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September 8, 2016 1:12 pm

Clinton Says Terrorists Praying for Trump Victory

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Hillary Clinton. Photo: State Department.

Hillary Clinton. Photo: State Department. – Terrorists are praying for Donald Trump to win the US presidential elections, said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a television interview with Israel’s Channel 2.

Referring to a recent article in Time magazine by former National Counterterrorism Center head Matt Olsen, Clinton said there is a “clear and compelling” case for this assertion.

“The jihadists see [Trump] as a great gift,” continued Clinton, “They are saying, ‘Please, Allah, make Trump president of America’.”

Clinton’s comments were in response to interviewer Yonit Levi’s inquiry about whether, as president, Clinton would use the phrase “war on radical Islam,” something the Obama administration refuses to do, as The Algemeiner has reported.

“We’ve made a judgment built on a lot of research that bringing ‘Islam’ into the definition of our enemy actually serves the purpose of the radical jihadists,” Clinton said. “I’m not interested in giving aid and comfort to their evil ambitions.”

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  • judorebbe

    Considering her cozy ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, she might actually know what they’re praying for …

  • Jonah

    This woman does everything backwards. She tries to use reverse rational. She knows the terrorists want her in office so she tells everyone they want trump in office. Her strategy for everything is lie. She is the queen of the harlot nation spoken of in Revelation and she serves her master well…Obama. Now this is not off subject. When Jesus was asked by Pontious Pilate are you the king of the Jews. Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world. Now get this…Obamas kingdom is not of this world his kingdom is in hell where he and his minions rule. Obama has not slowed down he is meeting with rulers of country’s planting seeds of deception in their minds leading them to slaughter that is his job. He is not going to dissapeared after this election he is going to gain momentum. His objective is to create slaughter on a planetary scale and destroy Israel. The U.S. Is nothing but a bump in the road for him he has put in place all the mechanisms required for their demise. What is preventing him from exterminating Israel is God. The U.S. Has lost Gods protection because not only did they abandon Israel they have become Israels worst enemy. Obama is the beast spoken of by Daniel and Revelation. Putin and China have it figured out but the American leaders are so caught up in Obamas flack, from black lives matter sex changes, gay rights, abortion every known abamanation to God that their minds have been reduced to rubble as Trump said. Obama is working overtime to put the world in such a state of helter skelter that if Trump does get elected he will not have a chance to change direction. Obama is feverously working to have the elections rigged to have it nullified and if all that fails he will spark a war with Russia. He is the beast his objective is to destroy Israel and fill the bowels of hell. If you do not understand this you will be collateral damage.

  • As usual, Clinton is a master manipulator and twister of words to discredit not only Trump but any one who opposes her.

    Mrs Clinton, you are a liar, an obfuscate and manipulator for the greater glory of Hillary. I am not saying that we have a much better option with Trump, but I’ll take Trump over Hillary for the next 4 years and then hope that the American people get genuine options for president of this great country.

  • Emanuel

    Funny that every expert worth his or her weight in salt says Obamma and Clinton’s policies embolden and finance terrorists, oh and then there’s the proof of that assertion. If Obama and Hillary armed them and left a opening why would terrorists ever want anyone else especially someone threatening their means of infiltrating the west.