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October 19, 2016 6:27 pm

CNN Political Commentator Urges Twitter Followers to Support Crowdfunding Campaign of Palestinian Terrorist

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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A prominent CNN political commentator urged his Twitter followers on Tuesday to support the crowdfunding campaign of a Palestinian terrorist who carried out a bombing in Jerusalem nearly five decades ago.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill — a professor of African-American Studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta who, in addition to his CNN role, also hosts “BET News” and “VH1 Live!” — tweeted a link on Tuesday to the GoFundMe page of Ali Jiddah, a member of the Afro-Palestinian community in Jerusalem’s Old City, who is seeking donations to cover medical debts he incurred over the years due to his refusal to pay into the Israeli insurance system.

In his appeal for help, Jiddah acknowledged serving 17 years in Israeli prison for “being active in the Palestinian national struggle,” without mentioning the true reason for his incarceration — his planting of a bomb near a Jerusalem hospital in 1968 that wounded nine Israelis, an act described in the 2014 book “Song of the Caged Bird: Words of Resistance in Palestine.”

Jiddah, who was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was freed in 1985 as part of the Jibril Agreement — in which Israel released 1,150 imprisoned terrorists in exchange for three Israeli soldiers who were captured during the First Lebanon War.

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Hill is known for his anti-Israel views and backing of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. In 2015, he tweeted, “I support BDS in Israel because it’s the best remaining option to end the longest occupation in modern history.”

CNN did not immediately respond to a request from The Algemeiner for comment.

Hill’s latest controversial tweet was first highlighted by pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon.

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  • Show me where Lamont Hill got his doctorate, one can then send all cerebral-capacity lacking people they should have no trouble to do the same.
    Marc Lamont Hill is an idiot, whatever institution considers a Professor should not be viewed as an institute of higher learning, but rather as a shelter for the mentally deprived; what a disgrace Lamont is to himself, CNN, and Morehouse College…Marc Lamont Hill in his views about Israel and the Palestinians demonstrate to total lack of the facts on the ground, he also lacks any sense of history; a challenged young man whose visibility on CNN must be one of the elements which causes CNN to be rated as low as it is.

  • Ray Pardo

    Wonder how he would feel about a tweet to fund slavery?

  • Shocking and they must be fixed it…

  • ericr2

    CNN = Caliphate News Network. This is the network that had Ashleigh Banfield excusing Hamas’ attack on Jewish civilians, and Octavia Nasr praising a dead Hezbollah leader.

    Even with a (Kapo) Jew at the helm, this is a network that would make Al-Jazeera proud.

    Hill is just your typical Jew-hating black leftist.

  • Peter

    How Low will CNN stoop before they act???

    • Joan Crawford’s dead head lice

      CNN hit bottom long ago, when they supported Trayvon Martin’s right to thuggery and demonized George Zimmerman for protecting his life. By now they’ve dug a hole half way to hell.

  • Efram Paul

    I am sure he had the full support of CNN.

    • moosehorn

      He should have the support on anyone on the right path of morals.

  • rimmshot

    Send the Mossad to deal with both of them.

    • ericr2

      At the very least, they should be kicked out of Israel.

  • aj nitzberg

    are we surprised ?

    it is well-known and well-established that blacks hate jews and have for 150 years. please note the controversy from the 1960’s ‘eye on harlem’ photography exhibit at the ny metropolitan museum.

    the distaste sources from attitudes of southern whites picked up by blacks when they were slaves. it’s not the only cultural legacy picked up from southern whites.

    • ElmoGlick

      Many southern whites are pro-Israel and pro-Jewish.

  • TheSwamp

    Ridiculous. This guy has zero understanding of history.

    • moosehorn

      Zero understanding of history does really apply to you.

  • Gnomercy9 ✓Jewish

    Said it many times…. what was once the party of Bobby Kennedy is now the party of sirhan sirhan.

    • kirby1

      Well said.

    • ElmoGlick

      Crazy shvatzah.

  • Lizbeth A Glickman

    One more ignoramus “professor.” Dr. King would be embarrassed by this guy.

    • moosehorn

      Ignoramus for defending the rights of the oppressed?