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September 15, 2016 3:17 pm

Israeli Radio Host Asks Americans If They Want Netanyahu to Be Their Next President (VIDEO)

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Army Radio host Asaf Liberman in New York City's Central Park. Photo: Screenshot.

Army Radio host Asaf Liberman in New York City’s Central Park. Photo: Screenshot.

With many in the US in despair over their options in the upcoming presidential election, an Israeli radio personality decided to ask Americans their thoughts on a potential alternative.

Asaf Liberman, the host of the “Good Morning Israel” program on Army Radio, took a camera and microphone to New York City’s Central Park and presented passersby with a new candidate — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spent many of his childhood and young adult years in the US and speaks fluent English.

The responses Liberman received were mixed.

“I can’t see him as president here,” one man said. “He is great for Israel. He can stay in Israel and fight for Israel there.”

“I love him in Israel,” a woman echoed.

A second man said, “We support his policy in leading Israel, but I’m not so sure about America. It’s totally different.”

“You just want to get rid of him and get him over here,” another man chimed.

The next interviewee had the warmest praise for the prime minister, saying, “He’s a remarkable politician and a great statesman and a great leader and very intelligent man. And that’s why he could be a better president than anyone.”

The next two respondents were less enamored with the prospect of a Netanyahu presidency.

“No, thank you,” the first said.

“He’s not able to solve the problems in his home, how’s he going to solve problems in other countries?” the second elaborated.

Another young man admitted to knowing nothing about Netanyahu, but promised he would vote for him “1,000 percent.”

The final interviewee took a cynical approach. “At the end of the day, all politicians, they lie,” he said. “Honestly, he’s like a late middle-aged white man, so he probably represents most of the country. So yeah, f*** it , he could be president.”

Watch footage of the interviews below:

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  • Was he born in the U.S.? If not why even pose the question?

  • There are two kinds of politicians! The one who does protect his mind and the second one who does attacks his own mind! Simple as it is!

  • Benjamin Netanyahu is a master who belongs to what made him a master! Some countries have coward’s politicians who are not politicians but theater game players.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu is lucky to lead Israel in time of Eurasia rise which gave him a larger political space to maneuver looking for the truth. I mean lies to “save life’s” toward EU and USA. Toward China he couldn’t play the same game, it is interesting that Netanyahu did meet China in his best matured political life period which China needs it. And from bad to worse in the Meddle East event of The Arab Spring turn to be good for BiBi to meet Russia Putin, it is interesting to observe one mans life as a lucky man who did learn from a hard life. Masters do become masters by hard life which were created by other bad politicians who “ gives and take more” making man wonder about the meaning of life. Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t be a political leader in USA because he do know the psychology politics of “giving and taking” . if Bibi gets money he will spend it all in shopping for his wife.

  • theo

    Yaacov you are so self righteous in your safe little corner
    That is why you can criticise those who keep you safe and able to poke your finger at them Netanyahu does not need to bear all the responsibilities of state
    He warned Obama about Iran and acts to keep us all safe
    That to you is lying
    Shame on you

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    What a hilarious story. The chutzpah of the Israeli radio host in asking such a question is breathtaking. Just imagine the mortification,discomposure and spleen of the New York Times if the unthinkable happened and there would be a “President Netanyahu of the United States”. The Times would be in a permanent state of apoplexy! Anyway Israel needs a great leader like Netanyahu at this moment of history more than the US does.

  • An high-caliber candidate similar to PM Netanyahu would be better than the two nominees currently running for the White House. Unfortunately, American voters don’t have the privilege of having statesmen like PM Netanyahu.

  • Leonard Feinman

    While this may sound like a silly question, it is not. You have to consider that politics is a balancing act where you are trying to do the right thing for your constituents, and fair to everybody else as well. In a country where there are many parties, it becomes a more complicated task. Israel is such a nation.
    The US has two major parties. Israel has many. The question is, well, silly. The US is a major player on the world stage, and Israel isn’t. If anything, though, Bibi is overqualified to be president of the US.

  • JSM

    We would love to have him in America! He is a very intelligent and honorable man. That would be a switch after the past eight years! I believe, however, that Mr. Netanyahu is where God would have him to be for this moment is Israel’s history. God has removed His blessing from this great nation, America, and cursed us with the Islamic president that is currently in office. God has given us over to a cruel master. This has to be according to prophecy for the Lord to return. Israel, the apple of God’s eye, will never cease to be a nation. God will protect them and keep Israel will and she will once again and for all time return to God as a nation. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and pray for the faithful in America.

  • Yaakov

    “At the end of the day, all politicians, they lie,” — this is indeed the truth of the matter and what Israel and the U.S. have in common: they’ve both degenerated to the point where they expect politicians to lie and deceive, and they don’t even care. Israel is worse in this regard because it calls itself the Jewish state and thereby commits a hillul hashem, defaming God, Judaism, and Jews.

    • T M

      Yaakov, Read about the world. You say” the US & Israel”, implying those two countries alone, have “degenerated” to apathy and with politicians lying..? Have you been to Europe? And Africa? Learn about the widespread political circuses. Plus, to single out Israel as uniquely guilty is a classic form of bigotry. The bigotry of higher standards required for Jews, and the soft bigotry of low expectations for others. Practice holding a mirror up to yourself, first, before spewing moral outrage against the US and Israel. Hypocrisy is the worst thing of all. (So, perhaps you’d be perfect running for office.)

      • Marie

        TM another example is here in South Africa where the current president is very far from what Nelson Mandela would have wanted for South Africa; in fact, Mandela warned Thabo Mbeki (our previous president) not to appoint Jacob Zuma as his deputy. But initially Zuma seemed to be a very humble person, so maybe power corrupts, as the saying goes.

      • Reform School

        Does no one [else] ever ask,
        “Aren’t there enough hippo-critters at the zoo?

    • Lee1

      aizeh chaval,
      The Jewish state should be above and beyond the evil of her neighbors,
      That has gotten us no place , beautiful words, beautiful aspirations,
      wait and let them slaughter us.
      What a peace of crap, be a light until the nations, the Jews are above the shit. We are a moral nation., . Wouldst that it were so simple. In the meantime, the savage islamists will slaughter us.
      Nice idea, though.