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December 20, 2016 3:44 pm

Berlin Rabbi: City in ‘Total Shock’ After Truck-Ramming Attack, as Search Continues for Missing Israeli Woman Whose Husband Was Seriously Wounded

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Emergency vehicles surround the truck that was driven into a crowd at an outdoor Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, killing 12. Photo: Andreas Trojak via Wikimedia Commons.

Emergency vehicles surround the truck that was driven into a crowd at an outdoor Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, killing 12. Photo: Andreas Trojak via Wikimedia Commons.

The atmosphere in Berlin is one of “total shock,” the rabbi of the German capital’s Jewish community told The Algemeiner on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after 12 people were killed and dozens of others wounded — among them an Israeli — in a truck- ramming attack at a popular outdoor Christmas market.

“People are trying to come to terms with what happened, take the necessary security precautions and understand that there is a new reality,” Chabad-Lubavitch movement Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal said. “The primary concern right now is to take care of those who were injured.”

Several hours before speaking with The Algemeiner, Teichtal visited the Israeli man, reportedly in his 60s, who was gravely injured in Monday’s attack.

“His life is not in danger, but he did have serious wounds,” Teichtal said. “He had a long operation and now the recovery process starts.”

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The wounded man’s wife, however, is still missing.

“We are working very hard right now to see if we can find her at one of the many hospitals the wounded were taken to,” Teichtal said. “We are in touch intensively with the police and are praying for the best. We hope we will find out she’s alive and she’s ok.”

Teichtal — a self-described “proud New Yorker,” who has lived in Berlin for more than two decades — said Monday’s attack was an unprecedented event in the city.

“There has never been something this close,” he said. “So it has really thrown people off balance.”

“Of course, we hope this will never happen again,” he continued. “But the situation in the world all over today, not just in Berlin, is concerning. So there is a need for extra alertness.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday issued a condemnation of the Berlin attack.

“We send our condolences to the families of the people that were killed and, of course, to the government of Germany, and we wish a speedy recovery to the wounded, including an Israeli citizen,” he said in a statement. “This attack joins [other] reprehensible attacks; terror is spreading everywhere and can be stopped only if we fight it, and we will defeat it, but we will defeat it much quicker if all free nations under attack unite.”

Watch Teichtal speak about his hospital visit with the injured Israeli below:

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  • getjune

    Is his wife one of the 12 found dead immediately following the attack or is she a thirteenth victim?

  • Kenkan

    Ya ya everyone is sorry! But not a god damn one of em is doing anything there. Unbelievable. The solution is obvious, isn’t it? Maybe not to liberals, but to everyone else yes. Wilders, le pen hopefully will begin to change things followed by Italy , Ukraine, UK. They must fight for the way of life they are accustomed too. Expel islam.

  • SaraSunshineMT

    God be with you! And I pray you find this gentleman’s wife quickly.

  • Ellis Gee

    This was an unprecedented attack? Is the good Rabbi serious, or has he never heard of the Holocaust?


    Sorry Rabbi ,but it will Happen again and again and again till EVERY islamic terrorist is killed .

  • John Bball

    It is ISLAM that is the problem.

  • babydriver

    I’m first!
    What did I win?

  • Jay Hanig

    Well, they won’t be blaming the Jews for this one!

    • john courage

      Believe me my friend, they will try.

    • Lancelot Blackeburne

      Yes they will. They’ll say these attackers were driven to it by “the Jews” and Israel.

    • Kuner1

      They already are

  • Peter

    Wishing them all speedy recovery and a happy ending!!!

  • We have heard the Palestinian Muslims being exhorted to opt various methods of terror to strike Jews, axes, guns, knives, automobiles and now the “appropriate technology” is spreading to include Christians in Europe and America among victims! The latest Berlin Islamist terrorist attack could be expected to be followed by “Muslimsplaining” why the heinous act of Islamic violence had nothing to do with Islam…. The cycle would continue for ever!

  • Peter Joffe

    Total shock?? Merkel knows that the importation of terrorists mean that terrosim will increase. I wonder Mr Rabbi if you will have “total shock” if Germany opens her borders to carriers of the Ebola Virus and Germans start dropping dead for the dread disease. Islam is a dread disease too but Merkel loves the carriers and wants more of them. Import deadly snakes and you must know that people will get bitten. Get rid of Islam and the world will recover.

  • don ng

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    i m suffering from speech sluggish
    swallowing and excessive problem thank you sir

  • watsa46

    Until proven otherwise it is Islamofascist terrorism and not the other way around!

  • don ng

    any doctor can help
    i was diagnosed with bulbar mnd i have excesssive and swallowing my two major prorblem appreciated tks pls help me i m too suffering

  • Sabienne

    רע מאוד. אני מתפלל שגם הוא וגם אשתו יבריא לחלוטין.

  • HaLeviSHmuel

    I thought that Germans intelligent reasoning was excellent but obviously I erred. As to Merkel, she is clearly unable to understand what and who she imported. Out of Islam only comes murder, mayhem, destruction, rape, filth, theft…
    Out of the monstrous aggregate she inserted into her country that is she will harvest.