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November 9, 2016 12:24 am

New York Times Exit Poll: 71% of Jews Voted for Clinton, 24% Backed Trump

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70% of American Jews voted for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's election, according to a New York Times exit poll. Photo: Alex Lee via Wikimedia Commons.

70% of American Jews voted for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s election, according to a New York Times exit poll. Photo: Alex Lee via Wikimedia Commons.

71% of American Jews voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential election, while only 24% backed her Republican opponent Donald Trump, according to a New York Times exit poll.

If true, that means that Trump fared worse among Jews than Mitt Romney did in 2012 (30%). In 2008, John McCain got 22% of the Jewish vote.

In an interview with The Algemeiner last week, attorney David Friedman — a senior Trump adviser — predicted the Republican candidate would win more Jewish support than Romney and McCain.

Speaking with The Algemeiner on Monday, Malcolm Hoenlein — the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations — said that US Jews must get out and vote on Election Day if they want to continue to be heard by politicians on matters of concern to them.

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  • craigiri

    Trump runs in elite limo liberal circles – NYC – and is more likely than Romney to, for example, drop some nukes on Arabs – something certain Jews can support.

  • lula

    jews denied jesus.and vote hillary REALLY. see what obama did?.
    jews never learn from genesis .true revelation still not see the true.

  • Zack Selzman

    So you know that Trump’s son in law who was extremely influential in his campaign is Jewish and you still decided to play the Nazi card. One of the worst cases of Godwin’s law I have ever seen.

  • Barry

    What tripe that American Jews are “stupid” or “treasonous” or “suicidal” or “voted against their best interests and the interests of Israel.” American Jews, like the rest of Americans, vote for what they believe is BEST FOR THE USA! This was a U.S. election, NOT an Israeli one. If the “Jewish” choice for POTUS is also good for U.S. relations with its Israeli ally, all the better, but non-Orthodox Jews (and we ARE the significant majority) don’t put Israel’s needs ahead of America’s. In any event, whether it’s a Dem or GOP administration/Congress, the USA is not likely to stop its multibillion-dollar economic/military aid to Israel anytime soon. OK, class over.

  • curt

    70 percent of Jews care more about liberal social issues than they do about ISRAEL

  • Gnomercy

    71% of turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

  • Yankel Gorokhofskij

    That means 71% of Jews voted against their best interests and the interests of Israel. American Jewry continues to support everyone but themselves. Pathetic.

  • bocapunter

    This Jew is ecstatic. I knew we had it when Ivanka Trump and her husband, on the Saturday night before the election, went out to Old Montefiore Cemetery to pray at the grave of the Rebbe Schneerson.

  • atilla41

    As a non-Jew, I might suggest that Jews start to differentiate between their leftists degenerates and their right, who epitomize the positive Jewish values.

    Not to do so is the same as lumping all non-Jews as the same. One has to differentiate.

  • Peter Joffe

    I find it staggering that any Jewish person could vote for Clinton with her open ties and associates in Islam. Hillary’s chief advisory is a Muslim Brotherhood member and her mother is a terrorist. Islam is the mortal enemy of Christians, Jews and freedom loving people. Clinton wanted to import millions of probable terrorist into the USA? Jews voted for their own suicide?? How stupid is that? Well done Trump and well done America for seeing the truth and the dangers that were getting worse under Obama and probably Clinton too. A vote for Clinton was a vote for Islamic barbarity. America threw them both out. May we never hear from HRC ever again.

  • Larry Commercial Mortgage

    I am Jewish and spoke with some of my Orthodox Jewish business associates who basically said that they felt more comfortable voting for Trump because they knew exactly where he stood on issues and what kind of person he was, while they didn’t trust Hillary.

  • stop crying

    Since the media has been exposed, how do we know this is true?

  • Marco Redwolf

    The New York Times , that unbiased bastion of honesty and factuality. Wait, I have to stop laughing. OK I’m good now.. Nope I’m laughing again. OK I’m good. OK: The NYT found 74 Jews leaving Starbucks during a 10 hour stakeout on the upper West Side and nobody liked Trump. I got it.

  • kunling

    What the hell is wrong with Jews?? The communists, aka democrats, have NEVER been friends of Jews and the Jewish state. Long live Israel!!!

  • EndTimesComing

    If American Jews really think Hillary would have been better for them and for Israel and voted for the witch in those numbers, tell me why anybody in the US should care about or do anything at all for the American Jewish community OR Israel. They are their own worst enemy and apparently as treasonous to this country as a group as are Obama and Hillary.

  • formerRivCoRes

    Only self-hating Jews vote for folks like Clinton and their Muzzie “foundations!”

  • Rhino23

    Hillary’s supporters are pro abortion, pro war liberals.

  • Alex Meltser

    How can anything coming from NYT be true?

  • Holy Shirt

    Those who believe in Nothing will fall for Anything. No Jew with an IQ above 6 who gives the “1948 DEWEY ELECTED” New York Times more credibility than the National Enquirer possesses an overflowing “Yiddisher Kopp.” Wrapped in the pages of the New York Times, gefilte fish instantly becomes treif. If B’rith Milah conveyed brilliance, Beverly Hills and Hollywood would probably be two more non-descript Los Angeles slums. The minority of Jews who voted to prevent the Holocaust from moving to American shores are The Hope for their brothers and sisters preyed upon by ideology- and idiology-blinded schoolteachers, professors and the jihadi idiotti plutocracy that funds them. Likewise for those guarding the Land of their Fathers.

  • DocReality

    I can’t believe 70% of Jews are that stupid. Well, now it doesn’t matter.

    • EndTimesComing

      They are. And always have been. Their own worst enemies.

    • SaciPerere

      I also cannot accept that those 70% are that stupid to vote for a corrupt, untruthful and dictatorial person.

  • Gavriela Dvorah Rut Gerson

    Obviously “matters of concern” to them includes giving away Eretz Yisrael to a phony people, and destroying Torah Jewry in the world. Thank G-d, their “concerns” were trumped by G-d Himself, and those of us who make our home here in the Holy Land, heeding the call to come home can breathe easy knowing that hillery and her moslem brotherhood are not going to be oppressing us any time soon. Jews in America who voted for hillery should remain in amerika forever, don’t even bother to come for a visit. We don’t need your blood money.

    • EndTimesComing

      AMEN. With you on THAT. I have a great deal of respect for the Israelis and their military. Unfortunately there seem to be quite a few Israelis, particularly around Tel Aviv, that are just as stupid and treasonous to Israel as the American Jews are. Perhaps you Israelis should kick them out and send them to be with their idiot friends in the US……oh wait……please don’t do that……..

    • Biyn Christian