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October 11, 2016 4:51 pm

New Study: Number of Antisemitic Incidents Targeting London Jews Far Higher Than Official Statistics

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Shomrim volunteers speak with a London police officer. Photo: Campaign Against Antisemitism website.

Shomrim volunteers speak with a London police officer. Photo: Campaign Against Antisemitism website.

A new study that exposed high levels of antisemitism faced by London’s ultra-Orthodox community on a daily basis is “just the tip of the iceberg,” the head of a Jewish neighborhood watch organization in the British capital said.

Speaking about the research conducted by Stamford Hill Shomrim — which recorded an average of eight antisemitic incidents per week over the past month in London, far higher than official police records showing two to three such occurrences per month — Rabbi Herschel Gluck, the president of the group, stated, “It has long been said that antisemitism is underreported in the Charedi Jewish community, which is the most visible segment of the Jewish community, but these figures are nevertheless shocking.”

The British Home Office, Gluck went on to say, “must take urgent action to work directly with Stamford Hill Shomrim concerning the Charedi Jewish community — a community with a distinct ethos, sensitivities and structures, to enhance and improve the reporting of hate crimes.”

The antisemitic incidents detailed in the study included three assaults, two threats to kill, eight threats of violence, eighteen cases of verbal abuse and one occurrence of criminal damage.

One of last month’s incidents — as reported by The Algemeiner — saw an 11-year-old Jewish boy walking home from school in London’s Hackney neighborhood forced to remove his kippa by a gang of bullies.

As reported by The Algemeiner, antisemitic incidents in the UK jumped in the first half of 2016, with the Jewish community being targeted on an average of  three times per day.

In August, the head of a UK charity and antisemitism watchdog group told The Algemeiner that British Jews were “being denied justice” by their country’s main criminal prosecution agency, as it failed to crack down on antisemitic crimes.

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  • Hard Little Machine

    10 years is a long time in this day and age. In 10 years there will be almost no recognizable Jewish presence in the UK.

  • Paul Grad

    If someone threatens to kill you or kill members of an ethnic or religious group, you should have the Right to gun them down as being a threat to your life. This is what happens when Jews are denied the Right to carry a gun, and government refused to jail the threateners for life as is happening in the UK. Since the UK government can’t or won’t jail these people for life, then MP’s must pass a law giving all Jews in the UK the Right to carry guns, and Israel should supply a gun to every Jew in Britain.

  • UR

    I’d wager this lack of correlation between actual and reported incidents of antisemitic abuse is even higher on university campuses – when antisemitism is systemic and pervasive, even if it were possible to report every incident, which it is not, trying to do so simply compounds the antisemitism. Victims of racism tend to lick their wounds between bouts of abuse simply in order to survive – they try to forget and move on, as best they can. Worse still, when one is socialized in an environment of pervasive and systemic discrimination, one doesn’t even know to recognize that which must be reported – no, one simply normalizes it as part of reality and adjusts, again, in order to survive. Furthermore, on campuses, the abuse is again compounded by racism in the very mechanisms to handle campus racism, if there are any in the first place deemed available to Jews who face this form of racism. Usually, the BDS faculty & students use the occasion to further their abuse. This phenomenon is familiar in the case of violence against women where reporting is low because of a tendency to respond inappropriately – not believing the women; suggesting the victim is to blame because of inebriation or dress-style or not being a good enough wife; suggesting it is the prerogative of husbands etc. In the antisemitic analogy, Jewish students are accused of being guilty either for supporting Israel or for failing to distance themselves from Israel (as per the ‘as a Jew brigade’), an argument often made by the antisemites on campus to try to mask or justify their antisemitism – an argument which has purchase such is the spread of antisemitic ways of making sense of the world on campus.

  • watsa46

    The Muslims ALWAYS claim to be the main if not the exclusive victims!

  • garyfouse

    And the perps responsible for the anti-Semitic acts in London are……..?