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September 21, 2016 10:53 am

Obama Tells UN Israel Can’t Permanently ‘Occupy’ Palestinian Land

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President Obama. Photo: wiki commons.

President Obama. Photo: wiki commons. – US President Barack Obama summarized his analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his final address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

“Surely Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel…[and if] Israel recognizes that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land,” Obama said in a portion of his speech, calling for a “course correction” of nations on the path to “global integration.”

In Obama’s eight years in office, his administration has not succeeded in their efforts to produce a peace agreement.

Israel was not the only nation critiqued by Obama.

Russia was derided for using force to return to its “former glory” and fueling “nationalistic fervor.”

“The mindset of sectarianism, and extremism, and bloodletting, and retribution that has been taking place will not be quickly reversed,” Obama said. “And if we are honest, we understand that no external power is going to be able to force different religious communities or ethnic communities to co-exist for long.”

Obama said that for global integration to succeed, the world “must reject any forms of fundamentalism, or racism, or a belief in ethnic superiority that makes our traditional identities irreconcilable with modernity.  Instead, we need to embrace the tolerance that results from respect of all human beings.”

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  • Mercworx

    Judea and Samaria is historically Jewish land. The Arabs didn’t even arrive in the Levant until 632.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    It’s obvious that the current situation on the ground cannot be permanent. and it’s not in anyone’s best interests, including Israel’s, for it to remain that way. Expansion of the settlements in the territories is counterproductive, a classic example of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face while spitting in the face of others.

  • Jonas v G

    Palestinian land ???????????
    Does he mean Jordan ??????????????????
    But we don’t occupy Jordan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is the men mental confused ????????

    • Mercworx

      Exactly this.

  • ja29

    He spent too much time listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

  • Ben Kramer

    not when you come to United States begging for aid. This has always been the U.S. position.

  • shloime

    actually, mr president, israel CAN occupy territory captured in a defensive war, especially if the other party refuses to negotiate in good faith.

    assuming that o’bummer has a law degree, and has access to expert advisors on international law, he should know this.

    so why is he lying?

    • Kish Mirtuches

      he’s not lying. he’s a disingenuous politician who has an agenda that is none of his business, or anyone else’s.

  • Kuner1

    All we have to do is wait until either Europe inevitably swings hard right or someone like Trump becomes president of the US. Islam will not plague the world much longer.