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December 26, 2016 1:57 pm

Netanyahu in Wake of UN Resolution: ‘I Won’t Let Us Be Spit On’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lighting a Hanukkah menorah at the Western Wall. Photo: Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lighting a Hanukkah menorah at the Western Wall. Photo: Twitter. – Following Friday’s United Nations Security Council vote against Israeli settlements, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toughened his government’s response against countries that supported Resolution 2334. In closed-door meetings Sunday, according to the Hebrew daily Israel Hayom, Netanyahu said, “Israel is strong, and I won’t let us be spit on. We will respond forcefully.”

Israel Hayom also reported that, as part of Israel’s response to the Security Council’s decision, Netanyahu’s office said he intends to work with President-elect Donald Trump and senior officials in his incoming administration “to negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.”

In a further response to the UN resolution, which states that the Western Wall is “occupied territory,” the prime minister lit the second Hanukkah candle at the Western Wall plaza Sunday evening.

“I didn’t plan on being here this evening,” Netanyahu said, “but in light of the UN decision, I thought there was no better place to light the Hanukkah candle than right here, the Western Wall. According to the UN decision, the Maccabees did not liberate Jerusalem; they conquered Palestinian territory. According to the UN decision, their villages, from the area of Modi’in and its surroundings, were occupied Palestinian territory. Of course, the Palestinians came much later, and I ask those countries who wish us a ‘Happy Hanukkah,’ how could they vote for a UN resolution that says the place we now stand and celebrate Hanukkah is occupied territory?”

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  • What?

    If 2,000 years is the measure, most current land claims on earth are invalid.

  • Sifter

    Good for you, Bibi! Tell them how it is.

  • drdov

  • drdov

    I pray that Israel will survive obama’s attempt to destroy it .

  • Reb_Yaakov

    Retaliation is often not the best way to get others to support your position; rather, it just alienates them. As for the Palestinian Arabs, expansion of settlements has often been done as a kind of retaliation to punish them for their misdeeds. I don’t think it was illegal, but, on the other hand, it was counterproductive and ill-advised.

    The higher ground is to support yourself and your position in positive ways. As inspired by Bruriah in her sage advice to her husband, R. Meir, better to pray or act in a way that gets your opponent to change his ways than to retaliate or pray for his demise. Perhaps the Palestinians won’t change their ways, but some of the rest of the world might.

    • Abelardy

      No. Retaliation is the only response. The spit on us because it is easy and cheap. Make it cost something.

  • All Jews who want to live in a Jewish nation must move to the Land of Israel, especially aboriginal Jewish Judea and Samaria, especially Jerusalem, especially, Har Tsiyon with the Jewish Temple on its summit and the City of David along its slope.

    All Palestinian Muslims who want to live in a Palestinian Muslim nation must move to the Kingdom of Jordan.

    If, years ago, the government of Israel dissolved the illegal Palestinian Authority for its serial violations of the Oslo Accords, then none of the UN Antisemitism against the Jewish nation would be happening now.

    But the government of Israel continued to legitimize the Islamist PA.

    The Two State Delusion serially fails. It only harms Israel.

    Dissolve the Palestinian Authority.

    Stop helping the PA hate and murder Jews.

    The PA is counterproductive to peace.

    Unless the plan is to let the PA launch a war against Israel, so Israel can evict the Palestinians once and for all, just dissolve the PA.

    End the Two State Delusion.