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November 14, 2016 2:39 pm

Potential Trump Secretary of State: Killing Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Courageous but Necessary’ Step Incoming Administration Must Take

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Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. Photo: American Enterprise Institute.

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. Photo: American Enterprise Institute.

Revoking the Iran nuclear deal is a “courageous but necessary” step President-elect Donald Trump must take after he enters the White House in January, a former US ambassador to the UN said on Sunday.

“[T]he unambiguous signal it would send worldwide cannot be underestimated,” John Bolton — who has been touted as a potential secretary of state in the incoming Trump administration — wrote in a New York Post op-ed.

Bolton slammed outgoing President Barack Obama’s foreign affairs conduct during his two terms in office, saying, “[T]he world is more dangerous today than eight years ago.”

Obama’s foreign policy legacy, Bolton said, “includes reduced American global influence, dramatically underfunded military and intelligence capabilities, and rising concern among longtime allies about Washington’s understanding of international threats. A world of nuclear-weapons proliferation and growing radical Islamic terrorism are the consequences.”

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According to Bolton, Trump will face “his most immediate international challenges” in the Middle East.

Referring to the threat posed by the Islamic State group, Bolton said, “President-elect Trump has been emphatic that destroying ISIS must be an urgent priority, not Obama’s slow-motion approach that has simply allowed ISIS to continue recruiting adherents and training and deploying terrorists throughout the West. In addition, however, a Trump anti-ISIS strategy must also correct Obama’s misguided reliance on the Baghdad government, which has become little more than an Iranian puppet. In this complex multi-sided war, the defeat of any combatant inevitably advantages all the others. The goal should be to destroy ISIS while benefiting Iran to the least extent possible.”

After ISIS is defeated, Bolton said, “Sunni Arabs who previously supported ISIS (or accepted it because they could not resist) will not again be quietly relegated to the tender mercies of an Iran-dominated Iraqi government or Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria…Either a new state must be created out of the wreckage of Syria and Iraq, or some other durable approach must be found…In the midst of this wasteland that has developed over the past eight years, Israel and America’s Arab friends are desperately waiting for a strong American president who understands who his friends are.”

In an interview with The Algemeiner last week, an expert on the Islamic Republic said Iran feared it could be the “big loser” from Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in last Tuesday’s presidential election.

“I think the reactions we’ve seen from Iran — the urging of Trump to maintain the nuclear deal, the warning that he can’t roll it back — suggest that they’re worried about the fact that existing US policy, which is very favorable to Iran, could change pretty substantially over the course of the next several months,” Ilan Berman — of the Washington, DC-based conservative think tank the American Foreign Policy Council — said.

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  • Elliot J. Stamler

    John Bolton would be a disaster as Sec. of State and those of you Trump Republicans who are incapable in your fanaticism to face facts have no idea of the realities. But you will soon find out.
    First of all, I am a Democrat who proudly voted for Sec. Clinton. Second, I think Pres. Obama’s foreign policy has been a feckless failure in the Middle East and elsewhere. Third, I strongly opposed the Iran Deal and regret it passed.
    BUT unlike you fanatics of the extreme right I see things rationally. Much as I too would like to see the undoing of the Iran deal, we will never be able were it to be done,get the international agreement for the restoration of sanctions. It would not happen, period. Everyone else, the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans, the Europeans of other states, rushed in to deal with Iran and they will never withdraw from their wallowing in their new trade deals.
    You folks seem to forget just why the Senate emphatically rejected Bolton’s nomination to be our UN Ambassador when GW Bush was in office. The reasons have to do with his awful personality which is as unsuited to diplomacy as anyone’s could be. He is virtually universally regarded as a nasty, abrasive, intolerant, abusive, insulting man devoid of the qualities that most people need to get along with others. Nine out of ten gov’t officials who worked with him disliked him usually intensely. He is personally arrogant and has gone out of his way to avoid having polite discussions with people who disagree with him.. These then are the qualities of the man you Trump Republicans want as Sec. of State. It figures…most of you are also nasty, intolerant and abrasive.
    The Sec. of State, whomever it is at any time, carries out the president’s foreign policy. Bolton is so headstrong that he might well not even faithfully carry out Trump’s foreign policy. Personally, and get this Trump Republicans, I think in respect to Israel and the Arabs, Trump WILL pursue a far better policy than Obama. (Indeed so would Clinton had she been elected.) You see, unlike you, I do not have your fascist tendencies to demonize everyone I may disagree with. But whatever the policy is, Bolton is about the last person (next to Giuliani whose personality is worse than Bolton’s and as a New Yorker I, and everyone else here, know it) to run the State Department. Perhaps you have never heard the expression, “bull in a china shop”???

  • Ma Rabbi

    Bolton would make an excellent Sec of State. I hope he gets it.

  • Peter Joffe

    I cannot see any way to undo what has been done in the Iran Nuclear deal. Iran has been paid billions for their evil. Iran will not abide by anything unless it is in their interest. The time to change anything is long gone and Iran is sitting on a pile of cash that they will use to fund their terrorism. Nuclear weapons will become the weapon of choice for Islam terrorism but of course those who first use these weapons will be the first to find that ‘paradise’ will follow within seconds and their countries will cease to exist? How do we stop these madmen? How do you destroy people who want to die??

    • cpa cpa

      many things can be done to influence this horrendous deal. US Congress can reimpose sanctions and create new ones relating to minute infractions by the Iranians, including outsourcing terrorism. More creative minds than this one can, with a Republican government, get the message across to the Iranians the USA means business unlike anything the Obama administration ever presented. And keeping those super heavy duty bunker buster bombs at the ready won’t hurt.

  • The most important action is to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    When Muslims learn how to coexist with Jews and other Nonmuslims, the world will be a better place for everyone.