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September 26, 2016 11:10 am

Netanyahu Greeted by Applause, Jeers, Cries of ‘Free Palestine’ Upon Arrival at New York City Theater to See Broadway Hit Show ‘Hamilton’

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Israeli PM Netanyahu, as he enters the Richard Rodgers Theater in NY, to see 'Hamilton.' Photo: Mark Young/Twitter.

Israeli PM Netanyahu, as he enters the Richard Rodgers Theater in NY, to see ‘Hamilton.’ Photo: Mark Young/Twitter.

Applause, jeers and cries of “Free Palestine” greeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night, upon his arrival at the Richard Rodgers Theater in New York City, to see the critically acclaimed Broadway show “Hamilton,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

According to the report, the anger expressed by some audience-members was not only sparked by Middle East politics. In addition to anti-Israel protesters  —  a feature at every event attended by Netanyahu during his stay in the Big Apple, where he delivered a speech on Thursday before the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly — other theater-goers were irritated by the massive “airport-like” security checks they were forced to undergo. In addition, the Israeli leader purportedly arrived late, which caused everyone else a long and inconvenient wait.

To pass the time, many took to Facebook and Twitter, some to describe the scene; others to vent.

One person in attendance — Liz Hoffman — tweeted: “At what must be the safest #Hamilton since Obama. Netanyahu in the house, plus Sec Service, TSA and some guys who very much look like Mossad.”

Another — Melanie Colton — wrote: “At Hamilton with Netanyahu attending. Two women leave the theater screaming, ‘Free Palestine!’ as they shove their way through the security.”

A different source told the New York Post’s Page Six that Netanyahu “entered and sat down before the lights went down, so everyone was focused on him. There was a lot of applause when he walked in, but definitely a few loud boos.”

“Hamilton” is a musical about the life of the American founding father, inspired by Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography, Alexander Hamilton. In 2016, it received 16 Tony nominations and won 11, including Best Musical. It’s also the recipient of the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

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  • Mercworx

    “who very much look like Mossad.”

    The Shin Bet provides VIP security not the Mossad. Not that the woman is gong to see this…..or that it matters.

  • rulierose

    the “pro-Palestinian” (meaning anti-Israel) activists keeping it classy as always.

  • Edward in PA

    Right on, Bil Levy. There is no Palestine.

  • bill levy

    Free Crimea. Free Cyprus. Free Tibet. Free Syria. Free the PLA from occupying Israel.

    AM ISRAEL CHAI and every Jew should remember what the Syrians did to the Jews of Aleppo when they threw the Jews out of Syria.


    Do I feel sorry for the Syrians being murdered every day by Russia and Syria?

    I don’t feel any pity for them because I know what they would do to Jews today.

    Jews are the most stupid people on this planet to feel sorry for a people who hate them and want to kill them.

    • So you agree with Vladimir Putin on stealing Crimea and Ukraine by military force. I’m not surprised. Israelis believe that they can operate forever above the law and commit crimes against humanity with impunity, Bibi fancies himself Putin.

      They are both violating the same law, ‘territory acquired by force is inadmissible’. There is a movement to free Tibet, there has been for decades, and just the other day the president of the UN Security Council reminded Bibi after that stupid photo-op in the Golan Heights, that it is illegally occupied by Israel, and Israel will eventually be giving it back.

      That is the reality. You are just another racist who has no care about anyone dying, and you certainly do not care about Jews, nope, just hating Muslims to the point of wishing death on them.

      • Eric11210

        For those not familiar, the above is Michael Ahmed Hess, an insane anti-Semite who runs a hate blog called BBS News. He likes to troll Jewish websites and occasionally even laughably calls Jews anti-Semites for calling him out on his endless lies. Good for a few laughs at least…I think this is its first time trolling here though.

      • TruthBeTold

        Free Michael Hess…Not worth a cent, anyway…

    • Hinda39

      We are not stupid just some of us who want to align themselves with those who wish us dead. As Mark Twain (a non-Jew once quoted: You can’t fix stupid!

    • Mercworx

      Exactly. I say Free Judea, Free Kurdistan and Aramea, Free Menashe.

    • solange9

      To return that favor would make Jews just like them. So, no thanks. And it is not “stupid.” Having compassion for other humans does not make you stupid, nor does it necessarily mean anything beyond that. It simply means that you are not a monster. Remember, hatred only really harms the hater.

      • ericr2

        Your naivete will get us all killed.

      • DocReality

        Oh please. There’s nothing wrong with hating haters. I don’t necessarily want to devote all my energy to it, but if you think you can change the culture of sociopathy that is Islam with a hug and kum-ba-ya on guitar, you’re truly misguided.

    • A Zionist

      I don’t think we are “stupid” – although, I can see what you are saying – I think that as a people, we are reminded constantly, that we were once slaves in Egypt and strangers.

      There is a story of a gentile who claimed he would convert to Judaism if he could be taught the entire Torah, while standing on one leg. Rabbi Akiva replied: “Treat other people the way you would want to be treated. All the rest is commentary!”

      It is the difference between “us” and those who want to kill us. We must never forget: but we must never lose our inheritance: the Torah and Eretz Yisrael.

    • DocReality

      I make up you’re referring to Liberal Jews. At least, I hope so. And they are quite stupid, indeed.