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September 14, 2016 12:18 pm

Anti-Israel Activist Rock Star Roger Waters Reportedly Splits From Palestinian Journalist Girlfriend

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Pink Floyd front-man Roger Waters and Palestinian activist Rula Jebreal are the new "Palestinian power couple." Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Daigo Oliva/Fabrizio Ferri.

Pink Floyd front-man Roger Waters and Palestinian activist Rula Jebreal. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Daigo Oliva/Fabrizio Ferri.

Prominent anti-Israel activist and Pink Floyd rock star Roger Waters has broken up with his Palestinian girlfriend, Page Six reported on Tuesday.

As reported by The Algemeiner in June, Waters, 73, began dating 43-year-old journalist and author Rula Jebreal earlier this year, following his divorce from his fourth wife, Laurie Durning.

Page Six reported at the time that the Waters-Jebreal relationship was “the talk of the Hamptons, and some people are calling them the ‘Palestinian power couple.’ One can only imagine the pillow talk.”

Waters and Jebreal were reportedly introduced several years ago by Durning and Jebreal’s then-husband, Arthur Altschul Jr.

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“Rula had asked to meet Roger because he’s a vocal activist for Palestine,” Page Six quoted a source as saying in June. “The two former couples have had dinner together many times. They were all friends.”

The source went on to say, “But after Roger split with his wife, he began an affair with Rula. Arthur found out, and their marriage ended. Roger and Rula have been together around three months and they discuss Palestine all the time, they are both so very passionate about it.”

On Tuesday, Page Six quoted another source as saying that the Waters-Jebreal relationship “was over as quickly as it began — while they agreed on many issues, they couldn’t find common ground on others. Plus, their families didn’t get along.”

Waters and Jebreal did not respond to a Page Six request for comment.

In recent years, Waters has spoken out against Israel’s West Bank security barrier, and became a vocal proponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

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  • bear on the peaks

    He’s English… England has been bashing Ireland for over 800 years… why doesn’t he speak against that? I guess bashing Israel is more fashionable. He’s a hypocrite.

  • Rotem

    What the hell is “Palestinian”?

  • Robert Knight

    Israel is a threat to Middle East peace through its greed and unwillingness to be content with the land that it has. Instead it wants to rob from the very people it threatened their existence before Israel became a state. And we have the UN and people becoming emotionally unhinged after watching Schindler’s List to blame for this. I say go Roger Waters and stand up to those who in supporting Israel’s provocations are showing their hidden racist sides.

    • Rotem

      GET A LIFE, Moron!!!

    • Paul Ballotta

      That is too simplistic, Robert, which places you in the same warped mindset as Roger Water who is counting on people like you to just cover their ears and say “Na Na Na, I can’t hear you!” And what a pathetic attempt attempt to deny the reality of the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis against Jews and Gypsies, which shows us how contemporary attitudes concerning the history of the Holocaust are being manipulated by the likes of Roger Waters who, like the scum-sucking bottom-feeder that he is, feels as though he’s doing the public a service by singling out the state of Israel to be the object of people’s contempt, with the Star of David painted on his inflatable pig stage prop that simulated hanging a target on world Jewry. That’s exactly what Hitler and his henchmen did to divert the German people’s attention away from the crimes committed by the Nazi regime.

    • KV

      You need a lesson in history. Israel gave away land to create peace, and it’s Palestinians that are not content with what they have. And before Israel became a COUNTRY the area was a British colony. Besides… why should Jews have one little country compare to 33 Muslim countries there are in the world?

    • Richard Sandler

      lolol…Making peace with Egypt saw Israel give up land 3 times the size of the country. That does not seem that they are greedy for land. Israel is a tiny land among 22 Arab states and over 50 Muslim states. It was the violent Arabs, before the establishment of the modern day State of Israel, that caused the British to decide to partition the Palestine Mandate. In other words, the very idea of partition became an agenda because the Arabs could not live peacefully beside Jews.

  • EZ

    Why are you reporting on this? Seriously, if Roger Waters is going to boycott all things Israel, I think you guys should take a stand and boycott all things Roger Waters. Don’t even talk about him. Very rarely, do I let a musician’s politics get in the way of enjoying their art. I used to love Pink Floyd. They were really talented and made some of the greatest albums in rock history. But I hear Pink Floyd, I get nauseous thinking about this guy and his single-mindedness on the Palestinian/Israeli issue. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but Roger attempts to force his opinion on all others. Just because he writes an album about a Wall, it makes him an expert on the politics of building them? Give me a break…

  • David

    I “boycott” Pink Floyd based on the Jew-hatred of Waters. I leave a store if they play Pink Floyd, and turn off radio stations that play it. F ’em. It’s not that good of music anyways. Depressing old drugged out garbage music. Plenty better stuff to hear, than rehashing the same old trip maaaaaan.

    • If you don’t listen to their music because you don’t like it, all’s well. But if you don’t listen to it because you think Roger hates jews, there’s a big problem, because he doesn’t. He’s got an entire career based on his views on humanitarian empathy, and he’s frequently stated that he opposes the decision of the Israeli government to build a wall through Palestinian land, regardless of whether the people on either side are jewish, israeli, palestinian or arabs. Opposing one decision by the government of Israel doesn’t magically mean he hates Jews, that’s an enormous leap of logic.