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September 22, 2016 7:03 am

Turks Tweet Their Jew-hatred, Following an Attempted Stabbing at the Israeli Embassy in Turkey

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Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Photo: Screenshot.

On September 21, an attempted stabbing took place at the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, when a Muslim man armed with a knife tried to attack before being shot in the leg by a local police officer. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, none of the Israelis at the embassy were involved or hurt in the incident.

Turkish police at the scene told Reuters the assailant shouted “Allahu Akbar” outside before he was shot.

The Turkish news site, Avlaremoz, which covers Jewish-related affairs, reported that many Turks rushed to Twitter to proudly and openly show off their Jew-hatred.

Here are some examples of what users wrote:

“We want to hear gunshots not outside, but inside of the Israeli Embassy.”

“Has anyone been croaked? This is what we want to learn.”

“[It will] Get even worse, the Israeli embassy.”

“A prostitute was asked: ‘Do you have children?’ The prostitute responded: ‘All of the population of Israel is my children.’”

“Suicide bombers always target innocent people. Just enter that Israeli embassy and explode it! What the hell is a knife?”

“They call the man who says ‘I did this to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East’ an ‘attacker’. He is the hero of the day. I think he is rational.”

“It is not ‘the Israeli embassy.’ It is the home of murderous Zionism. The attacker has done a good job!!”

When the pro-government outlet Ahaber tweeted, “Great panic at the Israeli Embassy! They harbored in shelters,” some users responded:

“Cowardly dogs. I am sure the attackers are their own dogs. May your tribe be annihilated.”

“The Israeli Embassy. The day that you won’t be able to find a shelter to enter will also come.”

“The Israeli Embassy has hidden in a shelter. Dirty carrions. Just wait, when it is the right time, you will not even find a hole to enter. You will all be croaked.”

This is not the first occasion Turks flooded Twitter with extreme hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.

On March 19, three Israelis and one Iranian were reported killed in a suicide bombing attack in Istanbul’s Taksim district. Upon receiving the news about the Israeli deaths, many Turkish Twitter-users couldn’t contain their happiness, the news site Avlaremoz reported.

One wrote:

Israelis, I wish you were croaked. I will s*** on your dead bodies. I will spit on the faces of those who call you humans.

Instead of an Iranian being dead, I wish the entire Israel and all Israeli creatures were torn to pieces but did not die and would eternally remain in the death agony – not that I like Iran…

You don’t understand, right? As long as you do not submit to God, each solution will cause another explosion. Unconditional submission is the only salvation. #Taksim

If he [the perpetrator] had gathered all Israelis and conducted a wholesale cleansing, our faces would be smiling after all that news of our martyrs. But this smile also feels good.

No offence. I am not an enemy of humans. I just dislike Israel. Have some respect. Let all of the killers of Palestine be croaked.

Other tweets included:

“3 of those who died in the explosion are from Israel. How can I be sad now? Let no one take offence. Whether right or wrong – I do not feel sad for them.”

“3 of the dead in Taksim are Israelis. They fell into what they themselves had dug.”

“3 of the dead are Israelis. May Allah make them shoot one another with their own guns. Inshallah. May He protect our brothers. What else can we do other than pray?”

“The only good news is that 3 of the dead are ‘Israeli’ Jews.”

“I do not wish patience to the families of the Israeli tourists who died in Taksim.”

“To be honest, I am happy that no Turk has died in the explosion. I am happy that I heard about Israeli bastards. Bloodless fags. That is how you suffer the consequences of what you have done.”

“3 Israelis are dead. I am not sad at all. What I am sad about is that it took place in our country.”

“I wish all of them were Israelis. Look this is what it means to kill innocent children in Palestine. The fags whose mothers f*** each other.”

Proud outbursts of Jew-hatred are a well-established tradition in Turkey.

One of the first Turkish state authorities who openly expressed his antisemitism was Dr. Riza Nur, Turkey’s first minister of education under the non-Islamist Republican People’s Party (CHP), the country’s founding party.

On March 2, 1923, in a secret session at the Turkish parliament, Nur said: “You know the Hebrews. They go to wherever they are pulled. Of course, I say it would be better if they did not exist.”

Decades have gone by, and the antisemitic and non-Islamist CHP government has been replaced by the antisemitic and Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) government.

The Turkish newspaper Vatan reported that on July 18, 2014, President Erdogan made statements to the members of press about Operation Protective Edge, the war being fought at the time between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which began as a result of Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli cities and infrastructure.

But Erdogan’s take on the conflict was completely different.

“The state that knows best how to kill children is Israel,” he said, continuing:

The obvious reality is that Israel is the country that threatens peace in the world and in the Middle East. Israel has never been pro-peace. It has persecuted [people] and continues the persecution.

Israel might seem to be the winner now. But it will eventually be defeated. This will also bother the Jews living in certain parts of the world.

We as Turkey and myself — as long as I am in charge — can never have a positive view of Israel. I and my administration will never look at this issue positively as long as we are in power.

On July 19, 2014, CNN Turk covered Erdogan’s presidential campaign speech in the Black Sea city of Ordu.

Under the slogan “Down with Israel,” Erdogan said, in part: “They [Israelis] made a t-shirt. On it is the photo of a pregnant Muslim woman with a burqa. Below the photo is written: ‘One fire, two shots.’ That means, ‘Shoot at the belly of the Muslim woman so that [you will waste] one bullet but take two lives.’ This is vile, despicable, and dishonorable. I hate them, I curse them. They [Israelis] have no conscience, no honor, no pride. They swear at Hitler day and night but they have surpassed even Hitler in barbarism.”

The Turkish public well-reflects its antisemitic government.

According to a 2014 Pew Poll, Israel is the most hated country in Turkey, with 86% of respondents holding an unfavorable view of the Jewish state, and only 2% viewing it positively.

Since 1923, when the Turkish republic was founded, decades have passed and many things have changed in the country. Turkey is now ruled by a different political party, the Islamist AKP. However, Turkey’s official and non-official overall stance towards Hebrews or Jews is still the same: venomous at worst. But this time the hatred is more stealthy and disguised, hidden behind the excuse of “opposition to the state of Israel.”

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