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September 13, 2016 10:22 am

Israel’s President Rivlin Hosts Interfaith Dialogue With East Asian Religious Leaders

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. Photo: Wikipedia.

JNS.org – Israeli President Reuven Rivlin hosted several religious leaders from East Asia for an interfaith dialogue at his residence on Monday.

The delegation included representatives of the Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh communities of India, Japan, China, Myanmar and South Korea. The event was sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in concert with the American Jewish Committee and the World Council of Religious Leaders.

In a statement, Rivlin said the interfaith community must unite in order to face modern challenges and avoid days like the September 11 tragedy, which are “created directly by distorted religious belief.”

“Our traditions have much in common,” Rivlin continued. “We all share a deep concern for human life and dignity. We all believe that this planet does not belong to us, but we belong to it — and we must take good care of it.”

At the meeting, the president of the Buddhist Association of China, the Most Venerable Xue Cheng, said that he believes “we can make true friends, and really build mutual respect and understanding, and make a harmonious world.”

“We can build common recognition as an example for the whole world, contributing to peace in the whole world,” Cheng added.

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  • Jonah

    Sounds good reeeaaly good. Regardless of their good intentions Islam will keep blowing up the statues. This is another cloaked attempt to get Israel off point, the point being the are Gods children through the covenant of Abraham. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The inter faith movement is the broad road spoken of by Jesus. Jesus, “road is narrow and few find it.” The worlds interfaith religious movements are seeking those on the narrow road and offering them what they feel is a better path. The broad road offers no real protection for Israel and attempts to take away from them that which cloaks their very survival. It makes no difference what angle you view the interfaith movement the bullet is aimed at Israel first and Christians second now I am talking real Christians who were cut into the Abrahamic covenant by the blood of Jesus. Their are many wolves amongst the Christian flock. They honor Christianity with their lips but their heart is far from it. Right behind the good hearted banner waving interfaith followers are the Pope iching to get into Israel and close behind him is the antichrist. The Pope wants to appear to be Israels messianic savior and intends to get the confidence of israelis by sending in the interfaith movement to smooth things over. If Iran cannot succeed with nuclear annhilation of Israel the interfaith movement is the back up plan to buy them the time so they can accomplish that objective. Remember all of Obamas well laid plans for the subjugation of the world to Islam and the beast do no, I say again Do Not succeed unless Israel is destroyed. Oh what a tangled web he will weave when his only objective is to deceive.

  • When I entered China in 2003 I realize that only trough culture men is able to communicate, which unconsciously I had in mind, my interest at that time was about Visual Art Communication education which sees beyond matter, was important been able to communicate with Chinese students. Only trough culture men is able to understand what comes first in life! What comes first in life is “ the space men does live within where men is able to sense – space to become an inspiring one”, in inner mind – brain space existence within space matters gets a new way to be viewed, where “ Fear” “ Stress” “ greed” do not exist! Or better said, do vanish gradually, this is not only a matter of religion, this is all about the time we live in it, which we need to be confronted with it! It is about the art of life which includes examination of philosophy, psychology, science, to be able to find out the borders limits within “innovation” keeping innovative mind not to go out of track! Which means innovation does examines it self, is the way out for peace among men worldwide! Innovation includes everything men do deal with. In this way of observing matters “no black swans exist”no haphazard event can surprise men, or better said, the cause of “ sudden events” can be easily understood. Which means” Why? do events happen” and their true causes. Is the way to prevent tragedies made by men against men.