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September 19, 2016 3:40 pm

BBC Journalist Mistakenly Taken for Jewish Taunted by British Intellectual Commanding She ‘Get Back in the Oven’

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Quarterly Review magazine editor Dr. Leslie Jones is under fire for a reported antisemitic comment she made to a journalist. Photo: Quarterly Review website.

Quarterly Review magazine editor Dr. Leslie Jones is under fire for a reported antisemitic comment he made to a journalist. Photo: Quarterly Review website.

A BBC journalist mistakenly identified as a Jew was told at a recent high-end London event to “get back in the oven,” the Daily Mail reported over the weekend.

According to the report, journalist Henrietta Foster became the target of an antisemitic tirade by Dr. Leslie Jones, the editor of the Quarterly Review magazine. Jones was said to be upset by Foster’s appearance in a documentary about the children of Nazi war criminals.

Foster told the Daily Mail of the unpleasant encounter with Jones:

We had fallen out at a previous reception over Brexit — I told him to **** off because he had voted out. Then he came over to me last Thursday and said, “You were in that film, weren’t you?” and told me I was cruel in my filmed question to the son of a Nazi officer.

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Then he just said: “Get back in the oven. Do you understand me? Just get back in the oven.”

The comments were overheard by Martin Bright, a former Observer journalist and adviser to ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair. The Daily Mail report said Bright and another guest at the event reproached Jones over the comments, in response to which he claimed he had been joking.

In a statement published on the Quarterly Review website on Sunday, Jones said, “I will refute in detail the politically motivated accusations made against me in the Mail…on my return.”

Bright told the Daily Mail, “Something has happened over the past months in this country to give a license to the open expression of antisemitic views.”

Recently, as reported by The Algemeiner, Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth was assigned police protection, following an antisemitic death threat made against her on a social-media platform.

At the time, Smeeth told the UK’s Sun newspaper she held Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “personally responsible” for the threats she had received. Earlier this summer, as reported in The Algemeiner, Smeeth said she was “verbally attacked” by an activist linked to the left-wing organization Momentum — which supports Corbyn — during the conference revealing the results of Labour’s investigation into antisemitism allegations within the party.

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  • Mark Hortigern

    I am intrigued by the presence of Ms. Foster at press events involving
    music and opera. To my knowledge, while she is a regular attender of
    such press events she does not actually report on them, so what is she
    doing there? Is she a pseud or just a ligger along for the free booze
    which she partakes of freely?

    It is also interesting to note that while she is billed as a BBC
    “journalist” her Linkedin page has her billed as a freelance producer
    since about 1982. Again is she an opportunistic ligger, or a pseud? Does
    the BBC know that she is taking a place that could be used by a real
    BBC employee covering music and opera? And do organisations such as the
    Royal Opera House, the English National Opera, etc. know?

  • graylens

    While I do not know Ms. Smeeths’ position on Israel or anti semitism The BBC is reaping what they helped sow. How long do these media people think they would last under Sharia law before they would be betrayed?

  • bill levy

    “Get back in the oven”? Unfortunately they were already dead from the gas but this person can have his head cracked open if only Jews were tough enough to do it.

    Once they get what’s coming to them they’ll never say another word. That’s how the world works and force and justified force works wonders.

    Someone in England take this Jew hater down.

  • Joan Crawford’s dead head lice

    Anti-semites are often heard either making Holocaust jokes or denying the Holocaust, whichever point of view serves their immediate purpose.

  • Reggie Green

    European Jews: Wake up

  • Joseph

    Dr. Jones apparently missed the part about the Nazis losing the war, or perhaps he prefers (world war) losers as his bedfellows for romantic reasons. Be that as it may, he could contribute to the preservation of some 60 million human lives, if he were to voluntarily hang himself by the neck in Nurnberg some time soon.

    • bernard

      Yeah, bring this Dr. Jones-Goeppels virtually back to Nuremberg 1946 and teach him about the deadly ovens and then show him the cure, the rope. It’s what they had had deserved.

  • watsa46

    Leslie: a subhuman Nazi -lover!!!
    Antisemitism at times hidden but EVERYWHERE in Europe.

  • Peter Joffe

    If you have noting to say then the race card will be used, especially from anti Jews. Jones you are a revolting excuse for a human. What a terrible thing to say. You are a barbarian in the way of Islam and Nazis.

  • watsa46

    Tuvia Tenenbom and I agree at least on one fact: European antisemitism is 2,000+ years hold and is HERE to stay unless the Europeans are affected by a sudden, massive mutation, the likelihood of which is minus infinity. The claim that Muslims are the primary driving force of antisemitism in the EU is a JOKE! They do not know better!
    Tuvia has two best sellers in Germany. One on Germans and one on guess what: the “Jews”! And many “well meaning” Jews are on the opposite side of Israel!!!!

  • johan eary

    What can one expect when one of the major political parties in the country elects as it’s leader a man who openly calls terrorists his friends.

  • Fred

    As for Dr. Jones one could where education has let him down, onto the gutter.

  • Fred

    The “Political Correct blanket of stupor is covering part of the world. It serves well for Muslim & antisemitic purposes. It has become in Britain & Europe as in the Hitler period fashionable to be anti Semitic in the higher circles of politics or academia, however dare not say something evil or the truth about Muslims as they have become the darlings no mater what vile murders & crime they commit.

  • frankiec_2005

    Dr. Leslie Jones appears quite obsessed with Jews and with Nazis.

    He has written articles on whether or not Nietzsche was an anti-Semite and on whether the Holocaust was unique–textbook Nazi sympathizer trash.

  • michelelabella

    Anti-semetic views, blah blah blah. Just call it what it is, Jew hatred.

    • dani renan

      Michele, Of course it is Jew hatred, but even more it is
      Anti-semitism. There is a difference.

      Anti-Jewish is based on religion. If a Jew converts then they are saved, or part of the Umma, or whatever.

      But if they convert, and they are still discriminated on the basis of “but they still have Jewish blood (or modernly genes), then it is based on race.

      It is immutable and there is only one way to deal with the Jews. Haman tried it, as did Hitler, Rashid Ali (Iraq 1941) and Haj Amin el-Husseini.

      Here there is nothing religious about their hatred. It is pure racial hatred. (Yeah, I know that we are not a race, but multi-racial. But facts never prevented or stopped racial hatred).

      It seems as your “Jew hatred”, seems to span both classical anti-Jewish and anti-semitism, and thus
      might be a better term, but it is not historically the standard use.

  • Louis Fried

    A glaring indication of the demise of the U.K.

  • Barbara

    Maybe Mossad will take care of this Jones rubbish. Accidents happen.

    • atilla41

      The problem is the Mossad ( and the IDF ) are fully infiltrated with treasonous leftist Jews.

      Israel needs to initiate a cleansing of the leftist filth from its government and state organizations and the security forces.

      • vildechaye

        Sure nothing like a dose of mccarthyism to strengthen the state. And Mossad and the IDF still manage to do all right.

        • Shinku

          McCarthyism worked. Problem was McCarthy should have also been looking at the academics and not the government. McCarthy’s track record of finding commie scum is pretty high.

  • Lia

    This Jones man reminds me of an earlier guy, one called Merneptah.

  • Gregg Solomon

    “Get back in the oven,” try saying that to the IDF Leslie Jones; we ain’t your mother’s or your Nazi’s Jews. Just try it Jones, I dare you.

  • The British establishment has been riddled with Jew-hatred for hundreds of years. There was a brief period after WW2 where open antisemitism was taboo, but even then there were times when the mask came off and the open Jew-hatred surfaced.

    Here is an example from 1967, written by Douglas Davis: (see )

    “… my Oxfam Moment came one summer’s evening when a senior Oxfam executive invited me to dinner at his sumptuous home in the rolling Oxfordshire countryside. He was cultured, brilliant and cool. Every inch the top Foreign Office diplomat, which had indeed been his previous calling. Before dinner, he suggested we take drinks on the lawn. As an afterthought, he asked the butler to bring out his portable radio so that we could listen to the news. It was, after all, the first day of the Six Day War.

    The BBC faithfully reported claims by the Israelis that they had destroyed the air forces of Egypt and Syria on the ground. Then, the newsreader intoned the Arab claims that they had inflicted extensive damage on the Israeli army; that Egyptian tanks were advancing; that they were now 25 kilometres from Tel Aviv.

    My urbane host lost his cultivated cool. His elderly body shot into the air, fists pumping at the skies: ‘Now the Jews are going to get it… Now they’re going to get it.’ Remember, Israel occupied no territories, nor had it constructed a single settlement. There could be only one explanation for his jubilation: the prospect of Israel’s imminent destruction. When he recovered his composure, he raised his glass and beamed at me: ‘Wonderful news. Simply wonderful.’ I stared back, shocked, not knowing how to respond. To my shame, I said nothing.”

    “Get back in your oven” gives us a measuring stick for how far Britain has progressed from its frequent expressions of – and tolerance for – naked Jew-hatred. To spell this out, Britain has not lost any of its hatred; it’s become worse.

  • Antisemites are evil people and should never be trusted. In Europe, especially, it goes back 2000 years, it’s written in their DNA. I’ve met quite a few Brits who don’t know why they hate Jews and even don’t know that Jesus was a rabbi (when they come from a Judeo-Christian background, pseudo-intellectuals or not). They are so ignorant, so stupid and so jealous, whether they work at the BBC or at this QM. Thank goodness the great majority of Indians, Buddhists and Chinese, as well as Black Africans admire the Jews. We don’t need white trash such as these hateful people.

  • Ephraim

    If she is really shocked, maybe she will look into the rampant antisemitism of her employer.

  • Yadja

    There is no joking concerning the Holocaust and to say such a vulgar thing only shows how much intellectuals are worth…nothing. These over educated Intellectuals have almost brought America to it’s knees. There needs to be a cleaning out across the civilized world of these despicable beings.

  • Hillel

    Why does everyone seem surprised? Do you think that two thousand years of constant antisemetic persecution will disappear just because of one shamefull catastrophe. That guilt ridden generation has spawned new ones which have been taught systematically how the Jews hold cas and run the world. They use Israel as the example of how their power has maintained such a tiny outcrop in the face of world antisemetic proxy muslim attacks for the past 100 plus years. They cannot fathom how Israel has managed to survive the onslaught. Now antisemetism is acceptable so perhaps they think they’ll rid the world of Jew. What a goal they’ve set. 2000 years and they can’t be rid of us. Makes you want to cry.

    • Brian Goldfarb

      Yes but, sadly, Hillel, for all the wrong reasons: not out of pity for blindness of these people to what their ancestors have wrought, but that they might still succeed in their task.

      What’s most horrifying is that they don’t realise that their rhetoric helps to create a situation in which others, much less squeamish than they, will happily carry out orders (“I was only obeying orders…”) to pull the trigger, etc.

      Jones and his ilk would run a mile if ordered to actually harm people in these ways. But the real psychopaths wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

    • racy we

      Anti Semitism is alive and well in Enland, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain . . . . all over Europe and the Med. due to the hundreds of thousands of Muslims they led into these countries. Leaders, journalists want their favor and their votes. Anti Semitism has never been eliminated; now it’s showing its ugly head blatantly.

    • LizaT

      Shows how stupid anti-semites are…Let them lock their doors & hide, the Jews are probably going to blow themselves up, suicide bombings are a Jewish thing.. ..so they’d better be after the right people! IGNORANT IS NEVER EASY TO COPE WITH. All racists are ignorant!!! Wait till they deal with bombs…right in their back yard! MORONS!

      • Thought is Free

        Suicide bombing are not a Jewish thing, never have been. That’s a stupid, totally wrong idea.

        • Erica Ling

          Using irony, perhaps ? Not actually meaning “suicide bombing is a Jewish thing. ” but suggesting this is what racists, anti- semites and fools say ?

      • shoshannah

        Where did you get the idea that “suicide bombings are a Jewish thing…”???

        Jews celebrate and honor LIFE. It’s the Islamists who glorify death.

    • Wallsingham

      I’m not Jewish. Have had the same experience here in New Zealand Catholic education system discussing ‘balance’ in current Arab-Israeli issues. Individual knee-jerk administrator response, ‘Smart lil’ Jew boy’ the epithet of choice. Then denied, ridiculed or if witnessed explained off as a joke! It’s not!
      The holocaust can happen again. Experience tells me Jew hatred is the canary in the coal mine. An anti-Israeli stance masking as justice for Palestians is the new antisemitism. Blanket generalities, old conspiracy theories, denial of Nazi genocide between 1941 and ’45 all grist for scapegoating.
      Do I see this as right-wrong, black-white, true-false simplicity. No. Israel’s domestic and foreign policies should be criticised. Here in New Zealand Polynesians, social welfare beneficiaries, immigrants
      are all blamed for negative social issues. Facts, or the lack of, are also an issue. Ignorance and poverty understood as real social hazards.
      One positive? Out of Islamic terrorism security pragmatism turns to the Israelis as leaders in creative prevention/protection. Ironic!

      • Shinku

        Can’t balance EVIL. Islam is evil through and through.