problem of the Palestinians remain and teaching by them only hatred to their children will only increase the pain to all population including neighbour one. Jews also should be careful not to do the same.

  • There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Abbas has not only lost his senses but he is losing out to radicals. He is an legitimate leader in the first place. Expect the West Bank to become a source of terrorism and decay,

  • Israel never had a genuine peace partner with the PLO terrorist gangsters from Tunis. Judea and Samaria could become the “World’s Worst Zoo” like Hamas-occupied Gaza, if Hamas wins the municipal elections. The PLO terrorist gangsters should be deported back to Tunis, and Israel must restore stability in Judea and Samaria.

  • nat cheiman

    Hamas will = all out annihilation of the palestinians. Then Israel can proceed with Judea and Samarea

  • Jay Lavine

    Again, this is why you want to be wary of the stick approach. You don’t want to radicalize ordinary Arab residents in the territories, people whose priority is being able to maintain a decent standard of living. The carrot approach is fine, even if — no, especially if — it makes Abu Mazen and his merry band jealous.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I do not think that there is one Israeli official or diplomat that wants Hamas to win the upcoming municipal elections. There is very serious concern about the entire climate building in Judea and Samaria here in Israel. Concomitantly, I really believe that there is great concern in the Palestinian territories as well as they are sinking into a state of anarchy and chaos.