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December 15, 2016 12:59 pm

IDF Reservist Officer Calls on Netanyahu to Dispatch Israeli Soldiers to End the Bloodshed in Aleppo: ‘We’re Prepared to Kill and Be Killed, to Stop the Massacre’

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IDF Lt. Col. (res.) Erez Eshel. Photo: Facebook.

IDF Lt. Col. (res.) Erez Eshel. Photo: Facebook.

An IDF reservist officer published an impassioned Facebook post on Thursday calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to dispatch a detachment of Israeli soldiers to Syria to end the bloodshed in Aleppo.

“My dear brave brothers and sisters, our father, Abraham, fearlessly joined the war of the kings (Genesis, chapter 14),” Lt. Col. (res.) Erez Eshel — a 47-year-old education professional and right-wing political and social activist — wrote. “Isn’t it time that at least 1000 experienced and well trained officers in reserves come together — officers who command 30-100 soldiers each — and stand outside the government office of [the prime minister], as he sits with members of his cabinet this coming Sunday morning, and declare: ‘Mr. Prime Minister, we are prepared to go to war. Now. In Syria. We are prepared to kill and be killed, in order to stop the massacre of men, women, and children, which is happening as we speak.”

”Cruel people are committing brutal murder under the Assad regime,” Eshel continued. “Less than 80 years ago our grandfathers and grandmothers prayed and cried out for a nation that would be willing to risk its life in order to save them. They prayed for an army that would be brave and moral enough to fight, kill and be killed, in order to stop the Nazi oppressor. There was no such nation.”

Furthermore, he noted, “We have had the privilege to cultivate a strong generation and establish a powerful army, with brave warriors, who can overcome evil and wrongdoings.”

In conclusion, Eshel wrote, “Mr. Prime Minister, send us on a mission. We will arrive in Aleppo in three days and stop the destruction. And if you choose not to send us, give us your reasons. Tell us why. Reasons that are based on fear, weakness and national egotism are unacceptable. Brothers and sisters, is this not our duty?”

Since the conflict in Syria began in 2011, Israel has sought to remain neutral. However, the IDF has responded with pinpoint strikes to occasional cross-border fire — both errant and intentional — in the Golan Heights and has also reportedly targeted a number of Hezbollah-bound weapons convoys in Syria in recent years.

Just last week, as reported in The Algemeiner, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Jewish state was doing “what is necessary” to prevent Syria from funneling advanced military equipment and weapons of mass destruction to Hezbollah.

In remarks made at a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Lieberman stated that Israel had “no interest in intervening” in Syria, but its top concern was to “maintain public security and defend our sovereignty.”

“Our policies and positions are very clear, and they are based on three red lines: We will not allow any harm to come to the Israeli public, we will not allow anyone to undermine Israel’s sovereignty and we will not allow the smuggling of sophisticated weapons or chemical weapons from Syria to Lebanon and to Hezbollah,” Lieberman said.

As reported by The Algemeiner, thousands of Syrians wounded in the ongoing war in their country have been received medical treatment at Israeli hospitals.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that the evacuation of thousands of civilians and rebel fighters from Aleppo had gotten underway as part of a ceasefire agreement that would end the fighting in what was once Syria’s largest city. In recent weeks, nearly all of Aleppo has come under the control of the Russia and Iran-backed forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government and there have been widespread reports of human rights violations and atrocities taking place.

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  • Stephen E Hughes

    They hate the Jews more than each other , good way to end up in a war with Iran & Hezbollah

  • tjeerd

    bad and dangerous idea !!

  • henrytobias

    This guy, although his intentions are honourable, needs his head read. Israel has no interest in intervening in the Arab world. We would get ourselves in a quagmire.

  • Ezer Album

    No wonder the Jews coined the word meshugana. This guy no doubt means well but he crazy.

  • SteveC1

    Honorable sentiment for sure. But such a detachment would *never* succeed at such a mission in Aleppo.

  • david dade

    I really have to admire the stance taken to help the besieged Aleppo citizens but why not just bomb the bastard Assad in Damascus and get rid of the real terrorist ,the murderer of his own people.
    As somebody who has studied psychology and social sciences it is my considered opinion that Assad is mentally ill if not insane .He has no doubt inherited from his cruel father the faulty gene that is causing his egotistical and destructive response .
    Psychopathic without doubt .His ego is stroked by a minority of people in Damascus and they give him a sense of normality as he receives their adulation and applause. A sad sick man who like the other mass killers before him is addicted to killing .A serial killer who will not stop killing until he is stopped .
    What a redemptive act it would be to annihilate Bastard Bashar A Sad Psychopath .
    Please Mr Bibi go in and take the miserable bastard out .I am sure Putin hates Assad and would understand and accept your attack on him .

  • guest

    What are we going to be like America get involved in everyone else’s business ? Don’t be foolish this is not our fight. We have people on our borders waiting to kill us and destroy Israel. Don’t be ridiculous we have to conserve our strength. . . you sound like some idiotic fool.

  • guest

    Don’t be ridiculous. Stay out of it .. it’s not our business.

  • Bernhard Rosenberg

    PEOPLE OF ALL RELIGIONS AND NO RELIGION. WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE HOLOCAUST. Where are the Muslims who should be demonstrating in the streets, where are the CHRISTIANS, the Jews, the Hindus. I appeal to you human beings especially babies are being massacred and the world is silent. I am willing to go to any faith group and organize a major protest.
    · speak out about this for G-d’s sake Fall of Aleppo May Initiate End of Revolution children , women, old men, civilians are being murderd.
    As one whose parents were in the holocaust and who lost most of his family including two siblings, all I can do is speak out for these poor souls. I only wish I could do more. This genocide is known to the world who has done very little to help them. Yes, I feel guilty wa…tching the horrible films of the dying while sitting comfortable in a chair here in the U.S. I pray for them and ask that all of us do so. I remember growing up in Kansas City seeing my father’s numbers of his left arm and my mother who had aged more than her years, asking, where was the world to help. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG, 2G. I now repeat the same question and have no answer

  • UncleVladdi

    Is he retarded?! There are no “civilians” in Aleppo! ALL the jihadi rebels are relentlessly described by the enemedia as “civilians” simply because they aren’t members of the Syrian government! I’d bet the few “women and children” killed all had guns in their hands when it happened! ALL muslims are designated as combatants who are obliged to jihad for allah, right in their Qur’an! Smarten up! Does he want to replace Assad with ISIS?! Will ISIS welcome the help of Jewish IDF troops, or will they simply ambush and behead them?! Does he think ISIS will recognize Israel’s right to exist? Is their proposed Caliphate more or less likely to tolerate Jews than Assad’s secular nationalism?

  • Ron Lindsey

    Not a single drop of Israeli blood should be shed in Allepo!

  • Jay Manne

    Someone, somewhere needs to do something. And without naming names….. whomever is backing up Assad bears great responsibility for this bloodshed. Kill Asad, kill off ISIS, the rest will work itself out.

  • kushintuchis

    Erez Eshel is a nut-tree. Five minutes after you save their lives they’ll turn around and spew hate at Israel. Where were they when Jews were thrown out of Syria? No Jewish blood should be spilled rescuing those who have always regarded themselves as enemies of Jews.

  • Jonah

    Liebemans red lines are similar to the wisdom of Solomon. This war was instigated by obama so that Europe would succumb to Islam. The enemy wants to draw you out with compassion for those being slaughtered in this conflict. Obama knowing the Israeli’s are naive and compassionate will use those attributes as a method to draw you into a conflict that will lead to your demise. Remember his Devine mission is to put two thirds of you in body bags don’t fascillitate the process by doing something stupid.

    • JonathanInTelAviv

      Another nut case