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November 13, 2016 3:58 pm

Jewish Students at Texas U Cancel Lecture by Author Caroline Glick for Fear of ‘Alienating’ Anti-Zionists on Campus

avatar by Lea Speyer and Rachel Frommer

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Caroline Glick. Photo: YouTube.

Caroline Glick. Photo: YouTube.

A program slated for Monday, featuring a lecture by renowned American-Israeli writer Caroline Glick — author, most recently, of The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East — has caused Jewish and pro-Israel students at the University of Texas at Austin to fear that her message might anger anti-Zionists on campus, The Algemeiner has learned.

“Some people are concerned Glick may not be the best representative for what we are trying to accomplish — that is, promoting our message and advocating for Israel,” Eliav Terk, who sits on the board of both Texans for Israel and AIPAC on Campus, told The Algemeiner. “There are fears she may alienate student groups and minorities we are trying to attract, which have traditionally taken a non pro-Israel stance.”

The students who expressed displeasure with the program — funded by CEO of Davidsohn Global Technologies, Joseph Davidsohn — belong to groups such as Hillel, Texans for Israel and AIPAC on campus.

Davidsohn called the push-back against Glick disgraceful. “She is being vilified by student groups — and they clearly haven’t read her book,” he told The Algemeiner. “It is important that students hear her speak and learn an alternative narrative about Israel, not just the one put out by groups like Students for Justice in Palestine or Black Lives Matter.”

Rabbi Moshe Trepp, a Jewish life educator at UT Austin’s Hillel and one of the main campus organizers of the event, told The Algemeiner that the student government was informed by Hillel that the reservation for the room in which Glick’s lecture was to take place was cancelled. Organizers are now attempting to find an alternative venue, either on or off campus, for her talk.

According to Trepp, the move came after student leaders “did their own research into Glick and saw that she was listed by liberal organizations as associated with a hate group — which is a false accusation, Glick is not full of hate, but she does say things about Israel that makes others uncomfortable.”

He said that the students’ attempt to keep her out of UT Austin is “creating an atmosphere on campus where left-wing haters who say terrible things about Israel and the Jews are never protested, and we can never bring in a person who forces people out of their comfort zone.”

The Algemeiner also learned that a Christian student was allegedly intimidated for promoting the event. She reported being told that by advertising the lecture, she is making a bad name for herself at the university — and could even cause riots.

Margo Sack, the director of Jewish student life at UT Austin’s Hillel chapter, denied ideology played a part in the cancellation. “An outside donor suggested hosting Caroline Glick on our campus, but our student leaders determined there was not enough student interest at this time,” she told The Algemeiner. “The proposed program was never placed on the calendar, because students were not interested in hosting her.”

She protested: “Texas Hillel does not shy away from diverse voices participating in discussion about Israel on our campus. We respect our student leadership and will continue to make programming decisions based on student interest.”

Glick told The Algemeiner that she found it “very disconcerting that we’ve come to a point where American Jews, and reportedly pro-Israel Jews, no longer feel comfortable supporting Israel, and believe they somehow have to apologize for it. This is a travesty and a tragedy. I feel sorry for these students, who have been raised so poorly that they are being denied the basic knowledge about who they are as Jews and what the Jewish state stands for.”

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  • Robert Rendell

    Margo Sack and Hillel Texas should be ashamed of themselves. it is important to note how brilliant and intellectually astute that cancelling her is a disservice to the student body, and another example of the assault on free speech on our college campuses. Sack’s moronic explanation is an insult. If she and her useless organization respected their students, they would have gone ahead and hosted Ms. Glick for the benefit of any student who wanted to hear her.

  • Steven Sherman

    Bending over bacdwards to promote some perverted sense of political correctness never benfits those who waver and who fail to stand up for themselves. They don’t have to agree with Caroline Glick, who is one of the sharpest Israeli reporters, all they have to do is allow her to express her views. There will never be peace betweeen Israel and its enemies as long as this is the way liberal Jews act.

  • Robert Gromelski

    I never thought I’d need to tell Texans to grow a spine. But, perhaps the true culprits behind this wanton act of appeasement only go to school there.

  • Ronald Hargreave

    And not only “Islamophobia”. “PC” has come to mean “polite” when it actually means politically correct, as in my political narrative is the only correct one. And then there is the “right to return” — the “right” is assumed in the phrase; there is no such “right”.

  • Ronald Hargreave


  • Ronald Hargreave

    The very idea that they will attract students with open minds is a false one.

  • Ronald Hargreave

    Parents agree, that is why they pay so much.

  • Ronald Hargreave

    The campus sounds fascist to me. When there is intimidation according to unpopular ideas and refusal to allow free speech on campus, you have the New America that Trump supporters so strongly oppose.

  • Tatiana

    Unfortunately American Jews long ago converted to Socialism or Communism (in case of Bernie Sanders’ companions). They lost love for three basic things that Jews supposed to have: love for Torah, love for the land of Israel, love for Jewish people. Everything else just consequences.Forgetting basic commandment of Judaism “be fruitful, multiply” they stopped to have children and got into degenerative self-indulgent behavior. Instead of synagogue they pray in Whole Foods. The only hope that Orthodox Jews will carry tradition, Biblical values and will courageously defend them, that secular Jews are incapable to do..

    • Ronald Hargreave

      I had hoped that among the basic things that today’s American Jews would have is love for biblical values that fit into mainstream America, love for the land of America and her ally, Israel, and love for all people who are neither anti-American, anti-Israel, and/or anti-Western.

  • Russell Armor

    Israel haters win again …

  • ImmuneToBS

    Bad move. You don’t reduce the number of anti-Israel bigots by appeasing them.

  • Harvela

    Snowflake Jewish students.How sad

  • caliroxanne

    How many Muslims have cancelled events for fear of alienating Christians and Jews?

    • Ronald Hargreave


  • ricardo

    Seems that the new way of showing you’re a liberal means shutting up the voices you don’t agree with, or even protesting the results of a fair and square democratic election because the majority of the people is ‘stupid’. In my young days, that was called a coup.

  • Marty

    These student groups are led by professionally trained anti Israel agitators who concentrate on young college students who are ignorant of reality and who couldn’t find Israel on a map. Ms. Glick’s expertise and opinions should be available to the American public for their knowledge in an environment that does not condone left wing threats as most college campus do. Ms. Glick is certainly accustomed to those threats everyday and some of her strength and fortitude could rub off to those who see her in person.

    • Ronald Hargreave

      Where then are the professionally trained pro Israel agitators?

  • Pete Cook

    Wait until President Trump moves the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The hate for Jews and Israel will have no bounds by then. Bugs hidden under rocks now lifted by the new Administration will be scurrying – I can only hope this will be covered by CNN and the MSM, and not in sympathy to the bugs

    • Ronald Hargreave

      Newsflash, Pete; the hate for Jews and Israel already has no bounds. Just like the hate for Trump. Same group.

  • Jeremy Kaplan

    Pussy liberals. Caroline I like your no prisoners approach to defending Israel.

  • Mel Profit


  • c0mm0ncenz

    And so, another bucket of water is poured on the erosion of free speech in America. Is fascism now in fashion? So the Texas snowflakes want to make the whole campus a “safe space”. Our youth are lost, and so goes the future of the US. As we used to say in Seattle during the energy crisis, Will the last one leaving Austin turn off the light?

    • Ronald Hargreave

      “Is fascism now in fashion?”

      The phrase “in fashion” takes away from the truth. Fascism is now IN POWER. Empowered. These are not snowflakes, but tools of a campus wide (even nation wide) revolutionary movement that is anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-American and pro Islamist.

  • hoptoit27

    Caroline Glick is one the smartest and honest columnists that I have ever read. I go to the JP only because she is there. I used to live in Texas back when the Jews there had the courage to have open minds. Looks like that is no longer the case.

  • pamelalevene

    Who needs enemies when we have Jews on our side?!?

  • henrytobias
  • pro-Israel

    “Glick is not full of hate, but she does say things about Israel that makes others uncomfortable”. Unfortunately, too many people find the truth to be “uncomfortable”.

    • Ronald Hargreave

      like what makes them “uncomfortable”?

  • tiki

    The answer Glick gave is exactly to the point, (as it always is).

    These American Jewish students are living in their Ghetto mentality….., afraid to listen to the truth, afraid to defend their Jewish heritage, afraid to be proud and say it aloud!

    They will pay for it in the end for appeasement hasn’t saved one Jewish life ever!

  • LtcHoward

    Why is it so difficult for young liberal Jews to realize that you cannot buy love or acceptance from the Jew haters of the world. They want you dead. Caroline Glick has a lot to say. She should be listened to with respect as part of your learning process
    Fortunately for Israel, our Christian community are strong supporters of Israel.

  • Robennetto

    Truly misguided and shameful decision.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    The leftist appeasers of the Islamic hate campaign against Jews and Israel are winning the war on truth and preventing students from hearing any voice opposing their lies, “feelings” and propaganda.

    The left now use pressure, violence, threats, intimidation, money, and anything they can to shut out views which make them “feel” uncomfortable and they stamp on free speech that does not exactly match their own uneducated feelings and beliefs and thoughts. This is spilling into opposition against democracy in the aftermath of an election that these same cowards and ignoramuses do not like. There are now riots in the streets of America because screaming spoiled brats feel sad at the outcome of the election and it did not go their way.

    Students do not even know the meaning of Zionism – and they have certainly twisted the word “islamophobia” to mean
    racism when a phobia is actually a fear. Fear of Islamic terrorism, given the hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced and sent abroad, is a significant and legitimate fear and concern. Islam tells us in their books to make us fear them and proof is that groups like Hillel do fear Islam. So the conquest against the infidels is working its ugly way into American society at a rapid pace. Jews, as always, are
    the main targets of bullies, fascists and totalitarians. Today the bullies are the leftists. Today the dhimmis are the Jews, media, university administrators, academics, churches, unions, government and Christians who obey and fear Islamists and leftists and bow to their every demand.

    This bullying and the growing fear of upsetting Islamists will not go away unless we all make a stand. If you want
    America to look like Europe with no-go zones where police and non-Muslims feel threatened for their lives then just remain silent and give in to their every demand. Go ahead, ban the Jews and you will be next on the list – your jobs will be threatened, your government will be threatened and your lives will be governed by the same leftists, Islamists and their coward helpers who we see working on behalf of Islam at Texas University and the ones having hissy fits in the streets of America.

    Today thoughts and ideas can be suppressed if someone feels insulted or if the ideas are not politically correct according to the leftist media and their owners.

    There is no such thing as a thought crime in the Constitution and so the people using their feelings as an excuse to implement jihad and sharia must be challenged and not obeyed as if we were all cowards and fools.

    • Keith Weinberg

      You say, “The left now use…”. When did that change? They have always done this, with anyone with whom they disagree.

      • TerrorIsEvil

        True, but now more so than ever or perhaps my memory has faded.

        • Ronald Hargreave

          The Left grew much stronger under Obama.

  • garyfouse

    Typical Hillel. It is truly sad that these major Jewish groups on campuses will not stand up for themselves.

  • Fear of reprisals from Anti-Zionists against Jewish students caused the cancellation of Ms. Glick’s lecture. Sadly, freedom of speech on college campuses is waning for pro-Israel Jewish students in the U.S. and England. It’s time for Jewish students to seriously consider making Aliyah, and finish their education at Israeli schools.

    • Ronald Hargreave

      What sorts of “reprisals” and by whom?

  • psycience

    Still censorship, just Jews standing in for Jew haters this time.

  • JonathanInTelAviv

    Shame on the pro-Israel students for giving in to fear, shame on the anti-Israel students for bringing the pro-Israel students to that point. And shame on Caroline Glick for her gratuitous low blow at the pro-Israel students’ parents. Wtf?

    • Harvela

      At a recent event at UCL, senior grass roots activists for Israel joined with the Jewish student union to ensure Hen Mazzig, Israeli writer and activist was able to go ahead with his talk despite the best efforts of the hate brigade to shut it down.I suggest the same strategy is adopted in the USA . That and lawfare.

      • Ronald Hargreave

        You do know that CAIR uses lawfare.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    Renown is important to secularists, not to Jews.

  • Stephen E Hughes

    Those are afraid to hear the truth spoken have already surrendered to evil .

  • chuckabunch

    They should be alienated, out of the University setting to the mosques and similar settings where they learned their bigotry and hate. True racists.

  • pogee

    Hooray for Caroline Glick. Shame on those who cancelled her speaking engagement!

  • TheRealHJK

    University, once again fearlessly descending to new depths of intellectual cowardice and moral inversion, has outdone itself. Take Yale ( please! ) which once was a great university but now is a joke foractually publishing an entire book on the “Mohamed cartoons” without daring to show a single cartoon! Even the Devil curses them – because to accomodate complicit academic dreck he had to expand the inner circle of Hell, and even Lucifer hates to go to the Committee of Adjustment and deal with City Hall

  • TheRealHJK

    University, once again fearlessly descending to new depths of intellectual cowardice and moral inversion, has outdone itself. Like Yale, once a University but now a joke which actually published an entire book on the “Mohamed cartoons” without daring to show a single cartoon, the Devil curses them all – because expanding the inner circle of Hell to accomodate complicit academic dreck meant he had to expand the inner circle of Hell, and even Lucifer hates to renovate

    • Ronald Hargreave

      I disagree on the cartoons issue. The Muslim extremists have made it very clear that there is a death sentence awaiting most people who publish such cartoons, and the university has a responsibility to its students. What should be recognized is that this kind of fatwa is evidence of the existence of sharia law being operational in the US and around the world–operational and enforceable.The only person who ever succeeded in challenging the cartoon fatwas and lived (so far ) to tell of it is the woman who sponsored a cartoon contest in (coincidentally) Texas; she hired security, and security managed to kill the killers when they came to enforce the Fatwa.

      For that act of patriotism, for that act of standing up to terror and the long arm of Islamist Sharia into all of the West, she was widely condemned, even by Jews, who are so brain-washed they argued that the cartoons were “offensive” and should not have been drawn. Even Jewish lawyers who should have known better argued that, as if they had no knowledge of freedom of speech laws and decisions, and no understanding that the punishment for being offensive in America is not death.

      • TheRealHJK

        In the first place, it is the obligation of a university and a philosopher and a teacher all to tell the truth and the whole truth without fear of repurcussions and if that they do not have the integrity and courage to fulkfill their obligation they are nothing but liars and collaborators. In the second place if what yoy say is true they would have a duty to say their tongues are tied becaiuse of the fear of terrorism which they don’t wso but instead censor themselves with a distorted and dishonest political correctness and so are doubly dishonest and deserving of contempt. In the third place many people and publiscations have showed the cartoons with no adverse effect. You are an apologist for cowardice, the perversion of acadaemic and intellectual honesty and advocating collaboration with evil and moral cowardice. You must be a Dean or professor but in any event should be ashamed of yourself

      • TheRealHJK

        I have to disagree with Mr Hargreave on this point: First, courage to speak and teach the truth despite threats is part of the obligation of a philosopher, teacher, and University or they have betrayed their very purpose and the society they serve. Second, if they have been silenced by terrorism then they have an obligation to say so rather than complying with self censorship and acting as collaborators and apologists, as they manifestly have done. Third, appeasing only makes it much worse by encouraging it and debasing the very philosphy and society that they threaten and fourth, many publications who did not cower in fear and betray their values and showed the cartoons managed to survive with both their lives and integrity intact. This political correctness ( or rather political corectitude to emohasis its rectal origins) is the mark of a collaborator or kapo and no Jew should ever tolerate it