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September 21, 2016 4:34 pm

Anti-Israel Group at Drew U Upholds Invitation to Host Israeli Radical After His Antisemitic Tweet

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Miko Peled. Photo: Facebook.

Miko Peled. Photo: Facebook.

An anti-Israel group at Drew University is upholding its decision to host a lecture on Wednesday by a well-known Israeli anti-Zionist activist, despite antisemitic comments he made on Twitter last week, The Algemeiner has learned, a day after a similar invitation was rescinded by Princeton.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) explained its decision to have Miko Peled speak on campus, in spite of the “problematic” content of his tweet about the new Memorandum of Understanding signed between the US and Israel earlier this month, according to which the United States will provide the Jewish state with $38 billion in defense aid over the next 10 years.

The group wrote on Facebook that while it is “totally against antisemitism,” it wished “to continue with this event to address the topic that he is scheduled for and where his expertise lies.”


In contrast, the Princeton Committee on Palestine (PCP) announced Tuesday, some three hours before Peled was scheduled to speak at the Ivy League institution, that it was cancelling his lecture “to show our commitment towards educating our campus about Israel/Palestine issues.”



A student at Princeton told The Algemeiner that the cancellation was the result of a successful campaign by the pro-Israel campus community, “who took to social media to shame the PCP for bringing an antisemite to campus. And the pressure worked.”

Following the PCP’s decision, Peled issued his own response on Facebook, in which he doubled down on his offensive rhetoric.

In a separate statement on Twitter, Peled blamed “Zionist pressure” for the cancellation of his lecture.

Peled is the son of Matti Peled, an Israeli general who served during the 1967 Six-Day War, who later became a radical leftist.

Over the years, the younger Peled has made repeated defamatory remarks against Israel and Jews.

For instance, he has advocated for a “single-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, calling for the end of Israel as a Jewish state. He has also likened Israel to an “apartheid” state and referred to Gaza as an “enormous concentration camp.”

On his blog, Peled expresses support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which he believes will lead to “a secular democracy where all Israelis and Palestinians live as equals…in our shared homeland.”

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  • Harvela

    It must be difficult walking in the footsteps of a giant especially when its your own father . There are many like Miko Peled with powerful parents who seek to make a mark in life and fail miserably . Miko Peled is one such damaged person . His father was a war hero who later embraced radical leftist views but never sought to eradicate Israel but to change society’s views towards the Palestinians . Miko Peled in his confusion and in order to pursue ‘his own place in the sun ‘ needed to go beyond his father ‘s position hence the point at which he now finds himself . I hope his father never got to see this sad outcome

  • zvi gross

    This man, Peled, needs a healthy dose of realism. The Islamic world can’t live in peace with it’s own, nor tolarate a minority within it’s borders, and he expects respect and a harmonious Co existence with them in one happy multi ethnic country? Is that what’s happening in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Turkey etc?
    How come these people are so criminaly, mindlessly naive?

  • Willie Sam1

    Paled’s tweets are really just standard beliefs for a sizable number of those in the BDS movement. The problem was he wasn’t supposed to say these things on Twitter, just repeat them among friends in the SJP movement who fully agree with him.

  • BradD99

    Anti-semites reject the Jewish state’s democratic wishes.

    Anti-semites want the world’s only Jewish state to merge with millions of Muslims until Muslims become the majority and Jews become the minority, AND THEN anti-semites suddenly respect democracy.

    Miko Peled is pretending that merging Israel+Palestinians would result in “peace and equality.”

    NO JEWS ANYWHERE feel they’d be safe/protected as a hated minority under the rule of Hamas/Palestinians/etc.

    Yet that’s what “anti-zionists” want. They literally want to put millions of Jews in mortal danger.

    Miko Peled is going around the world essentially trying to convince the world that the world’s only Jewish state is evil for even existing and needs to be erased. What’s the difference between this and the Nazi movement of the 1930’s? The Nazi movement grew into resulting in the death of millions of Jews. Erasing Israel as a state would probably result in the death of millions of Israeli Jews — unless they all somehow fled.

  • BradD99

    Can someone explain what is more anti-semitic than going around the world on a tour trying to convince the world to help eliminate the existence of the world’s only Jewish state?

  • BradD99

    Miko Peled’s current Twitter bio has a pic that says “Make Israel Palestine again.”

    He literally seems to want Israel erased.

    (Of course, he doesn’t say anything about 80% of historic Palestine becoming Jordan.)

    He just wants the world’s only Jewish state eliminated/erased.

    He’s pure evil. We’re witnessing pure evil.

    Think of Jews who helped the Nazis. What better modern-day example is there than Jews who single out the world’s only Jewish state and want to eliminate it and force Israeli Jews to be a minority under an Islamic majority so that yet another Muslim state can form?